153: Kim Solez | How Artificial Intelligence Helps Create Legacies

Life is just starting for Dr. Kim Solez at age 75. The Edmonton-based entrepreneur, pathologist and professor just observed his 75th birthday. He’s celebrating by writing a memoir that’s documented his life’s first three-quarters of a century and applying for a grant that can fuel his passion to solve six of the world’s key problems for the decades to come.  Solez has combined his love for science and art through his work as an entrepreneur at numerous companies, including his current one – Just Machines, which explores the effects of rapidly improving technology and AI in the field of medicine – plus as Professor of Pathology at University of Alberta, where he is continually and constantly surrounded by students and graduate assistants that make him feel young.

[00:01 – 02:43] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Kim Solez
  • Connect with Kim through the links below
  • What is Kim’s superpower?

[02:44 – 22:04] How Artificial Intelligence Helps Create Legacies

  • Why Kim believes there is no limit
  • How Kim’s learning have changed
  • Computers are getting faster, smarter
  • Age, Numbers, and Instincts
  • On Naming: What’s your purpose?
  • Life is NOT extremely competitive
  • Using AI to solve the big six problems of the human race
  • Creating timeless things
  • Kim talks about leaving your impact
  • The Next Big Thing in Education and Artificial Intelligence
  • Human beings, artificial intelligence, and blockchains working together

[22:05 – 26:47] What to Expect from Kim

  • What Kim is working on right now
  • Actionable Items/Tips from Kim
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“There is no upper bound to how big you can think that the scale of your potential activities” – Kim Solez

“There really isn’t any competition, there’s only collaboration.” – Kim Solez

“Not only are humans adaptable, but life itself sort of does things that favor your future.” – Kim Solez

Know more and connect with Kim Solez through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and https://www.justmachines.com/about.

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