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Dr. Jessica Louie is a doctor of pharmacy by trade. During her career, Dr. Jessica experienced burnouts, and wanting to solve this problem; she decided to declutter her life with the help of the KonMari method. Seeing a problem that needs fixing in the healthcare industry, she started Clarify Simplify Align and The Burnout Doctor Podcast to help fellow pharmacists thrive instead of being in survival mode.


Our availability to learn and have access to different people has really changed over the last 5-10 years. You’re building something called Clarify, Simplify, Align. Tell us the reason behind what you’ve built and how you’re changing the minds of other people with your program.”

Five to six years ago, Dr. Jessica experienced burnout. She was a new pharmacist then who just completed her nine years of training for the profession. She had no idea what she was experiencing because not a lot of people was talking about burnout and if they’re going through similar experiences. This made her feel alone and ashamed of what she was experiencing. 

To get over stress and other negative feelings, people usually pick up some type of addictive dopamine-hit type of behavior. For Dr. Jessica, it was shopping for clothing that she got temporarily addicted with. However, after some time, she eventually realized that decluttering and simplifying her life was what really helped her reset from all that stress. 

“So it’s not just a metaphor, it’s literally decluttering not only what is physically in your life, but also the things that are mentally and emotionally in your life?” 

Basically, the Clarify, Simplify, Align method came about because Dr. Jessica trained with Simon Sinek and his team with the start with your WHY method. Simon Sinek has a lot of great books out there about clarifying your purpose and life values which inspired the Clarify stage in Dr. Jessica’s program. 

Next is the Simplify stage for which Dr. Jessica found her inspiration from Marie Kondo and her book, the “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Marie Kondo’s Konmari method also really impacted Dr. Jessica’s life. Because of the Konmari method, she found that when we clear out that physical clutter, we can then start clearing out all that emotional, spiritual, and mental clutter around us. She also got certified under Marie Kondo’s certification programs. 

Lastly, Dr. Jessica added an alignment stage because she feels we need to be able to align our work into our life, instead of the other way around. 

“At present, there are so many ways to take in information that it already gets confusing. Some people look for mentors, accountability partners, masterminds, online courses—there’s a lot of ways to learn. Who else are you currently learning from? More importantly, how did you find them?” 

Dr. Jessica started her business journey four years ago. At first, it was mostly kind of a hobby for her. She learned everything, especially all the tech side. When it transitioned to a business, Dr. Jessica admits that for the first few years, she didn’t really value having a business coach. She also did not think about hiring help yet or thought about investing into those types of things. 

However, in 2018, Dr. Jessica felt that she was stalling and becoming stagnant so she started investing in business coaches and masterminds. Dr. Jessica is still working full time in health care as a pharmacist and professor so she wanted a group that was more entrepreneurial and female-driven. Eventually, she found a female-only B2B business group so she joined their mastermind and also took advantage of the one-on-one coaching that comes with it.  

“A lot of people get stuck because we don’t know how to execute what’s inside our head. We’re still going through a pandemic. To me, this is creating a reset with how things are being accomplished. How have masterminds helped you when you are looking to reset yourself or how you do things to get unstuck?”

Dr. Jessica thinks that it’s very important to surround yourself with high performers who are there to support and uplift you, and give you really honest and constructive feedback. Dr. Jessica finds that meeting with her group weekly really helps her to not get stuck with her ideas. In this group, according to Dr. Jessica, all the members are there for each other. They check in with their weekly and monthly goals. They also have working sessions together. This is a time when they work on something together and get it done within that hour to really make sure that they’re moving forward.

In addition, Dr. Jessica shares that there’s actually so much research out there that shows that when you write down your goals, you’re much more likely to accomplish them. Aside from writing them down, saying your goals out loud and having other people around you check in and hold you accountable also makes it so much more likely for you to meet those goals. 

“Masterminds has been around for a long time. Over the last few years, there continues to be a large boom of self-education. Where do you really see what you’re building going in the world of self-education?” 

Dr. Jessica thinks that people are realizing that connecting to other people virtually through a mastermind or other groups that have similar goals as you is really easy to do. She shares that all the masterminds and coaches she has been a part of over the last two years actually only meet virtually. She’s therefore building upon that to reach to new people that we won’t usually connect with. Lastly, Dr. Jessica shares one of the reasons why she started her business—to reach to the whole world out there that can get value from what we share if we posted online and talk about our journey and our stories. 

“Typically, when people look to invest in their future, they usually have a better than vague idea of what they’re going to get. People want to know what they’re getting, if it is realistic and something they can create legitimate results out of. What should people expect when they’re going to enter the reality that you’re building?”

Having some of those expectations up front is helpful, Dr. Jessica says. Sometimes, her programs can also be customized for an individual, even though they’re usually for a group setting. 

Basically, for most people, she thinks that their hesitation is towards that first step to committing to something. Dr. Jessica feels that people are kind of adverse to change, making it a big step to admit that to want to change something in your life. This was also something that she personally experienced and found difficult at first. Her advice for people going through the same thing? It helps if you share it with someone you don’t know, probably someone you found online through a podcast. Also, just think that the biggest step is getting started. But once you’ve gotten passed that, you will start feeling the effect of the small changes you did in your life over time. 

Dr. Jessica’s main philosophy with her program is just really cultivating joy at work and which also comes hand-in-hand with experiencing joy in life. Basically, people come into her program wanting to focus on just one among the three stages: Clarify, Simplify, or Align. However, Dr. Jeesica happily shares that they’ll actually get the benefit of all three frameworks even if they choose just one, helping them to better make small changes in their lives. 

Lastly, she shares that even the small changes we go through like decluttering our e-mails and phone settings seem so simple at first. But when someone in the group starts applying them, the little changes add up to help them place healthy boundaries that are best for their work environment and their lives. 

“Let’s continue talking about coaching and mentorship. I was working with one of my coaches recently and we talked about the pillars of success– mentorship, willingness to fail, experimentation, partnerships. One of the things we kind of stopped on is the ‘willingness to succeed.’ With the sensitivity of social media, I feel we’ve actually become afraid to talk about our successes. What do you think it takes to get over that hump of being successful in today’s world?”

First and foremost, Dr. Jessica says that she thinks everyone defines their success in a different way. What’s more important is that we make sure our success is not tied to ours job title or our salaries—a part of Dr. Jessica’s Clarifying stage. She also has a really valuable piece of advice for us about social media: It’s okay to show vulnerability and share your wins, your failures, and your rooms for improvement. She thinks that people actually want to hear about our success and the good news that’s happening to us. The people who’ll react negatively and feel jealous towards what you share? They’re the people you don’t want to surround yourself with. 

So every time you’re going to hear negative things about you, don’t take them too seriously. Especially if they’re coming from people who don’t really know what you’re doing to add value to the lives of other people, Dr. Jessica says. 


“There are always new ideas brewing in times of prosperity. But I really think innovation and ingenuity comes when we feel the squeeze. Right now with the pandemic, I feel everyone is feeling the squeeze. What are you working on right now that’s going to take place over the next 12 months that really excites you?” 

Currently, Dr. Jessica is really excited about growing her community and offering more niche type of opportunities to people within that group. She has also actually happily let go of one of the old businesses she started with, learned from, and grew from. Now, she’s letting some of those go so she can be really focused on one thing—helping people clear the clutter from their lives and align their work unto their life again. 

To add, her podcast, The Burnout Doctor, has also just turned one so she’s also really excited to continue adding value to other people in that way. 

“Give us an idea or a tip, something that if someone implemented that in the next 30 days, they can actually see a change in their life and feel that relief.” 

One of Dr. Jessica’s tips is to really work on bringing joy into your everyday life. It sounds simple but a lot of times, we kind of forget about that because we don’t write about what we feel. So in the next 30 days, she tells us to ask ourselves these three questions each morning:

  1. What is one thing I can get excited about today?
  2. What is something that may stress me out today? But bring your best self to that situation.
  3. Who is someone I can surprise with a note, gift, or thank you today?

Doing this little activity will help you connect more with your tribe and your community and will help you to really make sure that your spreading joy throughout your day. “Three simple questions for the next 30 days,” Dr. Jessica says. “If you stick to that, it can also become a habit that really adds value to your life.” 

Tweetable Quotes:

“Life is very short. We really want to not have regrets in life, not always put work first for most of our life.” – Dr. Jessica Louie

“Many times, when we invest money into things, we’re much more likely to show up as our best self and move forward in our lives.” – Dr. Jessica Louie

“My philosophy is really cultivating joy at work, and that goes hand-in-hand with joy in life.” – Dr. Jessica Louie

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You can connect with Dr. Jessica on her website https://drjessicalouie.com/. Listen to her podcast, The Burnout Doctor Podcast.

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