023: Broken Routines

What does your daily routine look like? Did you know that the right routine can break you as easily as a wrong routine? Join me on this episode as I share my own experiences which helped me develop and improve my daily routine. 

Built to Have A Routine

We’ve been built to have a routine without knowing it. We get up everyday to do a set amount of tasks and things. We wake up. We get ready. We do our job, or go to school, for those who are still students. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, your routine may look different compared to others. You probably have more flexibility. There’s probably no one to give you marching orders. Your day may not be as structured as your non-entrepreneurial friends.

The good news? If you’re disciplined, you’re probably enjoying all the flexibility and freedom that you have. But this can also have drawbacks for you, if you just go with the wind. 

What’s your daily routine?

At this point, you’re probably wondering, okay, so how do I set a routine? How do I improve my routine to make it really suit me? Join me on this little activity: 

Step one: Ask yourself, what is your routine. Grab a piece of paper and write down the things you do everyday for 5-7 days a week. Anything that you do multiple times is a routine. 

Step two: Look at the items that you continually repeat. Then, ask yourself, are they things that you really need and make your day and the day of those around you, better? Are there items in there that you repeat which don’t serve a purpose for who you want to be?

If yes, drop them. Remember, the right routine that doesn’t fit what you want for your future self can break you as easily as a wrong routine. 

So, what makes a right routine? 

A right routine is one that won’t break you. It can keep you interested in who you want to become. Let me share with you my morning routine. 

  • – The first thing I do before I even open my eyes is I smile. Smiling makes me feel like it’s going to be a great day.
  • – The next thing I don’t do is look at my phone for the entire first hour of my day.
  • – Next, I shake off the cobwebs and get a cup of coffee.
  • – Once my eyes have adjusted, I pick up the book I’m currently reading. I always choose a book that’s more personal and motivational; something meaningful. I want it to actually impact my day the right way. 
  • – Once that’s done, I start writing down everything I need to do. So when the day is done, I can sit down and say “I did it.”
  • – Lastly, I get ready to face the day. I wake up my son, and make breakfast for him. 

Now, I’m not going to share how I go about my whole morning with you, but here’s the thing: there are tasks I continually repeat, but I also still make sure to change some things up a bit. 

On some mornings, I’d go for a walk instead of reading a book. Other mornings, I work out. I have a set of tasks I do for the day, but you probably already see what I mean. For me, if my routine is always the same, it becomes too predictable. I tweak it to keep it interesting in a “Let’s Get a Positive Day Going” routine.  

These are my thoughts and my routine. Now, let’s get you started on tweaking and changing some things up with your routine. 

Tweetable Quotes:

“The right routine can, and will break you.” – Brandon Straza

“For me, if I do the same thing every morning, I’ll go nuts. So, I got to have little tweaks that happen in there so I can keep it interesting in my own mind but still stay active in a positive way to get the day going.” – Brandon Straza

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