You love to learn, grow, and improve yourself, but you’re still not where you want to be? The right mastermind can be the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to personal development – but trying to find the one that’s built for you isn’t always easy. Welcome to the Mastermind Effect, the one and only show that focuses on helping you cut through the noise, invest in yourself, and move past your natural limits. This is everything you need to know about masterminds, brought to you by your host, Brandon Straza.

On this introductory episode, Brandon shares the genesis of the Mastermind Effect, and what you can expect from future episodes.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve built a seven-figure company all from scratch. It all started as a dream out of my house and that taught me a few life lessons. Then, three years ago, I realized I built a business but didn’t feel fulfilled because I wasn’t providing the value our referral sources deserved. It was at that point that I started interviewing top leaders, primarily in the real estate and mortgage banking community. This led me to a one-off interview where I learned about podcasts and this foreign term called “mastermind.”

I decided to invest in a mastermind as if it didn’t work out, the cost wasn’t going to cripple me. It took me all over the country and eventually overseas. At that point, I realized I had an unfair advantage in the aspect of time and money. I saw the problem and I didn’t like that the solution wasn’t available to others. I mean, how many rabbit holes could one person go down when googling who to learn from, trust, and invest in a specific price point? All while hoping it worked out.

I started building a team of people around me, who had abilities that I didn’t possess, to create a solution. I knew that an integral part of the process would mean that I needed to learn from individuals who I previously thought inaccessible but that they lead with the give method. These were the people that had actually done it and lived it.

In season one, I’ll be in the trenches with you. I want to learn the best ways to network, level up my life through other leaders’ experiences, find the right mentor and mastermind, learn how to be okay with success, and get through any failures. Here’s the thing, self-education industry is over a $50 billion a year industry and growing. It’s not going anywhere and neither should you.

I want to officially welcome you to “The Mastermind Effect”. The show is a self-reflection of where I messed up for too many years in my personal growth that led me to finding out what masterminds, networking, and self-education really was about. The show is for the person that has big dreams and they know what they want to do but they haven’t taken that next step. I’ve been there and continue to figure it out. We’re going to have people on like Steve Sims who’ve worked with the likes of Elon musk and Sir Richard Branson. Johanna Godinez, the founder of life and style coaches and also founded a racing school at very young age. Pat Carney, who has the country’s longest running mastermind, the “Yes Mastermind”, and just happen to paint and worked with John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Lastly, Dr. Greg Reid, the author of “Power of Proximity” and founder of Secret Knock.

If you’re someone who loves to learn, improve and take massive action but also enjoy yourself, laugh and have a good time, then the show is perfect for you. Be sure to stick around. Hit the subscribe button in the Apple podcasts, YouTube or whatever podcast app you’re using right now and get ready to join me in this amazing journey called “The Mastermind Effect.”

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