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What does it take to create success? There’s mentorship, there’s experimentation, there’s partnerships, there’s willingness to fail. But then, there are also people who are unwilling and even fearful to create their own success. In this episode, my guest, Jeff Klubeck, and I talk about how and why we really need to define success, and a lot of other golden pieces of advice to help us grow our brand and our business.

[00:00 – 14:16] Introduction – Professor Jeff Klubeck 

At present, Jeff owns and manages his own personal and professional development company, but this hasn’t always been his chosen career path. Jeff’s journey started when he was hired as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. He was given just one week of training. Afterwards, he has to be able to teach his students public speaking — a subject he’s also not super comfortable to start with. 

Looking back on those days, Jeff feels very insecure everytime a student from his class drops out even if he being the teacher has really nothing to do with the student’s reason. Therefore, Jeff made sure to think of ways to really keep his students engaged. He made his lectures more participatory and also distributed audio and video recordings of his class through dropbox. 

Fast forward to 2013 to 2015, Jeff has discovered the personal and professional growth industry and started creating his own brand. Today, he shares with us the top reasons why we should be a part of his mastermind, as well as snippets of what we would get from it that could help us find our own success.

[14:17 – 28:33] Your Brand is Your Promise

One of the things that Jeff promises you’ll get from attending his mastermind is it will help get you unstuck. One of the reasons people get stuck , he shares, is because they’re thinking about themselves, or autobiographically, as he more fondly calls it. Instead of thinking autobiographically, “I encourage them to think autobuyergraphically” instead, Jeff says. He adds, “Forget about you, think about who’s possibly buying from you.” 

Jeff encourages us to think about getting unstuck in the same way that a hunter strives to be the best hunter. Ironically, the one who becomes the best hunter is NOT the one who’s trying to be the best hunter, it is the one who’s trying to be the best animal. In the same way that the hunter stops thinking about himself, he also encourages us to focus on our marketplace. After all, our brand is the marketplace divided by the promises we can make to that marketplace, multiplied by our competitive advantages, according to Jeff. 

[28:34 – 37: 11] Power of Self-Education

When it comes to forms of learning, Jeff says learning by experience is his favorite. He learns better when he listens to his professor as a college student and takes furious notes as he listens. A former professor also referred to him as a “quick study.” He prefers books over videos because it allows him to first see the big picture by scanning through it, and only after that, focus on the details. 

After talking about his preferred forms of learning, Jeff and I next talked about the future of self-education. With the boom in the whole personal and professional development industry, I asked him which direction he thinks self-education and masterminds are headed. This is what he thinks: 

  1. People will keep on investing because of branding by association, and 
  2. It’s all still about integrity in the end.

[37:12 – 48:55] Jeff as a Mastermind

Now, you’re probably wondering, why exactly Jeff thinks that people will keep on investing on masterminds because of branding by association? And, during his masterminds, what exactly about integrity does he impart to his audience? Most importantly, what should you expect if you are to attend his mastermind? In this part, he gives us a glimpse of what absolutely happens if we are to enroll in Get A Klu, his mastermind classes.

  1. 1. Expect to be heard, felt, understood, and loved. 

Jeff is an empath. He’s also willing to show his vulnerability for the sake of his attendees’ growth. He believes that what holds everything together is love, and that love is the willingness to be vulnerable so that ourselves and others may grow. 

  1. 2. Be prepared to laugh a lot.

Jeff says you can definitely expect to hear a lot of (crappy) jokes. In addition, he’s not scared of making fun of himself. Most importantly, he does all these for a purpose– he believes laughter is the ultimate trojan horse to get learning through. 

  1. 3. Expect to be motivated and held accountable.

It’s because Jeff believes that motivation + accountability = results. 

  1. 4. Expect to find your purpose.

Your purpose is why you’re doing business in the first place. It is where your action and commitment are integrated to. Thus, needless to say, Jeff believes that we all should have a purpose. 

  1. 5. Expect to be able to unlock and cultivate your gifts.

Jeff believes that the right coaching can unlock and cultivate a person’s talents and gifts.

  1. 6. Expect to unlock your potential.

Jeff believes that if you already know your purpose and you already know your gifts, you can definitely unlock your potential. He’ll help you set goals and strategies too. 

Lastly, Jeff shares with us the story of one of his students who went on to become the founder of Funnel Magazine. At present, Jeff is a contributing author to this magazine founded by his former student. This is just one of the numerous success stories of being a part of Jeff’s mastermind that you could also experience if you’d really be willing to learn from him. 


[48:56 – 55:02] How to Create Success

After hearing the success story of one of his students, this time, I asked him what he really thinks it takes to create success. Moreover, what does he think it takes to get over the fear of being successful? 

According to Jeff, the first step is to define success. Unfortunately, he feels not a lot of people are doing this. For him, defining success all comes down to knowing what you want and actually having a clear vivid mental picture of it. 

In addition, another important step towards creating success is setting clear goals. He also feels that a lot of people are deliberately avoiding due to 5 reasons:  

  1. 1. They don’t realize the importance of goal setting
  2. 2. They don’t know how to set goals.
  3. 3. They’re afraid of failure.
  4. 4. They’re experiencing peer pressure. 

(Very valuable advice from Jeff: Don’t share your goals with other people who don’t set their own goals, or those who aren’t as fanatic as you in achieving their goals.)

  1. 5. Setting goals means we’re committing to pain. Most people want to avoid that. They’d much rather live a pain-free existence. 

[55:03 – 1:00:25 ] Authentic Integrity  

All throughout this episode, Jeff has mentioned being big on integrity. He’s also mentioned discussing with his class about it. Integrity is doing what you’ll say you’d do even if nobody’s looking. To add, it’s not just anything you’d say you’ll do, it also involves being a good person, it means your values will be reflected in your promises. 

This time, I asked him what he means by authentic integrity. How do you know you are getting authentic integrity from the people around you? Just listen to and trust your gut feeling, Jeff answers. Trust but also verify and do your research, he says.  

[1:00:26 – 1:09:21] Closing Segment

If you’ve learned a lot from this episode, you’re probably going to be excited about Jeff’s new project that he’s also very excited about — the KLUBRARY. The KLUbrary is a library of Jeff’s mini courses that stands alone as its own learning module. He extracted these little courses from his big library of all his content and turned them into their own little courses to make them more digestible. Not only does this create automated learning options for people, it also makes them a part of Jeff’s community– a tribe where they can learn further and get support from each other.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Learning is always best when the education or the educators meet the students.” – Jeff Klubeck

“Your brand is your promise to the marketplace. So, what can you promise?” – Jeff Klubeck

“The reason people are stuck is because people are thinking autobiographically. They’re thinking about themselves.” – Jeff Klubeck

“The best hunter is the person trying to be the animal.” – Jeff Klubeck

“Love is the willingness to be vulnerable so that either ourselves or beloved may grow.” – Jeff Klubeck


Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Jeff on Get A Klu, Inc’s website. Join the Get a KLU in 52 Facebook group. Grab a copy of his book, Get a Klu in 52.


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