027: It’s About the Process

When reaching for your goal, it’s crucial to take into account the process involved. From setting your end goals, committing to 1 major goal, how to get there, why you want to get there, and many more questions and factors – it all comes down to the process. So, in this episode, we are talking about why the process should go past your goal.

Focusing on the end result vs focusing on the process

All the amazing interviews that we’ve had this year has helped shape the solo show to what we call The Pillars of Success. Remember, there are THREE: hanging out with the right people, willingness to investing in yourself, and taking action through massive experimentation.

And it got me thinking that I believe that we will deflate the end result and how we feel if that’s all we focus on. So, do we actually become someone different if we only hold ourselves to a number—the end result?

Here’s a quick story of me holding myself to the first number.  When I started my first company, I had a goal of $1M in premium at the back of my mind. I’d heard some businesses wait a lifetime to hit this number. On the other hand, companies at the top of the industry take about three to five years. So what did I do? I based it at the top of the industry, of course.

However, that created a problem. Because I did not sit there creating that goal and thought of “How do I get there?”

“Why am I doing this?”

“What does this all really mean?”

“How do I measure my results and increase my productivity?”

I just looked at the goal and did not think of the process along the way.

So, I went in to this and I exceeded the goal. Above the 3 to 5 years. Above other businesses. But I did not have any processes. I did not have any measurable reasons for what I am supposed to do when I accomplish it. I just measured myself off of others. As a result, when I’ve already completed my goals, I still did not feel anything different.

So what does any good business owner-sales person do? They increase the multiple. That’s what I did too. I hit the next goal even faster and at a higher number. But again, I did not feel anything different.

Focus on who you want to become and build a process

I ask you again—do we actually become someone different based off of a number? Or should we be focusing on who we want to become and build a process along the way that changes all aspects of our business and personal selves?

I’d like to share this with you today. When we tire ourselves to a number, and nothing else, we miss out on all the other important things. If we really want to become the best versions of ourselves, we must follow these steps:

1. Have a goal.

Ask yourself “Who do you want to be? Why are you doing this? What are you going to put into place to make sure you can recreate that process?”

2. Let other people around you know about your goal.

We’ve talked about this in a previous episode before. Don’t hide it! You need to speak about it to the universe! Speak about it to the people in your inner circle, your family, and your friends. We all need accountability partners.

3. Ask yourself, will doing xyz be beneficial to my goal?
Here’s another quick story. The British Rowing Team hadn’t won a single gold medal since 1912. When they started preparing for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, they had one single question: will it make the boat go faster? This is the question that they measured EVERY decision going forward.

They asked themselves—will eating this donut or going out for a late night bender help the boat go faster? If the answer was no, they wouldn’t do it. They based their decisions of on what their end goal was. Would it make the boat go faster? They wanted to hit that gold medal.

4. Think about the person you want to be.

In a future episode, Sean _ goes over the following: pick three words that you want to be unequivocally true about yourself.

The three words that I chose on the spot during the interview are genuine, emotional, and action-taker. Once you have your three words, find your feeling indicators that tells you when you’re not aligned with your goal. Anytime you come up against these, measure responses to how your three truth words you chose will handle it.

This will help you make sure that the decisions you make along the way to hit your goal also aligns you with that higher version of yourself.

5. I want you to commit to ONE major goal but remember the process and how you’re going to get there.

A book I’m reading right now entitled Personality Isn’t Permanent by Dr. Benjamin Hardy talks about this. In there, he talks about committing to one major goal amongst so many other things. It’s a great book and I really recommend it.

By solely focusing on just the end goal, I believe you’ll lead yourself to disappointment and saying “So what?” as it was the goal that created the action. However, focusing instead on the process is what will allow you to change your future self.

Ready to start reaching your goals and becoming the best version of yourself, at the same time? Remember, we’re launching The Success Finder later this year! If you want to be an early adopter, e-mail me at brandon@thesuccessfinder.com.

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