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034: Austin McCulloh | Find Your True Self and Live the Life You Want

Austin McCulloh is a serial entrepreneur, as he was the President of Supercorn Tutoring, which taught English to 700+ Chinese children. He is the Principal Consultant of Austin McCulloh Advising, which he hopes to one day become the #1 Human Capital consulting firm in the world. [00:01 – 01:48] Opening Segment I introduce and welcome […]

032: Susan Ibitz | The Human Polygraph

You can understand people by simply looking at how they behave. Human behavior hacker Susan Ibitz of Human Behavior Lab has been hacking people for 27 years. Susan talks a little bit about her background, including being dyslexic, studying psychology, and producing a TV show. In this episode, she introduces hacking, which includes face reading, […]

030: Dr. Jessica Louie | Declutter Your Life with The Burnout Doctor

Dr. Jessica Louie is a doctor of pharmacy by trade. During her career, Jessica experienced burnouts, and wanting to solve this problem; she decided to declutter her life with the help of the KonMari method. Seeing a problem that needs fixing in the healthcare industry, she started Clarify Simplify Align and The Burnout Doctor Podcast […]

028: Aneesh Chaudhry | Facing Fear Head-On

Aneesh Chaudhry is a Philanthropist, Brain Health Coach, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Producer/Filmmaker. He is the Owner and Founder of SoulPhysio Lifestyle LLC, which is an Integrative Healthcare Network based out of Orange County, CA. One thing that holds many of us back is fear and  we tend to take a step back […]

026: Jeff Moore | Legacy is More Powerful Than Currency

Jeff Moore is the Founder of the Thursday Night Boardroom. He is also the Co-Founder of The Network and co-hosts the Preeminence Unleashed Podcast. In this episode, we talk about how legacy is more powerful than currency. Jeff explains preeminence and shares how you can put yourself in a position of strength during difficult times, […]