086: Enzo Ochoga | Stepping Out of The 4 Walls of Standardized Education

Mindset Speaker, Agile Coach, I/O Psych Disciple, Storyteller, and Survivor. These are just some of the words one might use to describe Enzo Ochoga. With a background in coaching, organizational psychology, ideation, inspirational speaking, and empowering professionals and those in transition, Enzo is clear in her convictions.
In this episode, Enzo talks about the difference in the 4 walls of education vs the outside resources that come with self-education. She also talks about how without effort, you can’t achieve excellence, how the world is changing with or without our permission, and what that means to you. Check it out!

[02:45 – 15:20] Enzo’s learning journey, Masterminds

The Mastermind Effect: 02:45

Let’s just dive into it. When when you and I were younger, we learned through teachers and textbooks. And then eventually, that became our family, our friends, and our co-workers, but it’s really a sliver of who we can learn from and how we can learn. How has your learning changed from your early years versus today?

Enzo Ochoga: 03:06

Oh, wow. As human beings, we evolve, right? And we are all like meaning-seeking human beings. We’re always seeking meaning. For me, education without walls has been my greatest teacher. Like the old saying that goes like experiences is the best teacher, I find that out to be so true.

You can look at it in two ways. So there’s the experience with education with walls, that is the standardized type of education and schools, textbooks, all those all those stuff like we are being programmed or trained to work for, just the standardized industrial world out there.

But then you find that even as an educator, every single kid has different variations, different paces, different types of IQ levels that they are drawn to, and where they thrive. With education with walls, you don’t get to explore those untapped resources within you because it is so standardized and fixed. With education without walls, those experiences, all those things outside, the generalized, standardized education does something to you, it evolves you for the better. It lets you explore and tap those things that you never even believe that you even had within you, so we do something, and for me that has been my greatest teacher. It’s talking with people that are not like me, going to places that I would never have dreamt that I would have the guts to go to, being able to express myself, and be okay with the fact that nobody is going to be okay with failing.

That’s what education with walls does. If you say something wrong or something that does not fit the standardized way of things, that means you’re wrong. Whereas with education without walls, it’s okay to throw an idea out there. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong because all ideas count. So if you throw out an idea, or you explore something, and it doesn’t work out, that’s fine. You’ve learned your lesson. However, you can do better, right?

So for me, experiences doing things outside the box that we are typically placed in growing up does something. It helps us live a real well-rounded life, a full life. That is so important and what I want people to do.

One of my biggest passions is inspiring individuals,especially small businesses, to tap into those ideas. To say, “If I try this and it doesn’t work, I will find a way. I don’t have to feel like I’m an imposter because I didn’t go to a four year college to study a particular course. I can deviate into something else, explore it.”

The Mastermind Effect: 07:36

We’ve got a lot of ways to connect, more than ever before, in taking information. Some people use a mentor or a coach, an accountability buddy, a mastermind online courses–there’s a lot of ways to learn today. Who are you currently learning from? More importantly, how did you connect with them?

Enzo Ochoga: 08:00

So I don’t narrow my learning mediums, right? Like the channels, my funnels, my learning funnels are very, very wide. I learned from people who have been my greatest, greatest teachers. And when I say people I’m talking about everyday people, when I see them doing something that can inspire me as an individual.

What inspires me are the everyday people around me– the support group or support someone that I have that are my accountability buddies that have my best interest. Another thing that really inspires me and which I always tell people about is everyone needs a coach. Your coach can come on different levels. Yes, even coaches have coaches. You have people that would have a coach for trauma. You have people that have a coach for finances. You have people that have a coach just to stay sane and inspired on different levels. And we all need that. Those are the things that inspire me– the everyday people around me, the people I have as friends.

I like to say I’m different or unique because the things that inspire me are not really the typical. I wouldn’t call like certain names. I mean, there’s so many people out there that I love and respect, right? Big names and non-big names, it doesn’t matter. I could say even my mom. I could even say what you’re doing right now because there’s something I wrote here that was like lead with the give mentality. That word, that phrase, that sentence to me is also an inspiration. So I do not box what inspires me. Everything that connects or aligns with my personality, or where I want to be, honestly is an inspiration to me.

The Mastermind Effect: 11:43

I love it. I love it. Because that reminds me, I’m just like, watching people and listening to their tonality. Yeah, how they’re interacting. Jeez, I think I was talking to my six year old son about this just the other day and what you were saying and just watching and learning from other people around you, no matter where your environment is, how much you can actually take away from that.

Enzo Ochoga: 12:02

And just to mention, you said your six year old kid, right? Like for me, for me, I always say both my kids are one of my biggest mentors as well. And that’s the thing because even you as a dad, right? Whether you’re a dad, or you’re not a dad, when you look at kids, they’re supposed to be the guide, right? They teach you so much to be better.

The Mastermind Effect: 12:39

Yes, yes, yes, yes. I feel sometimes, I learned more from him than he’s learning. Isn’t that amazing? Because of how they see the world, through their eyes are still innocent, and because they don’t have walls around them. Anything is possible.

The Mastermind Effect: 12:54

A lot of the time, we don’t know how to execute what’s in our head. We’re still going through a pandemic, but I feel that this is causing a reset and how we can accomplish things. Yeah, some of masterminds, or coaching helps you when you’re looking to reset and get unstuck.

Enzo Ochoga: 13:16

When we get into, like some mastermind, first of all, we need to be very intentional and selective as to what kind of coaches or mastermind we are really trying to align ourselves with. That is so important.

Because just going around, piling up all this stuff is too much information so I am usually very selective and intentional. For me, when mastermind and coaches, show you things that you’re like, “Oh my God, this is totally for me, I connect with this, right?” It shows you and guides you on daring greatly, like just trying to tap into things. Then you’ll realize that, “Wow, my history has played a huge role on who I am today, good or bad,” Right? You kind of recognize some behaviors and some patterns that you need to hold on to, and those you need to add to, and then the patterns that you need to kind of correct. It has helped me from changing the mindset of being bitter and just getting better. That is exactly how masterminds and coaches have helped me.

Another thing is understanding that without effort, you cannot achieve excellence. So it’s like you have to be putting all the effort. And that’s what these masterminds do. They don’t tell you what to do. They guide you into what you should do. They help you decide on your own based on what you’ve heard. So that’s how it has really helped me. It has changed my character and everything that I do has really evolved and is still changing as I get coached, as I listen to masterminds that align with me.

[15:21 – 28:53] Stepping out of the 4 Walls of Standardized Education

The Mastermind Effect: 15:20

Masterminds have been around for a long time, probably dating back to the apostles. That was probably the first man. And then from there, Benjamin Franklin, creates the leather apron club or the Judo club. Then this guy, Napoleon Hill, comes up, and really solidifies it and writes a book. So there’s been such a large boom in self-education versus traditional education. Where do you see the two? I know we talked about this here a little bit ago. But I want to dive a little bit deeper. Where do you see the paradigm going between traditional education versus standardized education, the four walls versus not having a box around you?

Enzo Ochoga: 16:08

If you notice, right now, you would see that as a shift happening in traditional education, like, literally, you have colleges, and even elementary schools are really changing the way they learn. Because they’re seeing that the old way is not working anymore. It’s actually more damaging than what we thought it was. I’m seeing a shift now in education. I mean, they even have courses, a four-year degree for entrepreneurship. I was like, “What?” But they have all these things that they’re attaching right now to traditional education to make it more acceptable in today’s world, because our world is transforming with or without our permission.

You still have schools that are still doing the traditional way of things. That’s actually a sad thing. But I believe that with time, it will change, it’s really going to evolve, especially with today’s children.

I mean, we’re talking about generations that are going to be having flying cars. I mean, self-driving cars are already here. We’re talking about generations where you have smart glasses, right? You have different types of headsets and all these things that are happening. We’re talking about the things we used to watch in our time, as sci-fi movies happening now in this generation. So if there is no shift happening, a lot of kids are going to be honestly educating themselves by themselves, because it’s all is all online. So right now, I see that the traditional schools are making shifts, and I’m so proud of it. And if they don’t want, they will be obsolete for sure. In time.

The Mastermind Effect: 18:39

I completely agree with you. I’ve had an interview with some amazing people that are helping the schools make that shift to more of a Netflix style of education. You either change or you get left behind. The only constant in life is change.

Enzo Ochoga: 18:59

Yes. You can say that again. That’s so spot on.

The Mastermind Effect: 19:05

Typically, when people invest in their future, they have a better than vague idea of what they’re going to get out of it. They have an expectation of what the outcome can be if they put in the work. What can people expect when they enter Enzo’s reality and work with you?

Enzo Ochoga: 19:24

I don’t ever tell my clients what to do. What I tell anyone that comes to me is I’m going to guide you. I’ll facilitate your work with you. I am with you shoulder to shoulder, on the same wavelength.

I listen and I ask questions that are very thought-provoking. I’m also an industrial psychologist, right as a practitioner, as well. So I tap into that because I know what human beings are capable of. I know that if my clients really get into the questions on a deeper level as to how I asked them, there’s always a feeling of, “Oh, wow, I cannot believe that I thought about it.” Or “Are you sure I can do this?”

And my question is, how do you feel about it? It’s all in you. Have you tried it out? Why not? Like, Oh, no, I feel like I shouldn’t do this. And my question is, why not?

So what I do is basically help my clients explore your ideas, and not be afraid to try it. Like try the standardized and non-standardized, and let’s see how it works. But asking those questions create a framework that really connects with where they need to be as a person, or as a business owner.

My clients usually feel like they are a part of it, it’s collaborative. It’s more like they feel a strong sense ofthem leading, being the founders, being the CEOs. So that’s what people get. They get emotional support, definitely, all the way around.

You get a beautiful framework that you will be totally a part of. It’s collaborative, it is transparent, you feel like family, by all means, because there’s a lot of emotional connection there. So it’s really leading from the heart, and I’m all in with it. I want them to win.

I think the most amazing part, honestly, is really seeing how they feel. I’m a very emotional and passionate person. I’m very strong, at the same time, very opinionated, in a very compassionate way. It’s really seeing how my clients feel afterwards. They feel amazing.

So that’s what people get, a one-on-one, heartfelt, non-pressure, but very effective, effortlessly done, and collaborative way of working. They get the right framework that fits their budget. They get to not be afraid to really try new things and see how it works.

The Mastermind Effect: 23:34

Let’s kind of keep going down with what they get and what the outcome is. I feel they’ll have a way of surprising us whether it’s their grit, their grind, their willingness to learn. Give us a success story of one of your businesses or clients that have come out after going through working with you.

Enzo Ochoga: 23:54

So I have this client that has two businesses. And so I was helping her with one. She makes pralines. And pralines are like pastries, right? She makes pastries as a family tradition. And she was kind of lost with what she was doing.

She spent a lot of money running the regular stuff and doing all that, but it wasn’t working out. What I realized is there was something missing. It was like she had a ready-made template given to her to follow. So that’s what she was doing. But it was it wasn’t completely who she was, right? It wasn’t the way everything was set up, the flow of it. The cadence wasn’t her. So I came in I changed up everything in terms of branding, the look of it from her ideas. I sat down. I listened to a story.

One of the things that I know every business has is a story behind your business. Why are you running your business? What is the inspiration? There’s always a story. So I take it, listen, and write it from an emotional standpoint. And I use that and create a framework, and in the way, we should design the entire project in your rebranding process. And that’s what I do. So that’s what I did with her. And she felt amazing.

I was so hands-on when we’re creating content and rebranding. I was so hands-on even with her look, with the photoshoot that we did, the articles that she was on, all that stuff. Those were experiences that she had never had. I would say that she thought those experiences, to be honest, were experiences that only, non-minority humans get, and she’s a minority. I mean, she was financially stable, she could afford stuff, but she just felt that because of the color of her skin, she might not even thrive. Or that she might not receive the kind of service that, but I changed all that because I have a team of people that are so diverse. So I love that that really changed her business.

Last night, we had a great conversation. So she’s literally sold out this December. And now we’re planning for January. So she’s like, so excited. She’s like, we’re back, back behind orders and everything. But it’s just so great to hear that for the first time. She’s sold out for the first time and it was because I took what was in her side by side with her, and I put it out there. I wanted people to see and feel her every story that she said in her products.

So she is my success story right now. Her name is Evangeline. She’s amazing. She and her husband run two businesses right now. So I’m going to be hopping on her next business, because of what I’ve done with the current one.

The Mastermind Effect: 27:30

You helped her accept it as a human. Yes, as a person, it was almost like the stories and everything she this isn’t supposed to happen to me. Like, I’m not supposed to be here and felt guilty for that. And you helped her accept it as a human. So then she can give that back.

Enzo Ochoga: 27:47

Exactly. And that’s the thing. So I always say if you’re dealing with a client, the most important thing is to make your client feel special. If you connect and humanize your business and connect with your client emotionally, and from an authentic space, something happens. It changes the game. And that is what businesses and people, coaches—anyone–need to understand. You can’t teach people how fake it. But you can teach people how to really, really succeed in connectinng because human emotions trumps logic at the end of the day.

The Mastermind Effect: 28:42

You speak my language. I’m soaking in everything that you’re allowing us to hear and learn from you today. And I just love it, and how you’re working with these businesses out there.

[28:54 – 40:00] Creating Success

The Mastermind Effect:

So we talked a little bit about this earlier. In the solo shows, we talked about the pillars of success—1)hanging out with the right people, 2) willingness to invest in yourself, and then 3) taking action through experimentation and continuing to do that. In those areas, there’s a lot of subcategories. It’s mentorship, coaching, experimentation, partnerships, and willingness to fail. Because you mentioned something about that earlier on, what do you feel is a key ingredient when it comes to being successful?

Enzo Ochoga: 29:24

You got to be willing to fail. It’s okay to fail and I think that is one of the biggest problems that we have. Everyone is like “There’s no time to feel like a failure. Get up.” No. You should feel like a failure when you’re trying to succeed. Embrace that, but don’t stay there. That’s the difference right is as a human being, you have to feel all your emotions. People that don’t feel all their emotions, there’s always a problem involved from a psychological safety standpoint. As a business owner or an individual, feel those emotions, let failure be your partner to success. So feel it, but don’t stay in it. Right? And that is why, you have to read things.

If you’re not a reader, that is fine, watch things. If you’re not a watcher, that is fine, then listen to stuff. Research and find the things that really align with who you are as a person. Then ask yourself those real questions like, “Who am I? Why am I here? What is my business for? Is money driving my business?”

Money is beautiful. I love money so much. But what I love more than money is guts. It’s daring, it’s grit, it’s really being purpose-driven. That is what the truth is. If you are purpose-driven, if you put service first, not as a checklist, but your goal is to genuinely do a thing of purpose, which is to serve others, I tell you, money comes automatically. Because you’re doing the right thing.

People will start coming when they see value in you. I just want to share that this happened to me. All this working with small business owners and minority business owners really just happened in 2020. I was one of those people caught up in really just working with big industries and taking contracts with anyone or companies that are already 100% successful.

But something happened in 2020. And I looked around me, and that’s the thing about being mindful and being present and being aware. I saw that there was a need, especially like if it was one time I walked into a restaurant. I had a meeting that was postponed. It was during COVID, obviously. And then I was like, “Oh, let me stop by this restaurant and probably get a drink.” And it was just one lady inside and she was the owner. She said, “Oh, we just opened this morning. I’ve been closed throughout COVID. Thank you for coming.”

Because she had this amazing accent, I asked her “Where are you from? Where was your native country?” She said she was from Colombia. she owns this restaurant. She also told me to take a drink for free, don’t pay. And I said “What? No, no, no, let me pay let me let me support you.” But she insisted so I took her card, everything and I left. Then I came back the next day I brought her flowers.

This woman made the best sandwiches and it was just so good to sit down and listen to her story. And when I heard her story, she didn’t even have a website, or any presence online. So I want to share with her what I do. I want to take her business to the next level so I’m going to onboard her and her restaurant because she makes the best sandwiches.

My thing is there’s so many minority businesses and small businesses that have been hit a lot during COVID. And it’s really, really bad for a lot of them. These are the people that I want to help. I feel like that is a strong sense of calling for me right now. So it’s why I’m doing what I’m doing and how I see success right now. And I want to really focus on that. Brandon, I do not know if I answered your question, but I just wanted to share that.

The Mastermind Effect: 34:38

You kind of answer what I was going to ask, as we’re coming to an end here. One of them was like, what do you have that you’re excited about over the next 12 months that you’re working on? And you’ve told us it’s your you have an outreach and you want to work with minority businesses in a way that it hasn’t been done before? Because it’s important to you, you’re leading with the give mentality. You’re living a life of purpose. Money will be a byproduct because you lead with that give mentality. And that’s what’s important.

Enzo Ochoga: 35:10

I appreciate that. Because I think some people might be like, “Well, that’s not where the money is.” Right? I just want to do Fortune 500 companies. I’m not saying you’re not helping people, but go where the need is, where you are needed, where you can add value, where you can be impactful, and you can be inspiring, and you can also be inspired in return. So where there’s a great need is a huge calling for my heart. Right now, Brandon, it’s really to be there for small business owners and minority business owners that need people to taste and experience all those beautiful things that they can offer the world.

The Mastermind Effect: 36:03

Absolutely. That’s how you’re going to help transform them. And that’s what’s important. So what is one last thing that is a tip, tactic, or actual item that if if a listener today implemented that over the next 30, 60, 90 days, they would see a real impact on their personal or business life?

Enzo Ochoga: 36:22

Write all your ideas down. Do a brain dump on a journal. There is a high retention connection when you write things out. This has to do with psychology and neural science.

Whether your idea sounds good, or it doesn’t, tdo research.  You can research the market, which is so important but do a lot of research and see if there’s something that you kind of connect with, and then really just tap into it. Explore it. Make those efforts to kind of explore those ideas and see how it goes or if it’s something that really speaks to you. And please please please reach out. Community matters.

Reach out to people. Connect with people. Find those coaches. Educate yourself. A lot of classes are out there that you can take. I’ll be starting mine soon and we’re going to help so many people. Don’t stop yourself, partner up with fear. You need to be the partner of fear. Do it afraid as you have always heard, but let fear be the partner of your success. Let fear be the partner of success.

Diversify yourself. Don’t just stick to one thing. I don’t care if anybody tells you that, “Oh, well, he or she just does different things.” All those things that you want to do are those the things that connect with you. Explore them, all of them, diversify yourself, diversify yourself and be open, be open to learning, be a good student, get rid of that imposter syndrome. Everybody starts from somewhere. You are brilliant. You have the number one supercomputer on planet earth in your head. That’s your brain. Your brain is your number one platform.

The Mastermind Effect: 38:58

I think that’s a great way to end it. That’s a great way to continue. Diversify yourself. We’ve got the Founder of Transform My Universe, Enzo Ochoga. Enzo, thank you so much for your time today.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Every single kid has different variations, paces, IQ levels, and where they thrive. With education with walls, because it’s so standardized and fixed, you don’t get to explore those untapped resources within you.” – Enzo Ochoga

“Our world is transforming with or without our permission.” – Enzo Ochoga

“Embrace failure, but don’t stay there. As a human being, you have to feel all your emotions. Let failure be your partner to success. So feel it, don’t stay in it.” – Enzo Ochoga

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