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014: Patrick Carney | Think About The Solutions

In this episode, I brought in guest Patrick “The Artiste” Carney. Patrick is a professional artist, networker, keynote speaker, and mastermind. Born and raised in New York, Patrick started hanging out in NY’s West Village around 1964, and dedicated his time to drawing and painting the world of rock n’ roll music. He soon became […]

009: Mentorship

Brandon talks about the power of mentorship. Key Takeaways: Surround yourself with the right people. Network with people. Put yourself in one uncomfortable networking situation a month. Find someone that you’re interested in and do your research. See what their willingness to communicate with you is. Be willing to invest in yourself. Take action through […]

008: Zahir Ismail | Growing a Successful Franchise

Zahir Ismail is owner of two Beaver Tails franchises in Ontario, Canada. On this episode, he shares how masterminds have helped him through the franchise journey. On This Episode: Zahir and Brandon discuss the usefulness of a traditional college education. Zahir explains the value of masterminds and how he has utilized them with his business. […]

007: Networking

Brandon talks about networking – a vital key to growth for yourself and your business. The Common Problems With Networking: We’re never really taught or trained to network. We don’t realize the true value behind networking. We haven’t created the goal, plan, flow. We go to events without someone who will push us out of […]