121: Solo | The 3 Questions You Need to Ask

There are three questions with a bonus one you might want to ask when it comes to your messaging. So why is it when we send a message, create a template, want people to know what we’re thinking and what they should or could do? But instead, we just put it out there, like a misled mess.

I’m still learning this. When I see my messaging and think about my processes when I’m implementing the following results that I measure, they’ve gone up. My results have gone up based on what I measured. Remember, you should measure based on where you are, not someone else. The reason I just put that last disclaimer in there was because I need you to remember, it’s where you’re at my results, better engagement of the right people, better results, helping those people get what they want when it matters most for them. I’m implementing this across multiple companies that I run, so I know it fits across industries.

The three questions with an added bonus: 1. Why am I here? 2. Am I in the right place? 3. What do I do next? 4. (bonus) What happens when I do that?

Do you see it right now? Are you listening to this? Why am I here? You want to level up, find the right coach or mastermind, and level up your success.

Am I in the right place? If this brings you value and moves you in the direction that benefits you and those around you, then you get your answer.

What do I do next? I have a CTA call to action saying to download The Success Finder and a message me to take the following steps if you’re a coach or looking for one.

What happens when I do that? I’ll reach out to you and point you in the right direction to get you set up with the right people. Sure this all sounds simple, but I need to write something out and have these four questions around to check as I’m going along.

Write them out or have them on a post-it note. When you’re creating your email template, your marketing campaign when you’re looking to communicate,  or even if it’s communication inside your family, if you’re thinking about this, you’re helping them get to the goal of what you see a little bit quicker. You’re able to communicate and create better communication in your businesses or the people who come to you and want to work with you and in your personal life. I can tell you it’s been a huge game-changer for my companies, and inside my family, I have a completely different relationship. Lots of laughter is happening. So take the three questions with the bonus fourth, write it down, and have an easy area to move that needle from where you are currently at.

Don’t forget to download The Success Finder if you’re looking to be a coach on the platform and be approved, message me over there. If you’re looking for the right coach or the right mastermind and want to connect with that, reach out to me. We’ll help connect and find out what’s most important to you where you’re at. We’ll see on the next episode.

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“You should measure based on where you are, not someone else.” – Brandon Straza

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