127: Joy Soleil | Bringing Serenity to Your Success

Joy Soleil of Soleil Venture is a Mindset Coach & Energy Healer who specializes in working with entrepreneurs and leaders to identify and release emotional barriers that are blocking people from being their peace and from reaching their very best potential. Subconscious energy healing, combined with conscious coaching, creates a more comprehensive support system to assure breakthroughs. Through her program, she gets to provide a safe space of trust to curate your best outcome possible in business, finances, relationships, health, and beyond.

In today’s episode, Joy gets into how all the platforms are just bringing in the noise, and how we don’t know why they’re there. She explains why we have to see ourselves as our greatest investment and lets us know how we can bring serenity to our success. Check it out!


Joy’s Learning Journey and Masterminds


The Mastermind Effect:  02:08

Let’s jump into this. Our ability to learn and have access to different people changed over the last 5 to 10 years, in my opinion. When you and I were younger, it was textbooks, teachers, family, friends, co-workers, and the people around us, but that’s a sliver of what’s possible. How is your learning changed from your early years versus today?

Joy Soleil:  02:28

First of all, my math teacher told me that we wouldn’t have a calculator everywhere we go. Here we are now we have learning at our fingertips. Certainly, things had changed as far as expectations around going to college or university and what’s possible for you if you don’t go to college. All of that crashed when everyone I was going to college with was graduating and realized the big crash of 2008. They couldn’t get a job that paid more than eight bucks an hour. So they’re still living in their parent’s basements.

Now, we have it at our fingertips absolutely everywhere. There’s no excuse for not growing and learning. You can get it free on YouTube even.

The Mastermind Effect:  03:12

That’s the amazing thing. There’s YouTube University. There are so many different platforms. But to me, the reality is we have more ways to take in information than ever before, and it can be confusing. Some people look for a mentor, other accountability buddy masterminds, online pre-recorded courses, and many ways to learn. Who are you currently learning from, and more importantly, how did you connect and reach out to them?

Joy Soleil:  03:49

I go to every webinar like Tony Robbins and everything that I could get my hands on. I listen to all the YouTube stuff and audiobooks every day, and it’s a lot of noise. I realized that it was so much that I wasn’t resonating with everybody out there. I think that’s a key thing. If we’re listening to the good stuff, it’s really good stuff. But we have to listen to what our souls are telling us and where our souls are telling us to go. So I listened to a lot of amazing people that are in the realm like Joe Dispenza, Louise Hay, and Abraham Hicks and things like that. But as far as personal, I didn’t start getting what I needed until I started getting my own personal coach.  Going to all the seminars and listening to all this stuff was great, but I wasn’t getting the traction I needed until I hired a coach.

I have two coaches at the moment. I have a personal established rule for myself that I will always have coaches and healers at all times. I am currently working with Renee Bob and Mike Seller. They’re both fantastic.

The Mastermind Effect:  05:16

Two amazing people that we’ve had on the podcast. Renee happens to be on the platform as well. She wasn’t able to make it to the coaching call, but two amazing people. I think it’s an important thing you’ve made a promise to yourself always to have a coach. And then the reality, a lot of time we sit there and say, “I got this, I don’t need this.” But it’s like having that second set of eyes and ears to steer us in the direction of something we already know in ourselves. It helps us get there faster. It helps us keep from making mistakes. You’re expecting other people to invest in you, but you’ve stopped investing in yourself and getting outside influence other than listening to a podcast. That’s tough.

Joy Soleil:  06:15

I recognize that I can’t expect anyone to pay me for services I’m not willing to pay for.

The Mastermind Effect:  06:23

In general, I think we get stuck, and sometimes we can’t see the picture through the frame or see the tree through the forest. The world’s still going through a pandemic, and to me, it’s causing a reset in how we can accomplish things. How have masterminds helped you when you’re looking to get unstuck and reset yourself?

Joy Soleil:  06:50

First of all, the community aspect of masterminds is invaluable. To get around other like-minded people who celebrate your success, who want to see you do well, who will show you your blind spots with love and kindness because they care; there’s nothing like that. To have everyone working together toward one common goal throughout the course of a mastermind, whether it’s four weeks or eight weeks, there’s nothing like that. Then the relationships you have and the network of people who are there to help you outside of that. That’s huge.

As far as personal coaching, I will say that I started investing in myself with coaching when I was absolutely at my very worst. I’m a single mom with three kids. When I started investing in my coaching and healing, I had a single pair of shoes that had holes in them. That was all I had. When I hear people say, “I can’t afford it,” or “I don’t have the time,” what I’m hearing people say is that they don’t want to prioritize that. We have to be our greatest priority. We have to see ourselves as our greatest asset. Otherwise, we can’t get anywhere without taking care of our greatest asset, which is ourselves.

Joy and Her Experience with Self-Education


The Mastermind Effect:  08:10

When it comes to investing, I think it’s higher than the stock market and housing market because you can’t control those, is the investment in yourself. You can control what you do, who you surround yourself with, and how you decide to move the needle is yourself.

Masterminds have been around for a while. The first one was probably the apostles. Then Benjamin Franklin creates the Leather Apron Club, and then Napoleon Hill solidifies, rounds it out, and writes a book about it. As self-education like coaching, mentorship, masterminds continue to grow, where do you see the parallels moving between self-education and standard education going forward?

Joy Soleil:  09:31

I just don’t see standard education continuing, at least as it is. It’s really hard for me to believe that it can continue, especially with the rising prices of education costs and universities. I went to a university that cost $35,000 a year, and that was 15 years ago. The money I spent there versus the money I’ve spent on my self-education is like a fraction of the cost in comparison. As far as ROI, I didn’t actually receive much of anything monetarily out of my education at university. I have received all of the money back that I’ve invested in self-education.

The Mastermind Effect:  10:28

The reality is when you do invest in yourself, and sometimes we do have a sidestep. Have you ever invested in yourself that suddenly, you did you realize that the mission, vision, values, or just what was promised and what was delivered might have been two different things? Or is it always worked out? It’d be great if it always works out. But I don’t think that’s always the case.

Joy Soleil:  10:54

Yes, that has happened. But I think that the lessons are still there. It’s easy for us to look at the monetary value of something and then not see the value of what we got out of things. We have to believe that the decisions we’re making for ourselves are good. Otherwise, we’re just fighting against ourselves constantly. That causes a lot of friction, resistance, and problems. So even when I’ve invested in things, and I’m like, “this is kind of disappointing,” which has happened, hardly ever. Then it’s like, “I learned something here. This is not my place. This is not where I want to be.” Then I have a new direction to go. So even then, I’ve gotten something out of it.

The Mastermind Effect:  11:41

This will adjust, correct, and realize, “Okay, I still can take this away from it and move forward.” It’s not like a stopping block and where you want to go because of who you’ve got around yourself. Again, I keep going back to that, but who we surround ourselves with helps push us through. It’s like a branch that’s always there. So if something is about to break, we’ve got a team of people holding that up.

When someone invests in their future, they usually have a better than a vague idea of what the outcome will be. What should people expect when they pick up that phone, reach out to Joy, and enter your reality? What should they expect from working with you?

Joy Soleil:  12:19

I aim to bring serenity to the success. So I am somewhat a “whip kind of lady,” but primarily, I aim to help people find their peace in what they’re doing and their alignment in it. I spent so many years working so hard, thinking that was the answer, and not having a whole lot to show for it. A huge part of what I do is help remove emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that keep people from living authentically. I think we all sense that when we’re out of alignment, we feel like “I’m not in the right place,” maybe “I’m not doing enough,” or maybe “I’m not enough.” Those are a lot of the things I tried to do with my clients to spell for them. We work together to dispel those things.

Also, I do offer practical systems to uncover self-worth. Worthiness that’s already there that people have such a hard time believing or seeing in themselves, the imposter syndrome and all of that we already have everything we need inside of us. So it’s just a matter of uncovering it, finding out what’s there, and then releasing those things. Also, as an energy healer, I like to combine the energy healing aspect with the coaching because then you have this conscious and subconscious release. It just makes things happen so much faster. So then, we can turn fear into empowerment. I can show them the ease and flow of getting what they want. And it’s, for me, living a lifestyle of peace.

It doesn’t have to be chaotic. I don’t think you have to be working 100 hours a week to be successful. You can work part-time and be very successful, give to your family, to your friends and be able to give more to your community while you’re serving and growing your business or whatever it is that you happen to want to be growing in and doing.

The Mastermind Effect:  14:27

We have this mental block in our head that says, “I work full time, I work part-time. I work 100 hours a week, and I was the person that sat there and told my worth, and the value I brought was based on how hard I was working.” But the reality is I probably accomplish more in the same period, if not less because I have that cornerman. What you bring to the table helps my mind, body, and soul be right. My house life is better. My Personal life is better. My health is better.

That’s the foundation; everything above it, like work, ideas, networking, whatever it is, completely grows faster without any more effort. That foundation that you just talked about is stable, meaning this mind, body, and soul. I’m just saying I know this is for a fact. I’m not a coach, and I know how it works.

Joy Soleil:  15:39

Yes. All of those things are coming together. We tend to think that we’re separate beings. I have a spirit. I have a body. I have a heart and a mind. But we’re integrated. And so, what does it look like for us to become more integrated and have our relationships better and better health? I mean, it’s holistic. All of living is holistic, and it can’t just be business. I work primarily with entrepreneurs and leaders who are tying their identity to their work. Most of us are doing that. But our identities can’t be in our work, because that’s our performance of it.  Performance is not who we are. That’s just what we do. So who we are is so much more important than what we do. What we do comes out of who we are. If we are right, then everything we touch will turn to gold.

The Mastermind Effect:  16:31

I feel, from time to time, people have a way of surprising us. If you wouldn’t mind sharing a success story of someone who went through work with you, whether through a mastermind or coaching program.  If you can give names in specific examples, great. If we need anonymity, I completely respect and understand that. Give us a success story of where they were at, what they came to you for, and the outcome because they work with you?

Joy Soleil:  17:03

There are so many, and I’m thinking of one in particular. She’s got a great business. She doesn’t call herself a fitness coach, and she has a fitness business. She has lots of classes available to people. She’s done so well. Even through the pandemic, she did amazing. I think her business doubled during that time, but she just felt like something was not quite right. She was anxious. She was running all the time. She didn’t feel like she had the time for her family. For her husband, she said they had a great relationship, but it just felt like something was off and needed attention. And so she came to me for help.

We work together, and we did some energy healing and coaching alongside. She has been one of my biggest fans because she tells people all the time how she didn’t realize she couldn’t breathe. She wasn’t breathing very well before. She had this shallow breathing, but she didn’t notice it until after it was gone from working with me.

I’ve had her and many people; they’re not coming to me for their body pains, aches, or illnesses. But what has happened as a result of us working together doing the coaching and the energy healing is that their physical ailments start to disappear in their work with me. They realize that their relationships are clearer. The clarity is there. Life doesn’t seem so scary anymore, and the anxiety they once felt, they’re not feeling now. They feel like there’s more of a flow in their life that they can kind of roll with it. They’re not as concerned about the details and trying to keep it all together keeping control. That is the most common response that I’ve had to my work with people. I just think about that lady with the fitness company and how drastically that changed her life. Within a couple of months, she could barely recognize herself anymore.

What it Takes to Be Successful


The Mastermind Effect:  19:22

That’s true. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it happens through time. Then when that light clicks on, something that was already inherently inside of us, but having the right coach in the right order, helps bring that to the forefront.

When I talked to my coaches or just different people, we talked about success, especially solo shows. There are several things that people consider what success is. Some of those things could be mentorship, experimentation, partnerships, willingness to fail, and on the flip side, willingness to define success. Many of us don’t define successes because once we do, we’ve also defined failure. What do you think is a key attribute when it comes to success?


Joy Soleil:  20:18

The first thing that comes to mind is partly what you said that failure has to be a part of the equation. The thing about defining success and the definition of failure rises is that if you can anticipate it, you already know what will happen. It’s not as scary anymore because you’re already aware that it’s coming. Failure is just a lesson along the way. It’s really not a big deal. The more we grow in success, the more we’re able to find that failure is just not that big of a deal.

The Mastermind Effect:  21:13

The interesting thing is that if you look at a chart, failure, not failure. You can make a good decision and still fail. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have done it. There are some other characteristics, and that’s why we’re so afraid. You could make a bad decision and succeed and then continue to create those bad habits right there. So I think defining failure and success is vitally important.

I’ve got a few questions as we come closer to the end here. There’s always new during times of prosperity. It’s easy to have those wins come in, or it’s easier to have those wins. But I think ingenuity and creativity come when we feel the squeeze, and the world’s still feeling a pretty big squeeze. What are you working on right now that will take place over the next 12 months that excites you?

Joy Soleil:  22:12

I am getting ready to launch my mastermind this summer to solve the problem of everything I just mentioned, like removing those emotional blocks in a group setting. Everything I mentioned before is that’s how I do my one-on-one coaching, but to do it in a group setting where it provides a community of people that can also help each other to be able to get more out of it.

Also, I am adding more energy healing and different kinds of energy healing. I have different energy healers that work with me. So that way, I can focus more on the coaching itself. The mastermind and my webinars that I have, which are a piece series. I’m the most excited about those because I can see everybody together in one place and benefiting all in one place together as a community. We need that more now than ever.

The Mastermind Effect:  23:09

Absolutely. To have that support, foundation, and strong branches to help you, and that’s going on. We look forward to watching that grow.

What is a tip, a tactic, or an actual item that if anyone listening to this implemented over the next 30, 60, or 90 days, they’d see a real impact on their personal or business life?

Joy Soleil:  23:34

Trust yourself, and go easy on yourself. I think that we can overanalyze things or paralysis analysis. We can overanalyze everything, even our own desires and decision-making. It’s important to establish ourselves as trustworthy people, which means doing it in secret. Even things in secret that no one sees to know that we are trustworthy. Do you hit the snooze button in the morning? That’s like the first betrayal to yourself of the day. It is a simple tactic to get you your very first action of the day: telling yourself, “I set something, I set a boundary, I set a time, and I stuck with it.” It’s my very first action of the day. I know we’re all guilty of hitting the snooze button.

Joy Soleil:  24:44

We all do it. Sometimes we need more rest. It’s true, but the little promises that we make to ourselves are what counts. It gives us overall confidence in our abilities of what we can do. That’s what builds our trust for bigger decisions. It is in the little decisions. And then when you do end up hitting the snooze button or going against yourself in some other small way, go easy on yourself and reward yourself for doing things anyway and for moving forward anyway. Trust, the permissiveness for the self and self-forgiveness is the key to all success to moving forward.

The Mastermind Effect:  25:27

Don’t hit the snooze button. We have got the Founder of Soleil Venture. Joy, thank you so much for your time today and what you brought to the show. Thank you.

Tweetable Quotes:

“When I hear people say that ‘I can’t afford it,’ or ‘I don’t have the time,’ what I’m hearing people say is, that they don’t want to prioritize that.” – Joy Soleil 

“We have to be our greatest priority, we have to see ourselves as our greatest asset otherwise, we can’t get anywhere.” – Joy Soleil

“Who we are is so much more important than what we do, what we do comes out of who we are.” – Joy Soleil 

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