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Hey! Welcome back to The Mastermind Effect. Today we’ve got the Founder of Nailed It Empowerment, Angela Mitchell Hill. She has over 25 years of experience empowering nail techs and entrepreneurs, setting industry trends, and growing a successful service and travel retail brand located at Nashville International Airport. Bold, Forward-Thinking, and Driven, Angela has been in business since 1997, and she continues to stand by her mission to educate, empower and inspire.

In this episode, we get into how she went from encyclopedias to learning through virtual applications. Angela also talks about the education system becoming a hybrid between standard vs self-education as there are no longer any rules we need to follow for education. She also goes over the 9 steps in The Champion of the morning system. Check it out!

Angela’s learning journey and Masterminds

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Let’s dive into this. Our ability to learn and access people has really changed over the last 5 to 10 years. When you and I were younger, it’s textbooks, teachers, coworkers, family, and friends, but that’s a sliver of what’s even possible. How has your learning changed from your early years versus today?

Angela Mitchell Hill:  02:40

When you were just speaking, the first thing I could think about was being a child. My mom was an educator. I’m a product of teachers and preachers in my family. I remember being young and the door knock happens. Here comes the gentleman in the suit with the big case that he’s bringing in and he was the encyclopedia man. We were one of the few houses on our block that had a full set of encyclopedias. That was something exciting to us because we could literally just go downstairs to the basement and get an encyclopedia instead of going to the library to look through the card catalog to find it. You ask that question about how has education changed for me? I would say, it’s a beautiful thing to have knowledge and information right at our fingertips.

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But what do you utilize to learn now versus going to that encyclopedia?

Angela Mitchell Hill:  04:14

Right now, because of where we are and how we slow down and in 2020 and 2021, we’re picking back up is through virtual education. There are a lot of online programs that we have access to and a lot of free programs as well. Vanderbilt University has some online and more structured curriculum that you can take but they also have one offs on leadership, marketing or, on different topics. I’ve been taking a lot of the courses that are available online for different areas that I’m interested in or working on.

When we talk about education, we think about the classroom and formal education. That is very important and it’s required in our home to make sure that we’re educated. Primarily for me, I learned the most on the job, doing the work and being in the thick of things. Jumping right in is another way that I continue to learn. Exposing myself to new things and learning about it. Then making sure that I align myself with people that are smarter than me. I promised myself about five years ago that I did not want to be like one of the smartest ones in the room anymore. I wanted to make a shift and a pivot. Those are a couple ways that I make sure to keep my brain muscle moving and stay progressive and current.

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The thing that I want to get across is that’s the thing that results leaders, not the thought leaders. That’s how they get the people that work with them the results. they activate them. Learning from other people and surrounding yourself with smarter people are the ways to go. We have more ways of taking in information than ever before. Some people learned from mentors, masterminds, accountability buddies, online courses, and lots of other ways to learn. Who are you currently learning from? And more importantly, how did you connect with them?

Angela Mitchell Hill:  07:18

Currently, one of the areas that I wanted to grow knowledge in is marketing, branding, and PR. I am working with Dave Berlin. He has been very effective in helping me to understand the way to implement marketing in a way that is streamlined to fit my personality. I’ve been really excited to work with someone who’s knowledgeable in that particular area or discipline and also is able to relate to the customer and the person to understand my personality is important in that in order for this to work. I’m working with de Berlin and I actually met him through another coach that I partnered with. She is an amazing woman that really helped me to stay progressive. She is Renee Bobb. We’ve worked together for so long that now we are like buddies. She introduced me to Dave Berlin.

The Mastermind Effect:  09:12

It just shows how small the world is. The three of you are just unbelievable people.

Angela Mitchell Hill:  09:39

Thank you. That’s why we are all connected, right? We vibrate at a place where we attract who we are. That’s the goal. It seems that, the more that I embrace that thought process, I see it manifest itself for me.

The Mastermind Effect:  09:54

A lot of people get stuck and they don’t know how to execute what’s going on up in their head. We’re still going through a pandemic and I feel it’s causing a reset on how we can accomplish things. How did masterminds and coaching help you when you’re looking to reset and get out of your own way?

Angela Mitchell Hill:  10:18

I completed a mastermind with Renee Bobb and now, I am moderating one. One thing that’s a gift, whether I’m taking it or moderating it, is that the group effort. The camaraderie and the support that the people within the mastermind have for themselves makes me think of how can two walks together unless they agree. It’s like that on a mastermind. We are all here because we all agree. I have seen some of the fastest rates of development, growth, and goal acquisition within mastermind groups because of accountability that you have with your peers in the group.

The Mastermind Effect:  11:15

For me, it’s the Fast Pass at Disney World. Who doesn’t want to go to the front of the line? Who wants to wait in line for three hours or if we translate that three years, whereas the overarching the symbiotic relationship that a mastermind creates, helps you see around corners, and helps you from stepping on a landmine? Learning from other people’s experiences, the power is just there.

Self-Education and Angela’s reality

The Mastermind Effect: 

Masterminds have been around for a while. Probably the first mastermind was the apostles. Then from there, Benjamin Franklin creates the Judo club or the Leather Apron club. Then eventually, Napoleon Hill writes a book about it, brings it to the forefront and naming it a mastermind. As there continues to be a large boom in self-education, where do you see the parallels going between self-education versus standardized education?

Angela Mitchell Hill:  12:13

I think that the direction it is heading is more of a hybrid of the two. It seemed exactly what’s happening now is an option; you can do the in person and the normal way or you can choose to educate yourself in a very specific way that works for you and for your family. I’m a mom and I have an 18-year-old that is graduating from high school in just a few months. We had some conversations about a year and a half ago about this same question that you’re asking. What types of options would he like to explore? It doesn’t have to be the way that I did it. Although I came up in a family where college was not an option, it was the 13th grade, that’s what it was. For me, that was just how we were brought up and I made a choice that I was going to be different with my son. I didn’t know what that meant until after reading Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming.  She talked about a gap year and we never stopped growing, which we know, that’s why we’re talking about masterminds. That’s what we’re talking about, continuing education and we never be calm. Then considering that, we decided that he would take a gap year and he’s taking some music engineering, music technology, and music business courses. He’ll get certified, and then he’ll go on. That is an example of what I mean by a hybrid. I don’t know that there’ll be any more rules anymore.  I think that’s a great thing that there isn’t a rule that you have to follow to be successful because that rule has not been foolproof. There are millions of people that have been living a very productive, happy, and financially prosperous existence without that rule. That is what I think where education will end up trending into.

The Mastermind Effect:  14:55

The reality is there are no rules. Surround yourself with the right people. If you’ve got the wrong people, you’re probably not serving them any more than they’re serving. You get rid of them and surround yourself with smarter, harder people and throw the rules out.

Angela Mitchell Hill:  15:23

I agree. One of the signature workshops that we offer in Nail-Ed It Empowerment is called “From Passion to Peace”.  This is one of our signature first workshops because we hope our participants identify that passion is not about chasing down the profit. It is really about identifying what the passion is; seeing how that can evolve into a place where you can be productive and profitable. Ultimately, we want to be able to have that passion and create peace in our life.

The Mastermind Effect:  16:33

Love it. Find that passion and money will be a byproduct. You can change so many lives, including your own. Typically, when someone invest in their future, they’ve got a better than vague idea what the outcome is. We have to remember to hold ourselves accountable.  As long as we’re putting in the work that we’re learning, here’s what your outcome can be. What should people expect when they enter Angela Mitchell Hill’s reality?

Angela Mitchell Hill:  17:03

Thank you for that. What can they expect after leaving? My reality is that they will live better. That has been a hashtag for myself since the beginning of my career and prior to even knowing about a NailEd It Empowerment. When I first opened my initial business all the way back in 1997, I didn’t really know what I was doing but I did know how to make people feel. At that time, I just really set out a mission to create an audience and an experience to where people would want to come back. Fast forward many years to now where we actually have NailEd It Empowerment, and we are sharing successful systems that help people to move from where they are to where they want to be. That is what we do. My goal is, every time that I interact with someone, every time that I speak with someone, every time that someone even goes to the website, or visits my social media, that there’s always value. There’s always some type of information that they can take away and implement quickly to see change in their life. Our NailEd It Empowerment is focused on goal acquisition and how to identify, set and acquire your goals to nail it. We have a 90% goal acquisition success rate right now with our participants. I’m really excited about that because we keep that at the forefront. Then we make sure that not only are we progressing in a way that we’re meeting our goals, but we are progressing in a way that aligns with where we are and where the goals will take us. It’s not only about being successful in business but it is also about being successful in life.

The Mastermind Effect:  19:15

Amazing. I love the fact that you’ve been able to tether that and tie that to real results. I feel the people that you work with, they have a way of surprising you from time to time, whether it’s their willingness to learn, the grit, the grind, or whatever it is. Give us a success story of someone that has gone through the NailEd It Empowerment program. What was the outcome because they went through that and they worked with you?

Angela Mitchell Hill:  19:48

I have the perfect person who really makes me very proud and humbled at the same time because she is a very progressive woman. As we were talking about education, her education was important for her family. She has her doctorate degree and worked for the state enough to retire from that. She went on to real estate school and got a real estate and broker licenses. She was a part of a network marketing company that she’s doing very well in. She’s also a professor at two universities in the area. I think of her when you ask that question because although she has all of those accolades and accomplishments, the reason why she chose to come to NailEd It is because she did that know what or where her passion was. She was going through the motion of making money of following the program of what a successful life should be. She just missed the part of that you should enjoy it. One of my favorite quotes that we talk about is “Most Americans spend about 65% of their time awake working; if you hate your job, what does that say about your life?” She is locked and loaded into the program. She was committed in identifying her purpose. Now, she is streamlined. She’s cut away some of those things that she really didn’t enjoy doing. She is in coach training and signed up with a coach so that she can help other people to identify their purposes and not live a life of misery. She is one of the clients that I’m so excited about because she was focused enough on her happiness in her life that she was willing to commit the 90-day time period to rediscover herself.

The Mastermind Effect:  22:19

I want you to sit there. This is for the listeners and hear what Angela just said. If you’re miserable in what you’re doing, and you have a passion over here, how is that reverberating throughout your life? If you know that an opportunity exists with Angela, then why wouldn’t you at least seize that opportunity and sit there and make a change. You’ll be surprised and the people around you will see a huge shift. I just want you to sit there and realize that you don’t have to be unhappy when it comes to what you do for a living., You can find the right person to be around that can elevate and help level you up. That is important, especially in the world that we live in.

Creating Success

The Mastermind Effect: 

Whether they’re being hijacked these days or I’m doing the solo shows. They’re built around success, the pillars of success and what it takes to be successful. Some of those things are mentorship, experimentation, partnerships, willingness to fail. On the flip side, willingness to define success because when you define success, you define failure. That’s why, so often, we don’t define success, because we’re afraid of knowing what failure means. With the sensitivity of social media and just other things out there, what do you feel is a key attribute when it comes to being successful?

Angela Mitchell Hill:  23:57

A key characteristic or attribute that I identify within my own self, when I think of my own success, is knowing myself. Being honest and true to myself. That is where I can identify what direction of success is in. A lot of times, I found that I’ll just say for myself, “my reality was not true to myself.  and my reality was true to the expectations of the people that were around me”.  Being an empath, I found that I had not only developed but I was mastering the Savior Syndrome. This is where I was living my life were of service to everyone else and forgetting that you do matter to. Whether I had a billion dollars or $10, it wouldn’t matter because that same feeling of not having direction or the same feeling of not being for field was there. The moment that I took my first course or my first coaching on personal coaching, I realized the importance of knowing myself and not only knowing myself, but growing with myself. The self that I knew at that moment is not the self that I am. What is important for success is to make sure that you stay connected with who you are. Your success is directly connected with that. It is not connected to who people say you are, who people think you should be, or even who you think you should be. Your success is really connected with who you ultimately are. That’s why I say that is how I measure success is how clear I am on who I am, what I want to be and what I want to do.



The Mastermind Effect:  26:23

When you went from the savior to leader mentality, what was that shift like and what you were able to accomplish from going from savior to leader?

Angela Mitchell Hill:  26:36

The shift was pretty quick because of the analogy that was shown to me. When I saw the analogy, it was simply the symbol of the cross. It was like the cross; if you got to go up before you come down right to the center and if you go up and before coming back down to the center, you decide to go to the left or to the right. When it was explained to me in that manner, it was crystal clear. I just immediately made importance to me to put systems in place on a daily basis that I could consider myself, please myself and make myself happy too, in the process. That’s what the transition was like, for me, it was really pretty quickly. I noticed that some connections and opportunities that I had and some of the things that I was doing at that time, when I recenter, those things fell off.  I realized that they were dead weight in the beginning and they shouldn’t have been there.  It helped me ease through the process of shifting from that type of mindset to a mindset of leadership.

The Mastermind Effect:  28:10

Thank you for sharing and going a little bit deeper in that. I think there’s a big difference when they realized going from one to the other and then what it’s able to do for you and the people around you

Alright, few more questions. I feel that there’s always new ideas brewing in times of prosperity. It’s like, when the world’s winning, it’s easier to win and accomplish things. I think ingenuity and creativity come when we feel the squeeze and the world is still feeling the squeeze. What are you working on right now that’s going to take place over the next 12 months that excites you?

Angela Mitchell Hill:  28:45

We have a lot that we’re working on over the next 12 months. One thing that is really exciting to me is NailEd It Empowerment. We’ve launched the “90 Days to Nail It” curriculum. We’ve got a class that just started in February, and then we’ll be doing that every 90 days. We’ll be launching a new group with that. And

Then, we also have the 30-day Mastermind Cultivate a Mindset for Growth. This is a spin off from a webinar that we just had last week. The webinar was received so well that we decided to spin it into a mastermind and it’s so really encouraging. One thing about the program is it is not designed for a person at a specific level. NailEd It Empowerment is designed for anyone that wants to move from where you are to where you want to be. That’s one thing that I love about it.

The Mastermind Effect:  31:06

What is a tip, a tactic, or an actionable item, that if someone listening to this right now implemented in the next 30, 60, or 90 days, would see a real impact on their business or personal life?

Angela Mitchell Hill:  32:00

I call it the “Neosporin” of NailEd It and it is our champion the morning system. It’s a nine-step system that we share and it’s available online. These nine steps can be done online. You can choose one or two. It is totally up to you. I promise that you will see a positive result in the champion of the morning system. We believe that first two to three hours after you wake every day is when you are the most productive and you can get the most results. The champion of the morning system is designed to focus on self-first.

The first step is you wake up immediately and train your brain to think of thought of gratitude. The second step is launch yourself out of the bed. Don’t hit the snooze button and just get up. Third strategy is just wash your face, brush your teeth, or whatever it is that you do normally. Fourth strategy is identify a place in your home that you go every day. A place special to you that you get warm and fuzzy when you get there. When you get there, sit down with your journal and write your gratitude list. I ask that we write 25 things that we’re grateful for. I know it’s a lot but a muscle gratitude is a superpower. Forgiveness and gratitude are two superpowers. We’ve got to strengthen that muscle and write 25 things now. Then the sixth step is journaling for 10 minutes. Then, next step is affirmations and then visualization. The last step or the number nine in the champion is you get up from your area, you go to the restroom or to your mirror, you look yourself in the center of your eye, and you speak 12 things that you love about you. You think about what you like about yourself, what you love about yourself, and what you’re proud of. Sometimes we are looking for affirmation, confirmation or celebration from outside of us, when we really don’t need it. We can celebrate ourselves on the inside and that’s why that’s the last and final step of the champion of the morning.


The Mastermind Effect:  35:55

Thank you for sharing that with us. We have got the founder of NailEd It Empowerment, Angela Mitchell Hill. Angela, Thank you so much for your time today.

Angela Mitchell Hill:  36:18

Thank you so much, Brandon. And one other thing you must remember to “Nail it!”.

Tweetable Quotes:

“There really isn’t a rule that you have to follow to be successful.” – Angela Mitchell Hill

“A key characteristic that I identify within myself when I think of my own success is knowing, being honest, and true to myself. Because that is where I can identify what direction that success is in.” – Angela Mitchell Hill

“Your success is connected to who you ultimately are. And that is how I measure success, it’s how clear I am on who I am, what I want to be, and what I want to do.” – Angela Mitchell Hill

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