065: Mihai Stanca | 4 Things You Should Do Every Morning and The Importance of Your Personal Life to Have A Successful Day

Today we’ve got Mihai Stanca, Founder of Leaders Academy. Mihai has been working for more than 10 years as a logistics Manager for Southeastern Europe in a multinational consulting company. He is a professional engineer and has a Master in Project Management, plus other degrees from various fields, from accounting to communication and sales techniques.

In this episode, we get into the 4 things you should do every morning, we talk about why your personal life is so important to have a successful day and the platform he and his partner have been building over in Romania. Check it out!

Mihai’s learning journey and Masterminds

The Mastermind Effect:  01:57

Our ability to learn has drastically changed over the last 5-10 years with just technology. When you and I were younger, it was the textbooks and the teachers. And that became our friends and our family and our co-workers. But that’s really a sliver of what’s possible. How has your learning changed from your early years versus today?

Mihai Stanca:  02:23

Wow, we’ve changed a lot because as you said, when we were younger, we don’t have all this technology. All we have in Romania was books, and most of them were books written by people from Romania, or war or Europe, it was very hard to have a book from US, for example. But right now we can learn from everybody, it’s very easy, it’s very useful. You can learn in your way, when you have time. Because of this opportunity with the technology, you don’t have to reschedule your task. So it’s very, very, very easy. It’s a big opportunity, all you have to do is to take the information, this is the first step and the most important step is to apply the information. Otherwise, you just know some information for a coffee talk.

The Mastermind Effect:  03:15

Yeah, and that keeps coming back a lot lately. We can really take in so much information, you can take in as much as you want. But if you don’t apply it, then what was it really worth? If it’s just sitting up there, that keeps coming back and someone that I’ve gotten to know calls it the intention -intervention gap, which is take the information that you can take in enough, but then make sure you’re able to apply it and utilize it as opposed to just say I read 50 books this year.

Mihai Stanca:  03:41

Yeah, you’re right. Because from my experience with my clients, and we have one-on-one clients for let’s say their small business which is less than $1 million. And also we have big clients who were working with the management of some factories and everything. And the issue is the same–they don’t know exactly their numbers. They don’t know exactly what they are wanting to do.

So the first step to have success is it doesn’t matter what it means successful. The first step to success is to have a vision. You have to have this vision and you have to have this vision very clear because our mind is a brain image. If you tell me a word then I don’t know that word, I will not have an image so I don’t know what to do with the word. It’s like as you let’s say that you’re taking a cab and you take the driver say “Hey, hello, where should I drive for you?” Then you’re like “Okay, don’t drive me to the theater. Okay, don’t drive into the cathedral. Okay, where to drive?” That gap is in your mind. You have to tell your mind where to drive and it has to have this vision and to have to have a purpose to connect the vision with a purpose.

The Mastermind Effect:  05:08

Yeah, yeah, absolutely, absolutely. And we’ll get into a little bit more of success later on. So I’m excited that we’re going to be able to go down that route about what success is because it’s different for everyone. And a lot of us, we don’t really define it. But, you know, let me ask you about this, we have more ways to take in information than ever before. Some people utilize mentors, coaches, masterminds, you know, we’re on The Mastermind Effect, we might talk about masterminds, accountability buddies, a lot of different ways to take in information and then actually to be able to utilize that. Who are you currently learning from and how did you find them?

Mihai Stanca:  05:43

I learned from Joel Bauer. Actually, let’s start with six years before, and I want to have a fast jump in my career. I took three mentors, one was a Romanian guy, one is a lady, who was dealing with my emotions and a little bit of spiritual side, and then other the other guy was from America. His name is Joel Bauer.

If you know him, he’s a very interesting guy. From Joel, I was learning business strategies. And I had here in Romania, that lady who was dealing with my emotions, and my feelings about what I have to do, what is success from my point of view, how to change these, because I’m not coming from a rich family. 

These three guys, they created a new avatar from my point of view. It’s like in a game, you have to change your avatar in order to accomplish the mission. So your goal is your mission. Look at what you have to change, when, and what you have to become. The mastermind is the best way to do that, because you can see many points of view. You can learn from the experience of other people.

The Mastermind Effect:  07:46

That’s the important thing. When it does come to a mastermind, you’re able to utilize other people’s experiences for whatever you paid to be in that room. Everyone’s paying that same amount, but you’re able to utilize their experiences, the problems that they’ve already faced, and they can see around corners, because they’ve already been there. And you’re able to do that for the other people. So it’s not always just the person that puts on the mastermind, but it’s that conglomerate, it’s the overall group mentality of making sure that you can see what that success is and, and that kind of goes into the next thing, which is we get stuck.

A lot of the times we get stuck, and we can’t see the tree through the forest. And right now, globally, we’re still going through a pandemic. But I believe that this is causing a reset and how we can accomplish things, how we can be how we can create solutions to problems. How have masterminds helped you when you’re looking to get unstuck?

Mihai Stanca:  08:43

It’s very useful, because as you have said, already, in a mastermind, you have access to a lot of people, you have access to their knowledge, you have access to their experience, you have access to their connections. So you just have to ask, and as you read in the Bible, you will receive.

Self-Education and Mihai’s reality

The Mastermind Effect:  09:02

Absolutely. And the masterminds have been around for a long time. They’ve been around since the apostles and then Benjamin Franklin creates the Junto club and then eventually, Napoleon Hill writes a book, Think and Grow Rich, where he really starts bringing the term mastermind forward. So with that being the case and in my mind, in everyone’s mind, for the most part, masterminds are self-education, then you have standardized education which you and I have gone through as well. Where do you see the shift changing between the value of self-education versus standard education going?

Mihai Stanca:  09:38

I think this is the new education. This is the new era of education because standard education is giving me information and most of that information, you will never apply and you will spend a lot of your life learning something and you will never apply that something.

So when you add learning what is in accord with your vision, with your goals, with your mission, with what you want to do, it’s very easy. And actually, it’s easy because you like to learn about that. Otherwise, maybe you learn geography, but we don’t like it.

The Mastermind Effect:  10:19

And geography is important, we need to know where people come from, we need to understand, but the real way to understand geography outside of the standard education outside of the book, is join a mastermind, go somewhere else. Learn, learn from other people learn actually, from their experiences, you know, I can read only so much about the history and the geography and the type of people in Romania. But if I really truly want to know I need to go and visit or have a conversation with someone such as yourself, because you know, the heartbeat of what’s going on. And that’s what a mastermind allows you to do. That’s what self-education is allowing you to do is actually find a way to apply something that you’re passionate about, that you have a vision on that you can actually take action on.

So when people invest in their future, they have a better than vague idea of what they’re going to get out of it. They know what the results are. What should people expect, when they enter your reality? When they enter Leaders Academy? What do they get out of that?

Mihai Stanca:  11:17

They get the best version. We talk about their family, we don’t talk about the numbers. It’s because your business is a reflection of you. You cannot be in either, let’s say a divorce or a depression of few months, and to have a successful business. So that’s why it’s very important to be in harmony with your thoughts. In this way, you will have power to apply what you learned. Because I give you the right strategy, I give you the right numbers. But if you don’t have the power to apply that, to help them do, we have a motto: we take the best and make them better.

The Mastermind Effect:  12:17

Yeah, so it’s what you’re saying is the first thing that you really have to focus on or fix or be a part of his what’s happening internally with you and in your own personal life. Because if your business life is out of harmony, your personal life out of harmony. If your personal life is out of harmony, everything is. That’s what you’re saying you focus on first with, with your clients, with the people that you that you work with,

Mihai Stanca:  12:39

Yeah, because if your business is going well, but your family life is not going well. You’ll not be so happy. Or if let’s say your business is going well, your family is going well, but you are working too much and your health is not, you are not in a good shape just the same. We have to find a way to grow with these three important areas of our life together.

The Mastermind Effect:  13:15

So when people start working with you, I have a feeling that they have a way of surprising us, surprising you. The rooms that you’re putting together are hand selected. At the end of the day, has anyone been to your mastermind, to one of your coaching sessions or programs that surprised you in what they were able to accomplish?

Mihai Stanca:  13:40

Oh yeah, I have a lot of stories. But the one coming in mind, actually, we are talking about our clients. Let’s say your idea is to make a bike, but after we work, your idea will be a plane. It’s a very, very big distance between what you think you can do and what you will accomplish with us.

So we have this idea from one of my clients. They want to do a platform and in this online platform to meet the bankers and the people who want to buy this. This is was the idea and he said okay, help me to do this. And in three months, we’ve changed everything. And now we’re creating a product with the first release idea. Harvard is using this kind of product and also Google and we create these paintings and these paintings are made.

Let’s say that you have a team with and you want to increase the size of your team. The idea is when you send your people to a course, or to a class, the trainer gives, let’s say this amount of information, they will have heard this amount of information, and they will apply this amount of information. Because we have a resistance, we have to implement in our daily routine, the new information and so on with this, with this product, which is a chromotherapy, there is a science behind it.

We connect this with human personality. We can put you around some colors. And that colors, if you measure the word, let’s say “love” has a frequency and we can put this forever in a color.

The Mastermind Effect:  16:40

So it’s a therapy. If I understand it correctly, it’s a therapeutic method through the platform in order to be able to increase sales, but increase what you’re really needing. Wow, that’s interesting. I wouldn’t have thought about it like that, but definitely send me the link, because I’d love to share that in the show notes afterwards.

Creating Success

The Mastermind Effect: 

Let’s get back to one of the things that you and I were talking about, which was success and its definition. In my solo shows, I talk about the pillars of success and what it takes to be successful. And I think one of the things is we don’t define what success looks like to you. You could have two identical people, which is next to impossible, but success is going to look differently to each person. If you actually define it, I think there are several things to be successful. You need mentorship, experimentation, partnership, a willingness to fail. What do you feel it takes? What is your definition of being successful?

Mihai Stanca:  17:37

From my point of view, you should choose your heart. To stay poor is hard, maybe to be rich is hard. But to the heart, maybe it’s hard to have a happy family life. But if you don’t have that, it’s also hard. So choose your time.

From my point of view, you should take, let’s say, one day or a weekend, close everything, close the internet, don’t answer the phone, maybe you can tell to your family, okay, I need two days in order to, to see what I want to do in my life. And take some papers and write from a professional point of view. Because there are different perspectives, different categories, because let’s say you have got a manager, and you are happy with that, but you are not happy with your salary. So that’s why it’s different. So take your time, take one day, two days, write everything on the paper, make a clear a clear vision, clear images of where you want to go.

After that, create a map. And when you create this map, create a map with the small daily, daily steps and forget about the goal and focus on the steps. And every day you go to sleep smiling that you are doing your steps. And you are closer than ever, that you don’t you don’t change the goal, you change the strategies, you change whatever you want to change, you don’t need the goal. It’s like using the navigation from the car, you know, if the road is broke, then the system will find you another way to go there.

The Mastermind Effect:  19:25

Yeah, it’s about the processes along the way. The goal is how you get there, then you can take that and I love that you just said that because I just talked about that in the solo show. It’s not focusing on the end goal from a monetary standpoint of whatever that goal is, but focus on the processes along the way. Because you can take those processes and plug and play them in other parts of your life. Once you reach that goal, what else do you have, you have the processes and you can take those and replug them somewhere else if you hit your goal.

Mihai Stanca:  19:55

And if you want, have a daily goal to make today better than yesterday. Tomorrow better than today.

The Mastermind Effect:  20:02

Yeah, you always want to be better than you were the day before,

The Mastermind Effect:  20:17

So as we’re getting closer to the end here, I feel that there’s always new ideas brewing in times of prosperity, it’s like super easy to be successful when everyone’s winning out there. But I think ingenuity and creativity come when we feel the squeeze, and we’re feeling the squeeze worldwide. What are you working on right now, with your business partner, that’s going to take place in the next 12 months that excites you guys?

Mihai Stanca:  20:44

We’ve created this football mentor Academy in Romania. The concept in this with a mentor and coach is not very well known. The soccer players, from my point of view, cannot do performance without a coach. But they need more because they have a lot of pressure.

When they had a discussion with this guy, and he was selected for the Romanian team in order to play and everything was going to the newspapers, okay, this guy will play for the national team. You need this kind of help. Actually, there are now there are a lot of studies that show the improvement of one’s performance with visualization. And they are using already in the in the industry.

This kind of coaching, when you visualize what you have to do, but you don’t do. It’s working. Also, we have some, let’s say alternative to say approach, we have, I don’t know if you know about data healing but it is an interesting therapy, and we are certified to use that.

The Mastermind Effect:  22:57

You guys got a lot going on, I was able to hop on and take a look at what the platform was. Fortunately, Google Chrome allows it to sit there and say, “Would you like it in English?” So hey, what’s one last thing that you can leave. So if someone a tip, a tactic, an actionable item, that if someone listening to this today, implemented over the next 30 6090 days, they would see real change in their personal or business life. And I think in your case, you’d probably lean more towards the personal life because that bleeds into the business life. So what’s something you could leave us with today?

Mihai Stanca:  23:37

Okay, first time in the morning, when they wake up, smile for more than three seconds. This will improve more than 26% the biochemistry of the body. The second thing is to do stretching, stretching, stretching. The third thing is to be grateful for more than five things.

For example, “I’m grateful for my house, for my job, for my Saturday, for my wife.” The fourth thing is to jump to jump 100 times. This is for your lymphatic system because it is dragging the residues from our body but doesn’t have a pump. And because our life is very sedentary, you use the elevator, use the car and everything else, you need this. So when you wake up, smile, stretch, be grateful for five things and do 100 small jumps.

The Mastermind Effect:  24:47

Yeah. I smiled when you said the smile thing. I actually started implementing that. It was like a month or two ago and I don’t think I had read it anywhere or heard it anywhere. But I felt better when I would before I would open my eyes and I talked about that. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, it’s a real thing is to smile before you even open your eyes.”

Mihai Stanca:  25:06

Yeah. And also they can use the visualization of the day. If you have a goal for that day, visualize. If you don’t have a goal, you can make a visualization and focus on the feeling. You’ll be inspired and happy and whatever you want to be all day.

The Mastermind Effect:  25:26

I love it. I love it. I appreciate the time that you’ve spent with us today. I know our time zones are a little bit different but I really do appreciate your time.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Right now we can learn from everybody, It’s very easy, it’s very useful. You can learn in your way, when you have time. With these opportunities and technologies you don’t have to reschedule your classes, it’s very easy.” – Mihai Stanca

“The first step to success is to have a vision.” – Mihai Stanca

“Like in a video game, you have to change your avatar to accomplish your mission. Your goal is your mission, Look at what you have to change and what you have to become. – Mihai Stanca

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