094: Solo Episode | More with Less

I know that you can get more with less. What does this mean? How do you do this? I’ve been learning more about more with less.

What happened over the weekend is no exception. I flew out to California to be with my cornerman, Dr. Jeff Spencer and surrounded myself with other amazing people he curated. Over the last several months, I realized that my happiness is up, productivity up, results up, partnerships up, and excited about my weekend up. I know that sounds silly. But I became happier knowing I would see more of my family and not sit there and say, “Ah, I don’t get to work on my companies and projects, etc.”

I had recognized that Jeff was laying the groundwork and the foundation by some of the most simple things. It didn’t look as if I was adding anything. I am just replacing my current habits and mental thought processes. Why am I telling you this? I hear to make a change shift. The happiness factor takes time, money, and effort. I don’t have space for one more thing. All valid points that lie inside your head. It’s valid because you gave it space. But you can also choose not to give it space; it definitely doesn’t deserve it.

More with less. I found out that the small but impactful things like when I ate, when I worked out, when the last time of day I should eat, what times of the day I should be doing specific activities that could be creative or grinding, how to start my day work through it, and how to end the day; all of these things, though simple, I didn’t do them in the correct order or amount.

Here are a few things that I’ve stepped into that allow me to shorten my “work day” to do the things I truly want to do. I’m getting more productivity with fewer hours. I don’t eat before 8 am, and my last meal or snack can’t be after 8 pm. My water intake has gone from minimal to at least eight glasses a day. I don’t take calls or handle any messages between specified hours. The time of day I work out or get in my walk changes.

Here’s the reality. I can’t help you get there. I can just let you know that there are easier solutions that are already around you. You have to choose to step into them. I’ll help point you in the right direction. But remember, I’m not a coach. I interview many coaches and masterminds, but that’s not my area to move you through.

Here’s a big one. A lot of what I was doing in my day was by design, but the order and the times I was doing them were sporadic at best. It was working against my human DNA to activate myself for the best times of the day. Hey, please don’t take my word for it but look over 40 Olympic medals, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, and so many others that have relied upon the gift. That is Dr. Jeff Spencer.

Tweetable Quotes:

“I know that you can get more with less.” – Brandon Straza

“There are easier solutions that are already around you. You have to choose to step into them.” – Brandon Straza

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