148: Dan Rogers | Delivering Epic Experiences

Dan Rogers never expected to go from rolling burritos to becoming the CEO of his own company, Point to Point Transportation. In defying the odds and always looking to challenge the status quo, he helped to grow a quick-serve restaurant chain, tripled annual sales for an existing book of business, and pivoted his own company to navigate tremendous growth; the 2008 recession; and being listed for seven consecutive years of Inc 5000 listings. 

In this episode, Dan talks about why you should copy off the smartest kid in the class. He gets into how he was able to fire 70% of his customers and found more happiness, and he also gets into why you just have to sign up for learning. Check it out! 

[00:01 – 09:16] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Dan Rogers 
  • Checkout the Success Finder App 
  • Check the links below 
  • Connect with Dan through the links below
  • Dans shares about his background
  • From rolling burritos to getting into sales 
  • Started Point to Point
  • Coaching as a huge part of his success
  • Dan’s superpower: help people figure out what they want

[09:17 –30:48] Dan and His Experience with Self-Education

  • How learning has changed for Dan over the years
  • Copying the smartest kid in class
  • Asking help from the smartest people in the room
  • Dan’s coaches and masterminds
  • Joined Entrepreneur’s Organization
  • Importance of having networks 
  • Parallels between standard and self education 
  • Learners are earners
  • Willingness to expand your game 
  • Importance of being an avid learner 

[30:49 – 23:06] What to Expect from Dan

  • A success story when working with Dan
  • What Dan is working on right now 
  • Actionable Items/Tips from Dan
  • Don’t suffer from being a special snowflake 
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“If I’m not feeling satisfied, it just isn’t worth doing it. I mean, I’ve made a handsome living. But money doesn’t solve that stuff.” – Dan Rogers

Connect with Dan on LinkedIn and check out his website at www.p2ptransportation.com.

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