029: Credibility Through Partnerships

I think one of the best ways to build credibility is to partner with a brand that already has it. So, what do you look for in a partnership?

What do established brands and names look for in a partnership?

Let’s look at some big brands that are doing it today. You might sit there and say that the ones I’m talking about are out of my league. But why not look at those that are doing it at the top of their game and then reverse engineer and do it at whatever level you’re at?

First, let’s talk about the recent Travis Scott and McDonald’s partnership. They recently released the Cactus Jack Meal which quickly become the number one best seller. It even caused some shortages in orders because of the increased sales!

Did McDonald’s need to partner with Travis in order to build credibility considering that they’re probably the number one fast food chain in the world? No. But they realized that there’s a market that Travis has access to. By partnering with him, McDonald’s was able to increase the sales of an already existing menu item. McDonald’s saw Travis as a business partner that has an audience that trusts Travis.

Making the most out of each other’s following

By partnering with Travis, McDonald’s was able to utilize Travis following. They probably wanted to get that “cool factor” and be in front of millions of people that they have possibly lost through the years. I’m saying this because McDonald’s used to be a household name from the 80s to the early 2000s but that seems to have changed. I don’t even hear my own child saying “I want to eat at McDonald’s.” It’s just not the same anymore.

On the other side, Travis was able to utilize McDonald’s decades of consumer loyalty in order to possibly boost his own visibility on a global level. He’s able to take his style and aesthetics and then insert his personality and go mainstream through McDonald’s ads.

To add, as most recently as the other night, I saw that he’s doing another ad. This time, an Oreo ad with one of his children. So the McDonald’s ad has probably springboard him to other stratospheres that he possibly did not have before working with them.

Finding the “peanut butter to your jelly”

So what does this mean for a partnership, and how can you implement that in something similar? Find a complement in your space. In essence, the peanut butter to your jelly.

In my insurance company, we find realtors and lenders that we can partner with who can invite us into rooms of other people in their industry that we can also work with. Now, it’s just not that easy but you need to find a way to bring value and the key here is value. The others aren’t currently bringing them in that space.

With The Success Finder, we’re making sure that the content producers, the masterminds, the coaches, the mastermind-like events, that we’re aligning ourselves with, already have a proven track record, a proven process, and an audience that knows their value.

What do we need to bring to the table? Well something they currently aren’t getting elsewhere. We need to be a value add instead of a value drain in that partnership. Therefore, we’re bringing them an audience along with a platform that helps highlight their unique ability.


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