037: Why You Should Get Unstuck

Hey what’s up, everyone? This week we are talking about why you should get unstuck.

Hey everybody welcome back to the show where you know I believe the only way to unlock your potential is to tap into the experience of others, and today we have a super short digestible solo show. 

It was inspired by a conversation that I had just a few hours ago. I think most people can’t find the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. So why are we getting in our own way and can you get unstuck? Well, the easy answer is yes. 

Why? Because you’re the problem. Well, you’re human. That’s why. So you can just as easily be the solution. But first, you have to admit that you were the problem and asking for help is okay. 

So earlier today I’m having a conversation with someone and they’re telling me that XYZ person is behind and they need help. My internal thought is that same XYZ person sits and complains about the other individual not asking for help. And how hypocritical it is for the individual to do that. Now, that’s not what a good leader and a good team player says but I’m human as well and that’s what races through my mind– how we’re easily able to point the finger elsewhere but we’re doing the same thing. And what we need to do is find out the WHY. 

The fear behind all of this is really the unknown. We know that if we need help or we’re unhappy, we should ask for assistance or exit our current situation. Yet not knowing seems to be the easier place we stay as opposed to taking some form of action.

So let’s get unstuck. Let’s see through the forest and actually make real change by choosing the uncertain path, whether it’s through coaching, mentorship, masterminds, choosing new friends, surrounding us with other people. 

Whatever it takes, take the action that makes you feel uncomfortable but gives you an opportunity to re-define yourself. 

Here’s one last thought that woke me up in the middle of the night recently: Everyone fails at they’re supposed to be. Succeed at who you want to be.

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