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My name is Ben Ward, and I am hijacking this episode of The Mastermind Effect. This week we’re gonna be talking about the number one key to lead your team to success. Check it out!

Before I dive into the number one key for anybody to lead their team to success to the top, I got to tell you about my new book coming out February 22. Greg Reid, is the co-author. We wrote this book to help people transition from high impact selling top performing salespeople to remarkable leaders. Brian Tracy wrote the foreword and it comes out February 22.


Here’s the principle that I want to share with you right now. I hope you take some notes because I’m going to share something with you that has changed everything as I’ve coached and mentored over the last 20 years tens of thousands of sales leaders.


Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt


What I want to share with you might surprise you. This is my advice, “You got to pluck the FUD, you got to get in”. What am I talking about? If you’re growing a garden, inevitably you’re going to have little like critters, little insects or maybe animals. They are going to come in and try to mess with it. But inevitably, weeds, right? Weeds are going to grow into that garden. You’ve got to get in and pluck the weeds out of that garden, or else those weeds will end up choking out that plant and just destroying the garden.


What does this have to do with sales leadership? Everything. Our minds are just like those gardens. We may have this incredible vision, and we may have this goal like, “I’m going to go and kill it. I’m going to go and rock and roll.” And inevitably, what’s going to creep in to our mind are the mind weeds. Fear is the biggest ones. There are three that we all have in common: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, or “FUD”.


You got to pluck the FUD and you got to get that out of your brain. Otherwise, it’s going to choke out the idea plant, the goal, the vision, the dreams that you have. You’ve got to get in and you got to pluck the FUD. Here’s the thing, as a leader, you have people on your team right now that are jam packed and filled with FUD. There’s that fear, uncertainty, and the doubt. Regardless of the success yesterday, inevitably, today, those weeds are going to be coming back, the uncertainties of the future. As a leader, you got to help your people pluck the FUD.


Focus on and fixate on what it is that you want.


I want to share one strategy with you right now. One of the best ways to pluck the FUD is you focus on and you fixate on what it is that you want. It’s natural and normal to focus and fixate on what you don’t want. To pluck the FUD, you want to focus. Where focus goes, energy flows. To pluck the FUD, you want to focus on what you want and not on what you don’t know.


Here’s the strategy, you’ve got to give yourself a kick in part of your brain. It’s called the reticular activating system or you call the “R-A-S” but let’s call it the “RAS.” To pluck the FUD out of your brain, you’re going to need to plant. There’s going to be an open space where that weed is now gone. You got to plant intentional thought. Here’s how you do it. You give yourself a kick in the “RAS.”


The RAS or reticular activating system is in the back of all of our brains and it’s about the size of the eraser on a pencil. Its job is to filter your focus. The things that we focus on, where we put focus into, expands. To pluck the FUD is to get rid of that fear, the number one stopper of all progress and success, and those weeds of the mind will crowd out all the positive and the potential within you.


You’ve got to get it out of there. Once it’s out, give yourself a kick in the RAS. Get that kick by planting intentional thought. Your reticular activating system, is the antenna that focuses on all these things. It focuses on what we want. If we don’t focus on what we want, our brain will just come up with anything it decides to. When we tell it intentionally what we want, that’s one of the most powerful strategies to lead you towards what you want, which is the goals that you have to help your team members. If you’re leading a team to help them achieve their goals, you got to help them pluck the FUD. You got to help give them a kick in the RAS by focusing on what they do want, and not on what they don’t.


With that, I just want to get that little tip, “Be a FUD plucker”. Be a leader that’s willing to help other people get rid of that fear that’s in their brain. And the best way to do that is to get laser clear on what it is you want and fixate on that. Allow your reticular activating system to work for you and help you head towards what you want. I’m Ben Ward, and I hijacked The Mastermind Effect.

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“You gotta get in and you gotta pluck the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. And as a leader, you’ve gotta help your people pluck the FUD.” –  Ben Ward

“Focus and fixate on what you want. Where focus flows, energy flows. So to pluck the FUD, you want to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.” – Ben Ward

 “Fear is the number one stopper of all progress and success.” – Ben Ward

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