149: Becky Morrison | “Untangling Happiness”

Becky Morrison is the Founder of Butterfly Society. She is a lawyer turned leadership and happiness coach on a mission to spread joy by helping people discover what they need to live happier, lead happier and build happy businesses. Beck reached a point in her life where she “had it all” and still felt like there was something missing after having done everything that the world told her that she “should do.” So she spent the next several decades untangling her own happiness and started uncovering what would actually make her happy.

In this episode, she talks about how to avoid the rabbit holes you could go down, and gets into what it truly means to define success by figuring out what makes you happy. And she also gets into starting with the landing of where you are right now then using that as a platform to launch into a happier life. Check it out!

[00:01 – 03:35] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Becky Morrison
  • Checkout the Success Finder App
  • Check the links below
  • Connect with Becky through the links below
  • Becky’s superpower: simplifying things

[03:36 –21:29] Becky and Her Experience with Self-Education

  • How learning has changed for Becky over the years
  • Being curious about things
  • Becky’s coaches and masterminds
  • Finding masterminds through social media
  • Finding the connection between the coaches/teachers
  • Parallels between standard and self education
  • Not limiting yourself to your co-workers and organizations
  • Conversations about what you want your life to be like are happening at a younger age
  • Defining Success
  • Knowing your priority and honoring it
  • Keeping things directional

[21:30 – 23:06] What to Expect from Becky

  • A success story when working with Becky
  • What Becky is working on right now
  • Actionable Items/Tips from Becky
  • Ask yourself what makes you happy?
  • Ask yourself what about that thing makes you happy?
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“What is your top priority in this season in your life? And how are you going to know that you are honoring it? Yeah. And if we can answer that question, then we’ve defined success for this season.” – Becky Morrison

“So it starts with landing where you are right now and really figuring out reconnecting with yourself, getting half as happy as you can in your current circumstances, and then using that as a platform from which to architect and launch into your future happiness, and then having the tools to continue to allow you to fly happy.” – Becky Morrison 

Connect with Becky through her website at www.untanglehappiness.com!

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