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Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the show, where I believe the only way to unlock your potential is to tap into the experiences of others. Today is the solo show and I’m obviously not Brandon. I am Angela Mitchell Hill and I’m hijacking the solo show to talk about how to cultivate a mindset for growth.

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Cultivate a Mindset for Growth 


Let’s get right in and start talking about one way to cultivate your mindset for growth. What does cultivate mean? Cultivate means to improve or to develop by carefully providing attention to it, training or study. We must devote time to growing our mindsets and thought to preparing it and to enable it to grow. 


The ability to main focus is the key in cultivating our mindset. What are some of the things that are a distraction to you? I bet your first distraction is the same distraction that I have and that is my cell phone. Apple confirms that iPhone users unlock our phones over 80 times a day. 90% of the time that we’re on our phones, we spend using apps. 8 out of 10 Americans have cell phones and 92% of us really believe that cell phone addiction is a real thing. Let’s talk about a strategy you can use to manage distractions from your cell phone. 


The Magic Button


Let’s say it’s a distraction, but let’s also acknowledge our cell phone is a vital tool. It’s a way for us to communicate and stay connected, to operate and run our businesses, and to take advantage of opportunities. It’s not all bad but it must be managed and maintained. One strategy to manage this distraction is to use that magic button. It’s on all of our phones and it’s called the airplane mode. This mode disables all wireless signal transmission and immediately eliminates distractions. This is a perfect solution during periods of focus and time that you really want to be productive and work on a project. You can engage that airplane mode for periods of time. 


It can be 20 minutes, one hour, or whatever works for you. It will immediately eliminate that distraction and allow you to maintain the focus necessary to achieve your goal. Another strategy that helps to eliminate the distraction of the cell phone is to disengage some of the notifications, and the pop ups, and the alerts. You can go right into your settings and choose the apps and the notifications that distract you most. I’ve scheduled time during the day for me to go in whenever it’s best for me. It is important to keep my mind cultivated, manage that distraction, and stay focused. 


I have an exercise for you right now. Grab your phone, hold it up, look at it, and tell your phone, “You will no longer be the boss of me. that I am taking control of you and utilizing you for all of the benefits that you offer, including airplane mode, and managing my notifications.” Do it. 


My hope is that you have been empowered by the simple strategies that we just discussed on how to increase your focus by managing the distractions of your cell phone. We hope that you are now ready to nail it and go into your day more focused and empowered and able to cultivate your mindset for growth. My name is Angela Mitchell Hill and I hope that you have enjoyed your time with me today. For more information be sure to visit my website at www.angelamitchellhill.com and remember to always nail it.

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“We must devote time to growing our mindsets and thoughts to preparing it and to enable it to grow.” – Angela Mitchell Hill

“What is most important is to keep my mind cultivated, manage distractions and stay focused.” – Angela Mitchell Hill

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