129: Andy Storch | Taking Ownership with Your Career

Andy Storch is the author of Own Your Career, Own Your Life, and founder and host of the Talent Development Think Tank Conference and Community Podcast. He is also a consultant, coach, speaker, author, connector, and facilitator specializing in connecting Talent Development professionals to the people, knowledge, and solutions they need. Andy works with companies to accelerate leadership development, strategy alignment, business acumen, and sales training. He also coaches individuals to help them improve their performance and achieve their goals.

In today’s episode, Andy shares that if you want to achieve big goals, you need to have healthy habits. He gets into how masterminds are a great way to hold yourself accountable and find the right people to work with, and he also gets into how you can find your happiness through defining your own path. Check it out!

Andy’s Learning Journey and Masterminds


The Mastermind Effect:  02:20

Let’s dive into this. When you and I were younger, our ability to learn and access different people has drastically changed from our younger years versus the last 5 to 10 years. When we were younger, it was textbooks, teachers, family, friends, and the world around this, but that’s a sliver of what’s possible. How is your learning changed from your early years versus today?

Andy Storch:  02:46

Drastically because there are so many more opportunities and more things out there. In my younger years, I was always a reader, and I was interested in reading and learning. But I thought to learn you need formal education, so it was books and education. That was kind of the extent of it. I would read newspapers and magazines that let you learn about what’s going on in the world—but not learning how to better yourself, personal growth, improving, or getting new skills. A

Today, you’ve still got books, but we’ve got podcasts, online courses, and everything on YouTube. I follow so many experts on LinkedIn, Instagram, and other places. Now I’m going to Clubhouse and taking tons of notes and learning from experts and gurus who are on there.  I belong to multiple mastermind groups. There are things like that available where you can learn from peers and people doing things better than you and reach out to people all the time. Not to mention going to conferences and joining membership communities. There are just so many opportunities now. It’s crazy.

The Mastermind Effect:  03:49

You use the word in there. You use the word “guru,” and I find that interesting. I sit there, and I say, “Hey, there are activators, and then there are motivators.” I’d rather be around activators. There are result leaders and thought leaders, and I’d always rather be around result leaders, the ones that are giving us actual items. I feel the word guru is misused, just like a thought leader is misused from time to time. Have you ever been in circles where someone’s like, “I’m the guru, I’m the expert in this?” To throw the word guru and expert around, you’re not throwing it around by any means. You use the word guru so let’s talk about it. Did you ever feel that there are people in the self-education industry, which I think is amazing, and how it can uplevel your life, misuse the term guru and expert?

Andy Storch:  04:52

Yes. I think there’s a stipulation with the word guru, and there’s almost a negative connotation. I was just thinking of it as someone who is a true expert in the space or someone you consider to be an expert you want to follow. But I get turned off sometimes when people call themselves the expert or refer to themselves as a guru, influencer, or expert. I think you let other people speak for you, in that sense.

Though I strive to be very knowledgeable in different areas, I never really want to think of myself as an expert because I feel like that’s where you get yourself in a trap. There are always things to learn. There are always ways we can grow and get better.  I want to lead with a curious and humble mindset that’s geared more towards growth, and I’m sure most of your listeners do as well.

The Mastermind Effect:  05:40

The reality is there’s the best credibility anyone can give you. If someone says, “they’re the expert in this,” or “they’re the guru in this,” like, someone else dubs you that versus you because that you’re there building your credibility.

We have more ways to learn than ever before. Some people learn from a mentor, a mastermind, an accountability partner, online, pre-recorded courses, and lots of ways to learn. Who are you currently learning from? How did you connect with that person that you’re learning from?

Andy Storch:  06:29

I learned in many different ways.  I’m a big reader. So I’m currently in the middle of three different nonfiction books. In fact, I read two different ones this morning, go back and forth around. I listened to many different podcasts. I follow a bunch of people on LinkedIn and their social media channels. I go to Clubhouse, as I mentioned, and listen to people. Then I’ve been to mastermind groups, and I take online courses sometimes as well. I’m learning from a lot of people in a lot of different ways. I think it’s really important that we keep doing that all the time.

I’m trying to give a couple of different examples. The mastermind group that I’ve been in for years is run by my friend, Vincent Pugliese, who has a group called Total Life Freedom and a podcast by the same name. I first connected with him through a different membership community. We were both in for dads. And we connected. And then, I interviewed him on my podcast about a book he was working on, which he eventually published called Freelance To Freedom. We had a great conversation. And he said he was thinking about starting a mastermind group. And I said, “if you do, I’m in.” and I joined that group.  I’ve been in that for four years.

Another group that I joined and a course I took last year. My recently published book Own Your Career, Own Your Life was published in November 2020. While I was writing it, I knew that I wanted to self-publish the book, and there was a lot of stuff to learn.  I didn’t want to figure it out all on my own, so I reached out to the person I consider the expert in that space named Honoree Corder, who I think you know.  I first heard Honoree on a podcast run by Hal Elrod, who wrote The Miracle Morning series many years ago. I met her at his conference and kept in touch. I knew that when it was time to write a book, she’s the person I would reach out to. And so that’s what I did.

I called on Honoree, and then I signed up for her course, which she offers four times a year, on self-publishing a book. I took that I went through it three times.  I learned everything I could from her. Once you sign up, you can go through it as many times as you want. So she’s running again now. Even though I’ve already published my book, and then through the course three times, I picked up some nuggets on Tuesday this week that I hadn’t thought about or hadn’t been doing, and that I’m going to improve for marketing my book and for my next book. I know there’s going to be more in the future. She’s published over 50, and she’s got the experience, and I want to learn from her right.

I’m discovering people mentors through books and podcasts. Then I’ll follow people on social media. I’ll see if they have a program that I’m interested in, and then I might reach out, maybe start with some of their free stuff, join their membership community, as I’ve done in the past, or buy their course. And then, if I like what I’m getting, keep going further.

There’s a guy in Clubhouse right now I followed and loved everything he’s doing named Gary Henderson

Andy Storch:  09:26

I follow his stuff, I haven’t bought anything from him, but I would think about it. I’m a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, Gary Vee, and I follow everything he does.  I’ve been following his launch recently for his NFT’s, and I’m thinking about possibly jumping into that to be closer to him and his community and keep learning from him along the way.

Exposing yourself to a lot of things, spending time on your learning and development a lot, and then being willing to reach out and invest in yourself and buy someone’s program or course and possibly dive into their community or mastermind and see if it’s a good fit for you.

The Mastermind Effect:  10:02

As you mentioned, Honoree has been a previous guest on this, and she’s on the platform to Success Finder. I was just on a call with her yesterday. She’s like, “so when can I use this for my community.” So I mean, like, “you stay in that community, you’re gonna see what Honoree is building out on there.” But you use the word proximity, and sometimes it sticks with me because that’s going to be one of the words in the title of the book that I eventually write. Sometimes we pay for proximity.  Whether we pay with our time, physical transaction, or just our resources, we’re paying for it somehow. We only have so much time and resources. So the people that you’re talking about surrounding yourself with like Gary Henderson, Honoree Corder. It makes a world of difference when you surround yourself with the right people because the ships rise together, and who you surround yourself with just makes a completely different outlook on what’s possible in what you’re doing with your book, and with just so many other things on the courses that you’re creating.  I appreciate you sharing those names with me as they’re very familiar in the world that we’re in.

A lot of people and me included get stuck sometimes, and we don’t know how to execute what’s going on out there. That’s why I love masterminds selfishly because they help you get unstuck. As we’re still going through some form of a pandemic, that’s the reality, and I find that it’s causing a reset in how we can accomplish things, who we can connect with, who we surround ourselves with, and who we empty the cup and replace inside of that proverbial cup. How have masterminds helped you when you’re looking to reset yourself and get unstuck?

Andy Storch:  11:38

They can be really helpful. Masterminds are great for getting ideas and learning what other people are doing. They’re also really great because you’re surrounding yourself with other ambitious people, hopefully, who are doing similar things as you and who can check in on you and keep you in check when you’re either not making progress, not making enough progress, or you feel like you’re a little bit stuck.

I can tell you several times over the last four or five years, as I’ve been growing my brand and my business and doing different things, I’ve gotten into a little bit of a rut, or I’ve gotten stuck. Being in a mastermind group and being willing, open, and vulnerable to bring that to them and say, “I don’t feel like this is working,” and get a little bit of a kick in the pants, with people pushing you and pushing me and holding me accountable, has been extremely helpful.

I can think of a couple of different times over the last couple of years as I was building out my brand and my business in the talent development world. I hosted a conference in January 2020. It was a ton of work to build this thing. It took about nine months from start to finish to announce it and then actually sell. I think it was like 120 tickets or something we sold. We sold it out eventually. But in the first four months, this is with a business partner of mine, Bennett Philips; we were advertising and marketing, we were selling nothing. We got to a point where I thought this is not working. I don’t know this is going to work. We’ve made this commitment to a venue, and there are 1000s of dollars on the line.

I brought that up in my mastermind group. They were like, “well, what are you doing?” I talked about how I was spending my time, and it wasn’t enough personal outreach to potential attendees for this conference. And they’re like, “you need to get focused, and reach out to people every day and keep doing it consistently” because they recognize they’ve gotten to know me and know that I’m an idea guy come up with these big ideas, and I love launching something. Then I move on to the next thing. But I’ve got to focus in and double down on the gritty middle or the messy middle of like doing the work.

Brandon, you had this awesome idea for this app, The Success Finder app, and you could have like said, like, “here it is, and walk away.” There’s a lot of work now to make it come to reality. I’ve seen some demos, and it’s fantastic what you’re building, but I know there’s still a ton more work to do. You got to stick with it and build it out. So I had to stick with it and use it with their accountability. I did, and I kept talking to people in marketing and messaging people every day. Then, we eventually sold that conference out.

The same thing happened last year. I launched my membership community, and I got a couple of people in, and then the growth started to slow. I was getting a little bit discouraged. My mentor, who basically runs the mastermind events, was like, “You’re off to a great start. You just got to keep talking to people every day,” and push me again on that messy middle.  So I kept reaching out to people, and I got more members. Right now, I have 92 active paying members in my community, and it’s provided a nice regular income stream for me. It’s been fantastic to connect people and bring people together. It wouldn’t have happened if my coach and my mastermind group did not push me to go, keep taking action and make that happen. Even just starting it was because of the mastermind group and everything that I’ve learned and experienced there, pushing me to build these things out.

I’m just such a big advocate of that, and even if it’s not a mastermind group, just finding someone who’s an accountability partner. Like you and I, Brandon are both building cool things. We just check in once a week and like, “Hey, did you get your stuff done? Did you accomplish your goals this week? If not, why not? And what are you going to do better next time?” It’s so helpful.

The Mastermind Effect:  15:10

Yes, it really is. One of my coaches, Dr. Jeff Spencer, says we have human DNA, human mindset, and the champions mindset. The human mindsets are never going to go away. But having that accountability partner right there. If it was just you, the human DNA, the human mindset might just be like, “Ah, I don’t have to do it this week.” The champions mindset finds that accountability partner, coach, or whoever it is, and says, “No, you know what, I’m going to this.” This human DNA is always going to be there. So I need to have that accountability to make sure that on a weekly basis, I might be able to let myself down. But I don’t have to tell the person sitting next to me, “Yeah, I didn’t do it because Netflix was more important or anything like that.”

Andy Storch:  15:52

But in a good mastermind group, you don’t let people get away with that. So the first mastermind group I mentioned that I’m in, one of the things I like about how it’s run is that we don’t let people get away with that. As I’ve been in it for four years, many people the founders had to ask to leave because they weren’t getting their stuff done, which is unfortunate. People get distracted with other things, fear holds them back, or they make excuses. You push those people, and if they’re not taking action, then they’ve got to move on because you want to be around people who are consistently taking action and motivating you to do the same.

Andy and His Experience with Self-Education


The Mastermind Effect:  16:27

Masterminds have been around for a while. The apostles were probably one the first masterminds out there. Then eventually, you had Benjamin Franklin. He creates the Judo Club or the Leather Apron Club. Then Napoleon Hill really rounds it out in the book that he wrote. As there continues to be a huge boom in self-education, masterminds, coaching, mentorship, and tacticians, where do you see the parallels between self-education and standardized education, college and university going forward?

Andy Storch:  17:08

I think personal growth is getting bigger and bigger. There’s more access than ever to being able to learn and build your own education, if you will, and if you don’t feel like you need a formal degree. At the same time, I’m sure a lot of colleges and universities are adapting. A lot of them had to make changes in 2020. I don’t know where things are going to go from here.

It depends on the time and the family. When I was growing up, and my parents were both in education, it was known in our house, like, “I’m going to college,” and “you need to go to college, if you want to get a decent job and have a good career.” Everything I did in school leading up to college was to get into a good college. And luckily, I got into the one I wanted to go to, the University of Florida. But now, I don’t think it’s quite that way anymore. There’s still a lot of benefits to going to college and even getting a master’s degree, which I have as well. But you can do things completely in your own right. You can take courses online. You can join a mastermind group, start a business, and learn from the school of life. You may never be asked, “Oh, do you have a degree?” Colleges and universities will have to adapt to that as well; make different offerings available and not just follow the same old path, but I don’t know what’s going to happen. What do you think going to happen?

The Mastermind Effect:  18:41

I think we’re going to look at it a little bit differently. Do we need a quarter-million dollars in debt? I talked about this in probably episode one, and we’re almost 100 episodes released to date. We’re almost there in the next few weeks. But I feel if you want a quarter-million dollars in debt, I probably want to go to college. I grew up in a household where it was like, “Hey, you’re going to go to college.” Now, I was one of a few siblings. It was a natural progression, but they had to mold me into really wanting to finish that college education. It wasn’t for me, but I did finish that. -,

If you want to be a doctor, nurse, or engineer, get that piece of paper. If we’re looking in sales, marketing, programming, finance, or accounting, do you really need that time? I think it’s becoming less and less than corporate America, even realizing we can get other people from other knowledge or background.

Andy Storch:  19:37

You asked about the parallels and how things are changing. For a time, I would have said, maybe you don’t necessarily need the degree, and maybe you can get the knowledge elsewhere. But the one big benefit from a lot of formal education programs is the network you get, the people you meet, the friends you make, and the network from that. For instance, I did an MBA at a great school and met a lot of really great people there, and I still keep in touch with them and have friends. It’s a great network to be part of.

Even that gets a little bit disrupted by the fact now, as you brought up at the beginning of this podcast, all the membership communities, and masterminds you can join.  You can join networks and pay a little bit of money. There are some great communities out there, you pay $100 a month, and you get access to other awesome, ambitious people that you can learn from on a regular basis. You don’t need to pay $150,000 to a university to surround yourself with great people. You can just pay a fraction of that and still be surrounded by great people taking action and doing great things.

The Mastermind Effect:  20:35

I just joined one today. That was from a previous guest and 1000 bucks for the year. Now, there are a lot more details behind it, but I’m going to be around some amazing entrepreneurs and some of the stuff we’re working on. There was a reason I joined it, like, from people around the world, I would have no other reason ever to network with them for a small fractional price. So again, we’ll leave the money on the sidebar.

We’re talking about people investing in the future. Typically, when someone invests in their future, they have a better than a vague idea of what they’re going to get out of it. I think the best investment better than the stock market and better than the housing market is the investment you put in yourself because you can control the ROI on yourself.  You cannot control dodgy coins, stocks, and the housing market. What should people expect when they choose to invest in themselves, which is investing in you? What’s really the outcome? What is your specialty that you’re going to help them through when they invest in themselves with you?

Andy Storch:  21:35

First of all, I start with this idea of investing in yourself. It was new to me a few years ago, but now I’ve invested a ton of thousands of dollars and much time in myself through conferences, masterminds, coaching communities. It’s been hugely beneficial. So I agree with you on the ROI. If you’re someone who hasn’t done that yet, find an opportunity and just start dive in. There’s a lot of these conferences, programs, and workshops you can go to and courses you can take. If you don’t take action on it, then it is a waste of money. You have to learn and then also take action.

There are two parts of my business; the main one is the corporate talent development space. That’s my niche. I have a podcast and a membership community there. If people are willing to invest in joining my community and invest in me, they are now being associated with a connector. I’m a big connector in that space. My goal is to be the most connected person in talent development. I bring people together on a weekly basis in our membership community. I bring in guest speakers, thought leaders, and experts that they wouldn’t normally get to talk to or have access to. I host open forum roundtables. I host monthly virtual networking events inside the community. People love it. We have, like I said, 90 members, and we’ve had maybe just a small handful leave because they just said they didn’t have enough time.

I am launching more things soon in the personal development, and career development space around my book Own Your Career, Own Your Life. We’ll be launching a course and a community there. Again, that’s going to be about leveling up, getting better,  learning on a regular basis, how you can do better in your life and your career, and especially connecting with other great people. As I said, I’m a connector. I love bringing people together. I love connecting with people that can help each other and that benefit each other.

We were just talking about it. You need to surround yourself with great people. You want to be in a network like that. You could go back to college and hope to be around great people. You can just join a great membership community like the one you just joined, Brandon, or the one that I’m launching, the Own Your Career community. That will be about bringing people together to raise the bar and help people develop more in their careers and lives and really take more ownership, be more intentional with others doing, make plans, and set and achieve goals. I love holding people accountable pushing people. This is not just about me or my community. If you’re going to join something, you want to be part of something because you’re going to have great people involved, and where you’re going to get not only knowledge and education, but a little bit of accountability, challenge, and a push, as well so that you get things done.

The Mastermind Effect:  24:15

If you wouldn’t mind, could you give a little bit more into the community you’re building, your career, and your life so that they have a little bit more taste for like, “That’s for me?” Can you give us Avatar and what you’re looking for and what they can get in return?

Andy Storch:  24:29

It’s kind of funny you’re catching me at a time where we’re just starting to build it out. It’s not officially launched yet, but I don’t know by the time you launch this podcast, maybe out there.

We are going to be geared more towards corporate professionals, kind of early to mid-level. Maybe you’re a first-time manager or an individual contributor, and you’re looking for ways to develop and find more success in your career. We’re going to go through lessons from my book, Own Your Career, Own Your Life, like setting a vision and getting clarity, and where you’re going, connecting with your vision, values and purpose, setting and achieving goals, getting help along the way, building your network, investing in learning, building your personal brand, managing your time better, developing a resilient and a growth mindset, and personal development overall like how to have more joy, happiness, and fulfillment in your career. I love working with entrepreneurs as well. There’ll be plenty of benefits to that for them. You get an opportunity to also network with people from different companies, functions, and walks of life and find out what other people are doing, what they’re challenged with, and what they’ve been successful with.

My whole mission here and my dream is to inspire more employees to take ownership of their careers, be more intentional with where they’re going, be happier, and be more fulfilled in their careers.

The Mastermind Effect:  25:56

There’s the great thing about mastermind, and then also, when you join the Own Your Career, Own Your Life, you’re going to be with other like-minded individuals that want to move the needle. They can be from different industries. You’re going to be with people that come from all different walks of life, but they are the movers, and they’re the action takers. So why wouldn’t you want to join something like that to think differently? You don’t have to think outside the box; just live in a world where there is no box. That’s why you’re at the Own Your Career, Own Your Life.

The Mastermind Effect:  26:47

When I work with my coaches, I work with different masterminds and talk to different people; we love hearing success stories. I took these actions because this was put in place. Then I worked with these people, and here was the outcome. I have to imagine there’s a story that really sticks out with you of someone that’s gone through what you have built. Because of the environment you curated that you put around them, and then the action they took, the outcome was tremendous. I’d love it if you could share with the listeners. I do this because they can sometimes see themselves in the story that you tell here.  Please give us a success story. We appreciate anonymity, meaning you might be unable to use the company name or the person individual. What was the outcome because they work with you and what you’ve curated by investing in themselves?

Andy Storch:  27:46

I’ve worked with so many people and seen so many overcome things and achieve success. It’s what I love doing, and that’s why I’m looking forward to doing more of it. I think back to a mastermind group I used to run for the dads in the dads group I was in and a guy struggling with his self-worth and what he was going to do with his career and his life. I pushed him to think through what he really wanted to do and create a dream and a vision for where he wanted to go. Then to start taking small steps towards that and putting aside what other people might think about that, if you try something and it doesn’t work, is it going to look bad? Or is he going to face judgment? We’ve got to get past those fears and judgment and follow our dreams and do we really want to do.

He wanted to start a podcast. In addition to working with me, he invested in getting a journal and a program on starting a podcast. He learned from me and others. He started that podcast, and it has grown and developed a pretty good following. Then he later lost his job. He was working in IT that he wasn’t that passionate about and started a new career as a podcaster speaker consultant.

Right now, he’s not like huge and wildly successful, but he’s on his way. What I see in him is that he’s loving what he’s doing. He’s getting into coaching as well. He tells me all the time, which I really appreciate, how much I inspired him along the way. I think it’s just about showing him what’s possible, as you do with many of us do with people, and then pushing them to follow their dreams and holding them accountable. That’s what I did with him. I love seeing how he has followed his dreams. He just started a second podcast and has started a coaching business and started getting some speaking gigs in the niche that he’s in. He just seems so much happier living the life he’s living right now than where he was when we first started working together.  This was probably four years ago. I’ve been that person as well, by the way, and I love seeing other people develop and grow like that. It’s so awesome.

Closing Segment


The Mastermind Effect:  30:08

That’s the thing. You surround yourself with the right people. You find a way to live your best self and your best version of what you want. Now, he doesn’t have to worry about what corporate America is doing. He’s in control of his own future through his coaching and his podcasts. When he wakes up, he’s doing what he wants on his timetable. That’s the power to me of coaching and power of masterminds, Helping you get to where you want to go just faster, unbedazzling that journey, and making sure that we take those micro-steps so we can have that quantum leap, which it sounds like that’s where he’s at right now. He’s in that quantum leap realm to make such huge changes.

I got a few more questions as we come to an end here. I feel that there’s always new ideas brewing in times of prosperity. When the world’s winning, it’s easy to get those wins; they just come in a little bit easier. But I feel the ingenuity and creativity come when we feel the squeeze. They’ll feel in some form of the squeeze the reality of it. What are you working on right now that will take place over the next 12 months that excites you?

Andy Storch:  31:13

I agree with you, and I think so much creativity. I mean, my life and business over the last year is a great example. Going back to February 2020, my whole business was selling and running in-person training programs for companies. I was flying around the country and the world leading running leadership development workshops. When COVID hit in March 2020, it shut everything down. All my clients said, “We’re canceling our workshops, and we don’t know when this will happen. We don’t know if we want to switch to virtual or not.” My income completely dried up, and everything went away. At the time, I was in the middle of writing my book. I decided to make a pivot. I’m not going to let this get to me. I’m going to own this situation, make the best of it, and figure out what’s going to work better in this time.

I shifted a little bit with where my book was focused. I launched a membership community last summer in 2020. I also hosted a virtual summit last year since conferences weren’t happening anymore. I hosted a free virtual summit in the talent development face that attracted almost 2000 people that registered for that. It helped me grow my community and my business and then publish the book. I am now continuing to pivot and do new things.

You already heard about one of the new things I’m working on: developing an online course and a community from my book, which will hopefully be launched in Q3 of 2021. Maybe a beta launch before that. I’ve also got probably five more books in my head that I’m thinking about. I just went through a pretty serious health challenge. I had testicular cancer. I was diagnosed at the same time I published my book. I went through about six months of pretty challenging times. But I also learned a ton about cancer, health, and nutrition. I’ve done a ton of research and made a lot of changes. I’ve done a lot of things that I know can be helpful for other people. I shared a lot of it along the way on social media that I knew it’s helped and inspired many people. I can see that being another book, possibly a business and brand.

Then, I’ve been running leadership development workshops for years, mostly using other people’s content from their books. I now have a framework on leadership called modern leadership that I’m excited about. I want to build that out, do more interviews, publish a book there, and probably create a course and possibly a community. I would say that’s more than 12 months away.

In the next 12 months, I think it’s about building out the course and community on the career development side, the Own Your Career, Own Your Life community, and getting into more corporations. I’m starting to get hired more for corporate speaking gigs, virtually.  I know in person is going to start coming back. I’m also hosting my first retreat for my membership community in September. I’m pretty excited about that. I’m hoping to host my next conference in that niche as well in January 2022. Hopefully more live events after that in the career space, so a lot of good things are coming.

The Mastermind Effect:  34:24

I’ve got a quick but important one that I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring it up. As you mentioned, testicular cancer, and I don’t know how much light gets on that. But one of my coaches and my cornerman coached one of the most famous cyclists. I believe Lance Armstrong had testicular cancer. I get to hear the stories because one of his previous coaches is my coach and cornerman.

What was an early sign for anyone out there listening that you like, “Hey, I need to go to the doctor because something’s hurting down there? This is a selfish question, but I think not enough light gets put on this. That’s not what we’re here for, but you brought it up. So I would appreciate you letting us know.

Andy Storch:  35:09

I appreciate you asking, and I think this is great for everybody. Lance Armstrong’s stories are amazing. I read his memoir while I was going through this. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was 26, and it was way worse than mine. It spread all the way to his brain. The reason it had spread so much for him, and me, my spread to my stomach and my neck, was because we both waited way too long to see a doctor and get it taken care of. I had a lump on my testicle. I probably noticed it but just kind of ignored it like, when I really should have gotten it checked out. We both waited too long, and it took other people saying like “you need to go.” So for me, I had that lump. I should have gotten checked out. Then finally, in October, I started experiencing some abdominal discomfort and pain. I still waited probably two or three weeks before I went into a doctor and got a scan, and they’re like, “We don’t know what this is. but you need to go get it checked out more.” And again, if I had gone sooner, I could have saved myself a lot of pain and agony and discomfort and a challenging situation.

I’d say for men, especially men and women, that you notice something unusual, a lump on your testicle, or a lump on your breast, if you’re a woman, don’t just ignore it. Get it checked out because hopefully, it’s nothing, but it really could be cancer or something else. That’s what doctors are there for. Don’t try to be tough and ignore it. You got to get this stuff checked out.

The Mastermind Effect:  37:15

I appreciate you sharing that with us. That’s not what we’re here for today, but when I hear that, I think it’s nice that we can get that out there. Get it checked out.

All right, the last one. What is a tip, a tactic, or an actual item that if anyone listening to this today implemented it over the next 30, 60, 90 days, they’d see a real impact on their personal or business life?

Andy Storch:  37:36

There’s a lot of things that go with this.  You have to be healthy if you want to achieve big goals. I think you have to have healthy habits in place. A lot of times, achieving goals comes down to habits. The first part of it is to establish a healthy habit that will help you achieve your goal. If you’re trying to get in better shape, you go to the gym five days a week, whatever it may be. If you’re trying to grow your business, you’re reaching out to clients.

The healthy habit that made the biggest difference in transformation in my life was when I started using a regular morning routine. That was after I read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod in 2016. That completely changed my life. Since then, I’ve spent almost every morning going through the morning routine he lays out: meditation, visualization, affirmations, reading, writing, and some type of activity exercise. Meditation has been huge for me in staying mindful and improving my mental health throughout this period. Then the act of having a journal, writing down my gratitude, writing down my plans for the day, writing down the important things that I need to get done, I am infinitely more productive because I do those things. Then also, having dedicated time every morning to read a book allows me to read a lot more books, learn a lot more, and invest more in my own personal development and growth.

All of those things have been really helpful for me. I’m a big fan of the morning routine. I’m also just a big fan of developing healthy habits. They’re going to help you achieve your goals.

The Mastermind Effect:  39:06

Absolutely. There’s so much packed in there that we can take away from it. Getting that morning going. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that’s what they say. But getting your morning going is the healthiest thing for your brain at the beginning of the day.

We’ve got the founder of Talent Development Think Tank and author of Own Your Career, Own Your  Life,  Andy Storch. Andy, thank you so much for what you brought to the Mastermind Effect, to myself and the listeners today.

Andy Storch:  39:39

Brandon, thank you so much for having me on. I really appreciate it. For those listening out there, go take some action.

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