035: How Your Comfort Is Killing You

Hey, what’s up, everyone? This week, we are talking about how your comfort is killing you.
I think if you become comfortable in life and in your business, you’ll have the opportunity to slowly kill your business. So here are five things you can do right now to get uncomfortable and change your trajectory.

Number one, go to prison.

Number two, join a mastermind.

Number three, get a real coach.

Number four, walk away from your job.

And last, fire somebody.

OK, so do I have your attention? Well, I believe in all of the above, and I want to dig deeper. You see, being consistently persistent and changing yourself and getting uncomfortable, those surprises in your business will become less consequential. Don’t be OK with the status quo.

The minute you become comfortable in something is the minute that you start to kill your business plan. When you’re at that point when your life isn’t what it should be, you should put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable, but that you can come out of. And by that, surround yourself with people that can help you through.

Whether it’s helping you with your struggles or with your mission, vision, and values, surround yourself with those people. So let’s dig into those five things and what I was really talking about on there.

Number one, go to prison. You’ve heard me talk about it in previous shows. Thanks to the organization called the Five Ventures and my relationship with Steve Sims, who you’ve also heard me talk about before, I was able to go to prison twice last year. The experience was more changing for me than it probably was for the individuals that I worked with, the EITs, the entrepreneurs-in-training.

These are the men and women in a max four penitentiary out in California. These are the men and women that have chosen to go into the EIT program, the Five Venture program, and better themselves. One of the things that they said to me was, hey, when you get out to the real world, let them know that we’re real people.

We’ve made mistakes but we’re real people. So I’m not going to get into the actual acts of what some of these men and women had done. But the fact that they’re through this program, the entrepreneurs in training, you’re working on their talk paths. You’re working on their business plans. You’re networking with them from the aspect that the only thing by the end of the day that differentiates that you’re seeing at that point is your clothing, what you take away from it, that fear factor that you have going into it is something that it’s really difficult to explain. But you come out a changed person and not only did I do it once, I did it twice.

I went back because I wanted to see them graduate. And the emotions and the feelings that you got the second time around because you got to meet their families. And being a father, you looked at it. You’re like, oh, my gosh, that that could be me. The parents didn’t look anything different than me.

And it allowed me to get uncomfortable and surround myself with other entrepreneurs and learn about them, not only those men and women that were the EITs, but also the other entrepreneurs that said, hey, I want to get uncomfortable and I want to learn something different and how to understand people differently. So, go to prison, reach out to me, I’ll explain more on it.

Number two, join a mastermind. You’ve heard me talk about this. The show’s called The Mastermind Effect. It is amazing when you do get involved with a mastermind, because I have sat there and had that imposter syndrome because I’m looking at all these other unbelievable entrepreneurs that are in it from all different industries.

And I’m like, oh, my gosh, what am I doing here? Do I belong in this environment? But you can learn so much if you sit there and you listen at first, listen to what the other people are saying. You’ll find where you fit in and you’ll find your spot now, finding the right mastermind, finding the right coach, finding the right group. Yes, I understand that that does bring its own difficulties and that’s one of the reasons why we’re building the success finder. That’s one of the reasons why we want to solve a problem with that.

There’s free mastermind’s, there’s paid mastermind’s and the amount of knowledge that you’re able to take away from it, whether it’s because you’ve sat in a hot seat, which is other people listening to what you’re building, what you’re doing and what you need help with and then they step in and sit there. It’s a very nerve wracking thing. It’s very uncomfortable when you are the center of attention on something and all eyes and all ears are on you saying, “Hey, this is what I’m doing, this is what I’m building.” And then they decide to interject. That’s an uncomfortable position to be in. But you’re able to come out of it because they’re coming at it from a place of respect, love. They want a place of gratitude, help. They want to be there for you, because if you’ve paid for it, they know that you’re committed.

And if it’s a free mastermind, that’s great as well. But they know you’re committed because you took the time and that’s something you can’t get back. So join a mastermind. You will get uncomfortable, but it will take you to new levels.

Next, get a real coach. You heard me say “real coach.” It’s like saying go get a real psychologist, one that actually isn’t going to listen to you tell your story, but one that’s actually going to challenge you and push you to your limits. Find someone that’s not going to just sit there, lay down and expect nothing in return from you but someone that’s going to make you uncomfortable and challenge you.

I’ve got my own coach. Finally got one. You know, I’m speaking about it. And so it’s time for me to step up. And it’s amazing what it’s done for me because they’re not there to listen to what’s wrong with my day. They’re not there to listen to any excuses. They’re there to challenge me and make sure that by making me uncomfortable, I’m actually taking real action. I’m really investing in myself.

And about that investment in yourself? Let me tell you, I was on a phone conversation with someone that I call Tamie Girl yesterday, and we’re talking about investing in ourselves, whether it’s through a coach, whether it’s through a mastermind or any of these areas that we’re talking about here. We sat there were and talked about things like the finances– we’ve got that. But the amount that we’re investing, if it doesn’t work out, that does creep in.

Like if I invest this amount of money in a coach or a mastermind or making myself uncomfortable and it doesn’t pay off, like what did it go towards? Who am I putting at risk? My family, my businesses, my friends, whatever that is from a financial aspect.

But then you’re just playing soft.

You’re letting that negativity, you’re letting that creep in there. If you’re investing in yourself, it’s the best investment that you can take. So get a real coach that’s truthfully going to challenge you and make you uncomfortable and push you to new limits.

Number four, walk away from your job. Now, you can take this literally. You can take this over time. And it depends where you’re at for everybody. It depends where you’re at. But I hear all the time how people are just unhappy and what they’re doing now. I understand the aspect that you’ve got to put food on your table, and I don’t want to neglect that.

But start working towards a plan if what you’re doing isn’t making you happy and it’s killing you slowly, you’re probably not performing to the level that you could and not giving the job what it deserves.

But at the same time, it’s not where you should be. Find what that passion is and slowly over time, start building it. Do you want to become a coach? Start working towards that. Do you want to build your own small business? Start working towards that. That’s what I did when I started my first company. I was working somewhere else. I was still giving it my all. But then at nighttime and then on the weekends, I was sitting there building out that business plan, building out that strategy and what had to happen.

You’ve got the time. If you sit there and say, I don’t have the time, I guarantee you if you picked up the phone and called me right now, 2-3-9-4-0-5-3-6-6-2, that’s my actual cell phone number. We could sit there and talk about your entire week inside of probably ten minutes and pick things out that really aren’t important.

So if the job’s not where you want to be, find a way to slowly build who you want to become, what your superpower is, what you can give back to the world or the people around you and start moving towards that.

Last one, fire somebody. Take it again, literally, figuratively, however you want. But I think there’s a lot of time that we have people in our life, whether it’s business partners, whether it’s people that we surround ourselves with or whether it’s our workplace and the people we’re hanging out with, the work that we need to let go.

You need to take that. It’s like a sheet and release it, get rid of it, get rid of that negative energy.

Get rid of someone that is not bringing value to what you are doing.

Get rid of that negative energy, that non-value adding energy. Do you want people that are a value add or value drain? Because you should want to be a value add.

And what you’re doing with the people around you, whether it’s your business partner, whether it’s your friends, your family, your co-workers, whatever it is. So start firing the people around you if they’re not helping you get to where you want to go, if they don’t share in your mission, vision and values.

These are my thoughts. Now remember, Success Finder is coming. It is solving a problem that’s out there. The self-education industry is an over $50 Billion industry and we want to build a platform, and we are building a platform that’s going to help you find out who you should be learning from, who you should be working with, who you should be growing around. E-mail me to be one of the early adopters. So when the platform does launch, you’ll have access to some of the unbelievable tools, coaches, mentors, masterminds, and events that are going to be out there. Have an awesome rest of your week.

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