147: Eli Harris | Evolving Your Mindset in Every Stumblings and Successes

In 2016, Eli Harris co-founded his first startup — a pioneering portable energy storage company called EcoFlow. After a $25M acquisition deal fell through, Eli eventually sold his stake and was left unsure of his next move. Then, the pandemic hit.

Sensing an opportunity to save lives while revolutionizing the $20B+ infection prevention industry, he joined forces with two of his mentors to found R-Zero. Just one year later, R-Zero’s innovative technology is already in use in thousands of classrooms, restaurants, and small businesses, helping to pave the way to a new normal — one that’s healthier and safer than ever before.

In this episode, Eli will be sharing how he has been recovering and getting back ahead at the industry he’s working in. This young entrepreneur is the epitome of getting back up and running ahead, even when he hit rock bottom at one point. This informative episode would incredibly inspire and get you going. Check it out!

[00:01 – 09:58] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Eli Harris
  • Eli shows his battle scars during his start-up
  • His journey and opportunities in Beijing, China
  • Learning how to make drones and marketing it
  • Creating an eco-friendly battery system
  • Being pushed from a company you loved
  • Getting the right therapists and coaches to help out
  • Eli is back – Getting back to the arena
  • Connect with Eli through the links below

[09:59 – 26:55] How Eli Got Back Up and their Ground-breaking Projects

  • Separation – Knowing who he is from his work
  • Having the right people by his side to make opportunities possible
  • Eli’s peer mentors
  • Establishing trust and sympathy with partners and peers
  • Eli’s current business and projects during COVID
  • Infection protection through disinfection
  • Modernizing the disinfection process in the industry
  • Eli and his team are forerunners in creating real-time audit trails
  • Ground-breaking proof of high-technology disinfection concept
  • How is Eli evolving with his mindset with his current company
  • Protecting one’s self from the “rinse and repeat” and competitive mindset

[26:56 – 38:08] Interesting Things we can Learn from Eli

  • Entrepreneurship defined by Eli Harris
  • The smart kids ought to lead
  • On hitting the Rock-bottom
  • Putting yourself out there because you have the opportunity
  • Eli is still working through recovery – not yet over it
  • Consider setbacks and struggles as your fuel
  • Eli’s current business and projects during COVID
  • What to expect from Eli in the next 12 months
  • Remember: Sleep and Exercise changes everything – take care of yourself!
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“There’s nothing to trade for good family and friends who love you no matter what, but they have emotional bias, because they know you. It is nice to have that level of objectivity or clinical-ness of a therapist or a psychiatrist.” – Eli Harris

Connect with Eli through his website at  https://rzero.com/ and follow him on LinkedIn

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