070: Laura Johnston | The Four Powerful A’s of Effective Leadership

This is Laura Johnston, Founder of High Impact Leadership. This week we are going to talk today about 4 powerful A’s of intelligent leadership, those were awareness, assessment, action, and achievement. Check it out!

We’re going to talk about four powerful ways of intelligent leadership; awareness, assessment, action and achievement. But first, let me tell you about myself. I’m Laura Johnston, founder of High Impact Leadership. I believe that with great leadership, teams can be amazing. We can get rid of most of the drama and dysfunction. A great coach can help you facilitate this amazing journey. I’m very passionate about what I get to do. This April, we’re rolling out our Emerging Leader jumpstart course, where in 12 weeks you can get real with your gaps, leverage your strengths, and take your leadership to the next level. I found most leaders are in their position for a reason. They’re really great at what they do but leading a team is not easy. We prepare you to lead your team with amazing results. Let’s get into the four ways.




The first A stands for awareness. There are four types of awareness. The first is time awareness. This is how we use our time, being purposeful and being true to our priorities. The second is task awareness which is what we do and where energy is spent. Third is results awareness.  Are we measuring our results? You cannot improve what you don’t measure. Lastly, self-awareness which is showing up the way we think we are? Part of becoming self-aware is understanding your value system and how that shows up when you’re interacting with others. Being alignment is so important and getting the outcome you desire. It’s like when your body is out of alignment and parts hurt and you compensate. It’s true when we’re not in alignment with our values and aren’t true to our beliefs.



The second A stands for assessment. I personally love assessments. I think it’s a great starting point for discussions. When our team took the disc, we looked at the preferences and tendencies of each member of our team. We discovered a lot about each other and ourselves, how we like to be communicated with and how we’re adapting and communicating to others. We also love the leadership inventory. That’s a measure of your health, vibrancy and maturity of a leader’s inner core like your self-concept, character values, thinking patterns, and your emotional makeup. As part of this this assessment process, we also look at an inventory of your leadership competencies. There’s nine of them that we like to look at and those are critical thinking, decision making, strategic thinking, emotional leadership, talent leadership, team leadership, change leadership, and your drive for results. It does not matter what level of management or leadership you’re in, awareness of these concepts that these assessments give you is just invaluable.



The third A stands for action. Nothing to take changes until action is taken. We all want to take action but don’t always know where to begin. We’re in a world full of massive information. We collect information without really knowing how to use it all. It can be really frustrating, then I have to fight this urge all the time. Reading 10 books about meditation isn’t as useful as spending 10 minutes of meditating. Kyle at Stater Brothers said: “It’s easy to give too much credit to the thinking mind. The thinking mind is always right.  Action isn’t always so obvious, actually it forces us to risk being wrong.” I love this quote. It’s true and it’s scary sometimes to take action. Knowing the outcome you want is key to taking the right actions. We still may be occasionally wrong. It’s important to keep focused on those important things but what are those important things? Having an action plan around your leadership is the same as our personal growth and development and knowing what actions to take. It takes a plan of action. We want to help you create a leadership development plan so that you can get really clear and it helps you to develop you know that desired outcome for your growth and for your development.



The fourth A stands for achievement. How often do you celebrate wins? It’s so important to do that. Part of this is as you improve your leadership, your relationships, your results, getting those that feedback being vulnerable enough to receive that feedback, so that you know when you’re hitting the results, being open to what other people experience with you as their manager or their leader. It’s not only being open but also creating a space for it. This is the way to measure your leadership development and celebrate not only yourself, but those that are thriving because of what you’re doing.

Those are just my words of wisdom around the 4 A’s of leadership. Don’t forget this April the Emerging Leadership jumpstart program. To be a part of it, please email me at Laura@highimpactleadership.us or go to our website, highimpactleadership.us. This is Laura Johnson hijacking The Mastermind Effect.

Tweetable Quotes:

“I believe that with great leadership, things can be amazing. And we can get rid of most of the drama and just function.” – Laura Johnston 

“When our team took the disk and we look at the preferences and tendencies of each member of our team, we really discovered a lot about each other and ourselves. How we like to be communicated with and how we are adapting to communicating with others.” – Laura Johnston 

“Action forces us to risk being wrong and it’s true that it’s scary sometimes to take action but knowing the outcome you want is key to taking the right actions.” – Laura Johnston

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