004: The Airbnb Kind of Mastermind

Today’s episode is all about investing in real estate. My guest is Kyle Stanley, host of The Fearless Investor YouTube channel and podcast. He shares with us how he purchased his first investment property and hasn’t paid a single dollar for rent or mortgage since then. He also tells us why he’s willing to invest $50k in a mastermind.

About Kyle Stanley:

My name is Kyle Stanley and I started The Fearless Investor in 2019 (originally called Fearless Flipping) as a way to help others learn about investing in real estate! Today, my mission has evolved into teaching people how to make money with AirBnB, real estate, and other investments.

I’ve been many places in my career… I was a TV sports anchor, I ran a sports videography and recruiting business, I’ve been in health and wellness, fundraising for K-12, and a few other sales jobs.

Nothing… I mean NOTHING… has gotten me more excited about my future, and the potential of helping others like this.

The funny thing is that I was investing in real estate before I ever knew I was. I’ve been using AirBnB as a vehicle to pay for my mortgage since 2015. Little did I know, that is a form of real estate investing!

But it wasn’t until September of 2018 when I really started to understand the power of real estate.

I started listening to real estate podcasts and researching as much as I could. I studied and studied and studied. I started to see all of the opportunities real estate had for passive income.

Before real estate, I thought the best way to earn passive income was by creating an app, becoming a network marketer, or building a huge business. I thought the only way to even get to real estate was by owning millions of dollars!

Then on January 4, 2019, I went to a Than Merrill Fix ‘N Flip seminar. I went for one reason: education. But I walked away with an incredible new outlook on real estate and my life!

On January 6, I made a commitment to become an active real estate investor right there on the spot… Mind you, this came one day before starting a new job with a local sales company. I felt like I was adding another full-time job to my plate, but that’s how committed I was!

One month later, I had my first deal under contract. I was terrified! It was my first “Oh S*%t” moment, but I knew it would be the first of many.

In year one, I went on to do 7 real estate transactions: 3 rentals, 3 flips, and 1 wholesale.

But the real “ah-ha moment” came when I fully invested myself and my attention into AirBnB.

In a matter of 5 months, I went from $1,000 per month to $15,000+ per month! Fast forward to 9 months in, I was grossing over $25K! And the amazing thing was that half of my AirBnB portfolio was compiled of other people’s properties!

I have created systems in my AirBnB business that allow me to only have to work 1-2 hours per week on our current properties. This allows me to focus on: finding deals, focusing on the important things in life, and creating content for YOU!

And today, I have come to realize that education and action in investing is the most important thing I can do. So, while I educate myself on other types of investments, I want you to learn right along with me.

Through The Fearless Investor Youtube Channel and Podcast, we are interviewing true experts who are teaching you how to conquer the world of investing. Whether that’s AirBnB, real estate, stocks, or more!

These businesses are not easy, but it is all about the math and the systems, and for that reason, it’s simple!

On This Episode:

  • – Learn how Kyle purchased his first investment property in 2014 and hasn’t paid a single dollar for rent or a mortgage since then.
  • – Hear why Kyle is willing to invest 50k+ into a mastermind to get the 1% of information he doesn’t have.
  • – Discover how to fail forward by getting around the right people.
  • – Kyle explains how to overcome your fears.

Key Takeaways:

  1. – You’re going to suck the first time you try anything.
  2. – Doing something is a better way than sitting down and trying to figure it out first.
  3. – Have multiple mentors in your life.

Tweetable Quotes:

“You know you’re in trouble when you’re the smartest guy in the room.” – Kyle Stanley

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003: My Son Doesn’t Have to Go to College

I’m really excited about sharing my journey and these other unbelievable entrepreneurs in regard to the word mastermind: what it is, what it means, what you can get out of it, and possibly debunking some inner workings behind it and what other people might think about it throughout this podcast journey. We’ll find some of the good, bad, and ugly behind to continue your education in the mastermind world. Who knows, you might have already been in one and you just didn’t realize that was called a mastermind.

What is a mastermind?

Let’s start with the word mastermind itself. When I started searching for the term mastermind, I found a lot of different things. I use this cool resource called Uber Suggest by Neil Patel when I needed to find topics when I was going to have my solo show. It’s a lot more difficult to have a solo show than you might realize because you’re not getting to talk to anyone, you’re just talking to yourself. I started searching for the word mastermind and I found sports coaches, killers, political figures, and bank robbers. I realized that it’s no wonder when I say to someone, “I’m involved in XYZ mastermind,” they had no idea what I’m talking about. When I get responses back from those people, I get some real interesting answers. You might think that some of them are hurtful, but I don’t think that you should. Here’s just a few of them that I get when it comes to me being involved with mastermind.

“You pay for your friends in your network.” Is that really anything different than going to college and paying for your education to be around other people to grow up and gain friends and networking from that? To me, there’s really no difference. It’s just society sits there and tells us that by the age of 21 or 22, unless you continue your education beyond that, it’s okay to pay for your college network, get your friends, and go on from there. But then afterwards, there’s a huge gap between the age of 22 and until we stop working or having some form of fraternity or sorority network that you can learn from.

“That sounds pretty cultish or that you’re in a fraternity or sorority.” How is the fraternity and sorority anything different if we’re wanting to talk about cultish? How is being in a mastermind any more cultish if I’m paying for it and learning from it, and I’m getting outside influencers that I would never have access to then being in a fraternity or sorority? I sit there and say, “I’m okay with that.”

“I think I’ve done something like that before.” I can immediately have a conversation with them and say, “Hey, tell me about that. Who was involved? What did you get out of it? What have you been able to implement? Have you done anything like it since?”

Those are just a few of the responses and I’d be curious to hear what kind of responses you’ve got when you’ve gone back to your family or friends and said, “Hey, I’m in this mastermind thing,” and then you tell them about it.

What I do know is that a mastermind, and the people involved with it, do a couple of the following:

They can help you get to the front of the line. One of the first masterminds that I was involved with, Travis Chapel and Build your Network, said it’s like getting the Fast Pass at Disney and always being able to go to the front of the line. How does that really work? That’s where I want you to tune in, listen, and hear what these other amazing mastermind, coaches, and people are. These people who are helping transform and change how we do things, how we self-learn going forward when that educational process has to stop because of how we look at it.

Another is helping you broaden your mind and how you view a project that you’re currently working on. For instance, without having ever been in a mastermind, or knowing that I was in a mastermind, I wouldn’t start this podcast. We wanted to be niche. We didn’t want to have this broad subject of life coaching and self-improvement as there’s so many people that are already in that space. I really wanted to show how a niche product could actually help benefit and broaden your mind. This podcast is a perfect example of what a mastermind can do.

The company that we are building

If it wasn’t for a mastermind, I wouldn’t have realized what self-education truly meant, that I had stopped learning, and that there was a need out there for people to be able to connect with other people and make sure that they’re the right connections by building out the current company, the Success Finder. One of the big ones that a mastermind is able to do is it can help you find what you’re truly passionate about. I don’t want to say that I’m not passionate about what I built, what I currently do, and who I currently work with, because I am. I unbelievably love the people that I work with. My mind is always moving and I wanted to find something that had a larger outreach, a bigger impact, and something that was lasting. What that comes down to is the term legacy. I always used to say that legacy had to be about fatherhood or legacy was a little self-centered. I realized that a legacy can be those things but it doesn’t have to be the legacy that I want to build something around with the mastermind effect and the success finder, and helping other people along in their journey.

Meeting people

One of the other big things that a mastermind can do is it can introduce you to people who you otherwise might not ever have a chance to meet, wouldn’t have anything in common, or wouldn’t know why you would be in a room with them. For me, if it wasn’t for mastermind, I don’t want to say get super starstruck but if I ran across some of the people that I’ve fortunately been able to meet, I probably wouldn’t know what to say. It still does happen today.

I would not have had the opportunity to meet people in prison. I have been to the penitentiary twice and worked with EIT entrepreneurs and training. And I would never have imagined in a million years that I would have put myself in that situation or even thought what I can get out of it. You’re supposed to be giving back to the men and women who are in these programs, but you get a lot more out of it. If you can’t say that you’ve been to prison and that you would go to prison, you might want to check out a mastermind.

Next is meeting the man who created or invented Pictionary. I had no reason to run across this individual. But to hear his story—how he created it, what he did, where he came from, and what he’s doing today, there wouldn’t have been a door or a room that I had a purpose to be around. What I can get out of it and what I can get back to it, that type of an individual a mastermind was responsible for.

Meeting an actress from CSI Miami. I wouldn’t have thought that it would have been a room that I had the fortune of being in. When I was listening to what her business was and what she was building and doing, I would never have put one on one together for what she was building. It’s truly an amazing company and I hope she still had it to this day.Going to Thailand and meeting an individual who sold his first company at the age of 29 for $50 million. Another is an individual who has connected over 50 million people through Instagram and the list goes on.

When I sit there and say people who you might not ever have a reason to be in a room with or to be connected to you, you could sit there and say well that sounds that’s all cool and well, but what does that really do for you being in a room with someone from CSI Miami, being in a room with someone from prison, being in a room with the Pictionary guy, or the real Wizard of Oz or Master networkers? What has that really done for you? I would say it’s the reason behind the company that we’re building now. The reason that I’m talking to you why I think masterminds are so important is because at one given point, again, I had stunted my growth. I had stopped learning. The person that I was eventually going to become for my son was going to be a successful businessperson that continued to grow. But he would have probably looked at me, at least I hoped he would, at some point and given time and said, “Hey, Dad, why didn’t you do more?” And that’s where I would sit there and say that’s what I don’t fear hearing now.

Why Masterminds?

One thing I think you should ask, or I’ve even asked myself, is why masterminds? Why now? I think it has to do with seeing how education works, what masterminds can do, and what it takes to get a job today. Do you really need a four-year education? Do you really need that short of being a doctor, nurse, dentist, engineer, and a lot of other specialized ones out there that you need that continuing education for? Have you looked at how the world is today and said, what is the first thing I’m looking for? Do you have a college education? Sales. Do you need a college education? Building and creating an insurance company and selling insurance. Do you really need an education? Do you need a license?

We have a son and when he was born, I sworn that the boy got to go to college. Now, I didn’t care what he was going to school for. It was just ingrained in me that he needs to go from high school to college. And if he continues beyond that, good for him. But that’s his decision if he wants to continue beyond college. Now, rewind two years ago after joining my first mastermind, I’m saying you can condense that education. You can condense that networking, that ladder climbing, and what you truly want to do in life through self-education—through a mastermind with a business coach or a specified event—and I couldn’t believe it. When I have my mind made up, I’m pretty stubborn. But I’m learning over the last few years to be less stubborn. I’m like, “Wow, my son doesn’t need to go to college if he chooses not to, unless he’s going to be operating on people.” But then I hope that he’s required to still do that. Where this journey has led me is to having a conversation with you and with myself to find out what’s important, how you get there, and that the word mastermind can mean sports coach, political mastermind, or cultish. It can mean whatever you want it to.

Key Takeaways:

  • – Masterminds can help you understand your niche.
  • – Masterminds can help you develop your business.
  • – Masterminds help you network.
  • – Masterminds put you in situations that you’d never ordinarily be put in.

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Johanna Godinez was born and raised in Puerto Rico and currently lives in California.

Johanna is a beauty and major brains, she is an entrepreneur with an MBA, who has spent her life working to improve the lives of others. A Fitness Coach, Yoga Teacher and Trainer, as well as the director of a 501c3. She began modeling to help a friend with a photographers meet up and has made it her hobby and part-time business after that. “Modeling has given me an avenue to be creative in ways that I never knew I had the ability to be. It has become as much my art as a major form of expression”

On This Episode:

  • Hear how Napolean Hill inspires Johanna.
  • Johanna explains her first experience recognizing the power a mastermind, and how it helped the develop her first business.
  • Find out the importance of breaking free of personal development tunnel vision.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Your mind can only come up with things based on your previous knowledge and experiences.
  2. Find something your passionate about to pursue.
  3. Masterminds give you a shortcut to your solution.

Tweetable Quote:

“Be a value add, not a value drain.” – Brandon Straza

“Stop looking for the new normal. Create it.” – Johanna Godinez

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You love to learn, grow, and improve yourself, but you’re still not where you want to be? The right mastermind can be the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to personal development – but trying to find the one that’s built for you isn’t always easy. Welcome to the Mastermind Effect, the one and only show that focuses on helping you cut through the noise, invest in yourself, and move past your natural limits. This is everything you need to know about masterminds, brought to you by your host, Brandon Straza.

On this introductory episode, Brandon shares the genesis of the Mastermind Effect, and what you can expect from future episodes.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve built a seven-figure company all from scratch. It all started as a dream out of my house and that taught me a few life lessons. Then, three years ago, I realized I built a business but didn’t feel fulfilled because I wasn’t providing the value our referral sources deserved. It was at that point that I started interviewing top leaders, primarily in the real estate and mortgage banking community. This led me to a one-off interview where I learned about podcasts and this foreign term called “mastermind.”

I decided to invest in a mastermind as if it didn’t work out, the cost wasn’t going to cripple me. It took me all over the country and eventually overseas. At that point, I realized I had an unfair advantage in the aspect of time and money. I saw the problem and I didn’t like that the solution wasn’t available to others. I mean, how many rabbit holes could one person go down when googling who to learn from, trust, and invest in a specific price point? All while hoping it worked out.

I started building a team of people around me, who had abilities that I didn’t possess, to create a solution. I knew that an integral part of the process would mean that I needed to learn from individuals who I previously thought inaccessible but that they lead with the give method. These were the people that had actually done it and lived it.

In season one, I’ll be in the trenches with you. I want to learn the best ways to network, level up my life through other leaders’ experiences, find the right mentor and mastermind, learn how to be okay with success, and get through any failures. Here’s the thing, self-education industry is over a $50 billion a year industry and growing. It’s not going anywhere and neither should you.

I want to officially welcome you to “The Mastermind Effect”. The show is a self-reflection of where I messed up for too many years in my personal growth that led me to finding out what masterminds, networking, and self-education really was about. The show is for the person that has big dreams and they know what they want to do but they haven’t taken that next step. I’ve been there and continue to figure it out. We’re going to have people on like Steve Sims who’ve worked with the likes of Elon musk and Sir Richard Branson. Johanna Godinez, the founder of life and style coaches and also founded a racing school at very young age. Pat Carney, who has the country’s longest running mastermind, the “Yes Mastermind”, and just happen to paint and worked with John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Lastly, Dr. Greg Reid, the author of “Power of Proximity” and founder of Secret Knock.

If you’re someone who loves to learn, improve and take massive action but also enjoy yourself, laugh and have a good time, then the show is perfect for you. Be sure to stick around. Hit the subscribe button in the Apple podcasts, YouTube or whatever podcast app you’re using right now and get ready to join me in this amazing journey called “The Mastermind Effect.”

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