011: Partnerships

In this episode, I talk about partnerships and its role in everyone’s success. No person in the world has succeeded alone, we all know that. I believe the only way to unlock your potential is to tap into the experiences of others

Let’s dive into this episode and find out the 5 reasons why partnerships are critical for YOUR success.

Number one, burnout.

If you remember from a few episodes ago, I opened up and talked about my form of burnout from several years ago. I had lost the fulfillment in a successful company that I had built. I didn’t see what we were doing and what we were supposed to be creating. Find the right business partnership, find the right marketing partnership and bring everything together. We’re able to change how that company culture and how we do things internally. Also, how it affects externally with our business partners and referral sources and making sure what they’re looking for.  I’m not saying that partnership can help you completely avoid burnout but it can help you recognize and get you through it a lot quicker.

Number two, hitting the wall.

When you go at things alone and you’re looking at a project, you keep trying to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s definition of insanity. When you hit that wall, there’s nowhere to go. But with a partnership, they’re able to bring not only their network, their attributes, and their abilities that you might not possess. That’s why it’s so important to have that right partnership, it can help you get over that wall, or completely go around it.

Next, it can’t get out of our own way.

Have you ever heard this, “we fall asleep with their flaws”? Why wouldn’t we wake up with them? Through a partnership, you’re still going to bring those same flaws to the table. But with right partnership, again, they’re able to help you avoid what you went to bed with. They’ve got their own abilities, their own attributes, and their own network to help bring to the table. Through a partnership, you’re able to get out of your own way and have someone tell you along the way, and you’re able to do it for them.

Number four, bottleneck.

Have you ever seen the crab trap and the crab goes in the trap? Now the crab can’t get out of the trap? Well, it’s the same thing when it comes to being bottlenecked and doing it by yourself. You go down and you start a project. You’ve got those blinders on and you can’t see anywhere else. You get so far and so involved in it. Through partnership, you can avoid those obstacles. You can avoid that bottleneck because they’re bringing something that you might not possess to the table. Something that’s able to help you get out of your own way, as we talked about in number three.

And lastly, have you ever felt this way, you’re wasting times on things that you really suck at?

I did that for too many years, where I was the beginning, the middle and the end., I had created the processes all around me my name. I had to do it all. But I wasn’t really good. With a partnership, your lack of ability in one area is the opportunity for that person to step in and form that beautiful hand on hand relationship.

So those are the five things that I think we should look at when it comes to why it’s successful, to have the partnerships and being successful. Lastly, I’d like to leave you with an article that I found again on Forbes by Soulaima Gourani. She wrote an article called “How to Make Your Partnership Thrive”. It starts out talking about a personal individual relationship but how that can translate into a business relationship. She talks about how partnerships are unique because the abilities of what each person is bringing to the table. Then she goes into the power partnership to have that second set of eyes that second look to be able to see around the corner. She goes into talking about how you can enhance, innovate and drive cutting edge solutions because you’re going to learn with your right partnership how to allocate, be patient, be aware, and be honest with what you’re doing.

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“With the right partnership, you learn how to allocate, be patient, be aware, be honest with what you’re doing.” – Brandon Straza

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