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It is Father’s Day this weekend. And I think I actually know, I’ve won, I’ve lost, and I’m still learning when it comes to finding a healthy, happy balance between being a father, husband, business owner, and finding a little bit more me time.

I’m okay with knowing there’s more to be done. So why is it that we’re taught busy equals productive? More hours equals success? Getting up at 4 AM equals respect? Being on time equals being late? Okay, well, this one’s kind of true. So I’m gonna leave it alone.


Here’s where I’m at. I built a successful company that has over 1000 clients. I exited a company doing over 2 billion a year, and we had over 500 employees. I started and stopped the podcast, did a media thing, started another podcast, (You’re listening to it right now, by the way.) and decided through all this. Why not build a startup company to help change the face of self-education called The Success Finder?


I’m 43. And I’ve been married for over 10 years, I’ve slept on a couch, heck, even in an office. We’ve got a six-year-old and a golden doodle. I’ve seen tears created a few and had more than one regret, and how and what I’ve said.


So why share this with you? Well, it’s Father’s Day this week. And I feel that if you know that it’s going to be okay on the other side. But along the way, you might get beat up and banged up a little bit. Typically, it’s our own mistake. You’ll join me on the road to success so let’s get into it.


I’m always busy. Or, as I’ve said before, “Hey, I’m working harder than anybody you know, and you are still mad at me.”


Working hard does not equal, working smart. I believe the story that I’ll tell you real quick is something I’ve used before.


So a homeowner gets five quotes to have a pool built. Out of the five quotes, lowest bid comes in and says “I’m going to work harder than anybody you’ve got.” So the homeowner goes with it.


Now, the homeowners provided skid loaders, cement trucks, and all the tools needed to efficiently and effectively build this pool. Five hours into the job, the homeowner comes out and sees the contractor with a shovel by himself, digging a hole. He then goes and asks him “What are you doing?” So the contractor says “I told you I’m gonna work harder than anybody else. Working hard does not equal working smart.”

Here’s what I found I was doing throughout parts of the day. Let’s look at Facebook. Let’s look at mind-numbing articles on Yahoo. Let’s scroll through LinkedIn or Instagram. But what was that getting me?


I know what I needed to do, what needs to be done. And I was filling time just to fill time without knowing it. I thought seeing what was going on in social land was something I’m supposed to do. It wasn’t and what it filled was time I could have spent preparing for the evening or the next day. So when that 911 came in, I was in the middle of “I’m busy.”


Here’s what happened when I finally took some of the following steps, mapped out my day, saw what I was actually doing slash wasting time on by looking at the full picture of what my actual day was. I then built the day that I actually wanted, and I shared it with the people around me. So there were no sudden changes where people started scratching their head.


Side note here real quick: when you make changes, people will scratch their head and question you as their herd mentality sets in. So I reversed engineered what mattered to my family and me. I identified what needed to be done by x time. Dinner started around y time. Our ability to pick up slash drop off slash, see our son grow up, and actually, have them travel with me. I got the right coaches. And got involved in masterminds that brought people from different industries.


Another side note here, there are free masterminds that are worth USD10,000 plus a year. Yes, they’re free. Just ask me. They’re not mine because I don’t have one.


Now, I’d been asked, explained, figuratively bumped around, but until I was willing to get out of my own way and listen, I’d have more failures than today’s successes without changing the items above. I get to drop my son off and take him to sporting activities. We’ve traveled for personal and business as a family. I designed what would be best inside my home, knowing that it would also be best for my companies and those around me.


So I’ll leave you with this. I don’t think it’s about work-life balance. I’ve turned it into what’s best for me, and my household, what will be best for my businesses and those around me. I had to knock a few people off the proverbial train along the way. And I’m most certain people have had to knock me off their journey. That’s okay. I get to see my family, love my family. And coming from a person that used to say “Weekends? Oh boy,” I thoroughly look forward to spending more time in the quiet place we call home.

To my father, your father, and everyone who will eventually become one, Happy Father’s Day.


Tweetable Quotes:

Working hard, does not equal, working smart.” – Brandon Straza

“I don’t think it’s about work life balance. I’ve turned it into what’s best for me and my household will be best for my businesses and those around me.” – Brandon Straza


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