My sales career started at a young age, hocking sugar mixed with Kool aid packets to my neighborhood friends & classmates…

I spent my high school years cleaning golf clubs, listening to business owners talk about their work. Deep down, I always knew that school wasn’t built for me but, my mom pushed me to have a piece of paper to fall back on. 

So – just in case – I worked three jobs, pushed through college, and graduated with a BS in Finance. I continued learning sales directly through Norwest Financial. There, I learned two major lessons: 1.) Accountability and direct sales was something that came naturally. 2.) problem solving was better than offering a customer what I thought they needed 

Even after all of my time spent in college & in corporate America, I knew that I wanted to create something myself. After years of telling my wife what would be possible if I went out on my own, she told me to act on it or stop talking about it…

We built our first company in 2011, partnered with a mortgage bank where I was one of 12 owners. I leveraged my previous relationships to not only grow the insurance company but be apart of the Csuite team and board of directors. I eventually sold my ownership where the bank was doing around 2 billion a year in lending. 

In order to create additional value, I created a platform called The Naked Agent. It allowed me to interview and highlight our referral sources to put them in front of a wider audience. Through this, I learned about the world of podcasting and masterminds. The power of an evergreen platform would allow me to learn more about self education and increase my appreciation of learning other people’s experiences. The Mastermind Effect is a gateway into what the future can hold for anybody willing to experience and lead with the give mentality. 

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