119: Nancy Juetten | Being Visible By Being a Podcast Dream Guest

The author of the popular Bye-Bye Boring Bio workbook and Get Known Get Paid Mentor, Nancy Juetten, is on a mission to guide a million business experts in English speaking nations around the world to prepare and share their magnetic marketing messages so they can get known and paid for their winning ways. She guides aspiring and thriving speakers and coaches to name, claim, and communicate their expertise so premium clients see their value and gladly invest in their products, programs, and services.

In this episode, Nancy talks about defining what you want to build early on, whether it’s creating a boutique business or a juggernaut, and how that will help shape your future. Nancy also lets us know how she helps her clients articulate their best messaging by becoming an uncommon surprise, and she also goes into how she’ll help you become a podcast dream guest. Check it out!

Nancy’s Learning Journey and Masterminds

The Mastermind Effect:  02:06

Let’s dive into this. Our ability to learn and access people has changed over the last 5,10, or 15 years. When we were younger, they were textbooks, teachers, family, friends, and co-workers, but it’s a sliver of what’s possible. How is your learning changed from your early years versus today?

Nancy Juetten:  02:25

In the last 12 months, my learning has changed to being virtual learning, where I’m connecting with experts and entrepreneurs around the world. Thanks to the beautiful connection of Zoom. You can be with people and get to listen to and benefit from their wisdom and share your wisdom with them. It’s amazing the kind of breakthroughs you can have when you make the decision to connect and serve truly.

The Mastermind Effect:  02:55

Do you feel that you were missing out on a piece before we were forced into that area where we’re like, now it’s just secondhand nature? Do you feel that as things ease to open up, you’ll take a hybrid of that virtual connection, which allows you to talk to anyone around the world and mix that a little bit face-to-face, which I think is still so important?

Nancy Juetten:  03:20

I am so eager to put my arms around people I love, hug, connect, and be in the same room with people I admire. I think that I’m going to do both. It used to be that you get on a plane and go to a three-day mastermind somewhere. Get on a plane and spend three days at a live event. Energetically, there’s nothing better than being in a room with people where shifts and transformations are happening. I think that the most recent time that we’ve had is creating an awful lot of innovation, and people have been able to pivot and create transformation online. For those who are slightly introverted, and I would identify with that, I love the whole virtual thing. I can manage my energy properly. I can be with people and be fully present. If I need to go and recharge my energy, I don’t have to apologize for it. That’s the silver lining of what we’ve all been contending with.

The Mastermind Effect:  04:18

That’s the thing. You need to find that silver lining and the support system. By doing that through a mastermind or coaching, you can move the needle. You can find a way through, and they’ll help you. 

We have more ways now to take in information than ever before, and it can be confusing. There are so many different platforms and different ways to learn. It’s like information overload. Some people look for a mastermind, mentor, accountability partner, online courses, and lots of ways to learn. Who are you currently learning from, and more importantly, how did you connect with them?

Nancy Juetten:  04:58

The expert I’m currently investing in learning and gaining as much mastery as possible is Kelly Roach. She is the founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur. I first learned about her by listening to her on a guest podcast that she was doing with Ali Brown. Kelly Roach said that all this current training about online launching was putting a lot of people in a state of great disappointment. She decided that she wanted to see, hear and celebrate people in a new way to launch that would feel more connected. It’s been one of my core values to see, hear and celebrate clients from the first moment I made them. So when I heard her talk about this, I’m excited to learn from this woman. She has this method called the Live Launch Method that she teaches over a five-day free window. I was so compelled by how it was delivered, the connections created, the value she poured, and the fact that it was done virtually that I felt called to invest in this Unstoppable Entrepreneur program. While I’m only in the first several months of it, I’ve already made back my investment, and I’ve got huge leaps ahead still to make. So I’m a fan already. 

I don’t think any of us succeeds alone. I think we have to surround ourselves with others who lift us higher. That’s a quote from Oprah Winfrey. When you find someone whose philosophy is so aligned with what you believe, the picture that’s painted feels realistic and doable, and there are resources available to support you every step of the way; you either know that it’s the right thing for you, or it’s not. If it is calling to you, go ahead and go all in. That’s certainly been my approach, and I haven’t been disappointed. I’ve been that way with every mastermind I’ve ever invested into. If I’m going to say yes to something, I will be all in all the way. I’m going to take 100% responsibility for my activities and my results. I will never assign blame to someone; it’s always my responsibility. But if you’re judicious about those groups you join, you belly up to the bar and go all in; you’ll come out of it better than you were when you started. You’ll probably be astounding yourself with how much better your results are going to be.

The Mastermind Effect:  07:26

That’s so important, taking responsibility for your actions. Now, there could be the wrong mastermind or coach, but when you find that right cohesive, symbiotic relationship, like what we’re building something around that with a Success Finder. And then you sit there and say, “Hey, it’s on me to implement and activate what I need to do,” then the results are limitless. 

Nancy Juetten:  08:01

I’ve done that my whole life. The day we’re recording is my 20th business anniversary. I was doing a lot of reflection about what happens over 20 years. What has happened over 20 years? Let’s face that the Twin Towers went down; that was a bad day. The Great Recession happened; that was a bad year. COVID-19 happened, a disruption for all of us. Life is going to happen. Then when you bring it down to a more granular level, there will be people in your life that will suffer a disease, a diagnosis, a divorce, and some crazy and random thing that no one was expecting. When you look back over 20 years, in the ups and the downs of it, what is the common theme? Did I invest in myself? Did I take a chance on myself? Did I go all in to make it happen? Who’s responsible? We can either be taken down when things go left or use that as an inspiration to rise up.

Over 20 years, I can say that that has been my pattern. I have invested considerably in masterminds over the years to the point that it was almost uncomfortable, the magnitude of the investment that I made. And yet, to the degree to which I invested, it caused me to find a whole new gear to perform because I recognize that the sacrifice my family was making to allow for me to invest in this way was something that I needed to bring back to my family in terms of tangible rewards that they would experience through our home and the kinds of experiences we could enjoy together and the memories that we could make. 

I do think that there is something to be said for getting uncomfortable when you invest. But as I look back, I think that we should check our gut at the door to see if we can endure that for the length of time that’s going to be required because getting super-duper uncomfortable, there are consequences to that.

The Mastermind Effect:  10:00

One of the things I said and heard from someone smarter than me is “comfort kills.” The minute you become comfortable, you can’t see what’s coming around the corner and that pothole that you’re about to step in. But through a mastermind, you’re going to get uncomfortable. A mastermind can take you to all sorts of places and make you realize what is possible. 

I feel that people get stuck, and sometimes we don’t know how to execute what’s in our head. We’ve been talking about masterminds.  As we’re still going through a pandemic, I feel that this allows us to have a reset and how we’re able to accomplish things or move the needle forward. How masterminds and coaching helped you when you’re looking to reset and get unstuck?

Nancy Juetten:  11:06

I’ll tell you something that did happen. I got invited to a VIP mastermind with some of the biggest names in internet marketing about five years ago.  I was earlier in my journey, and I still hadn’t broken through to a high ticket offer that I felt great about. I found myself in a room with 72 of the biggest names in the industry, listening to the quality of their conversations, the magnitude of the problems they wanted to solve, and the kinds of answers that were being so generously shared. It was such a privilege to be in the room to hear that conversation because even though they were along their journey further than I was, the insights that I could keep are still with me. 

I remember that the mastermind hosts were so generous and said, “There will be no one left unheard. Nancy, we haven’t heard from you. Please speak up, share who you are, what the problem is, and let’s see if we can support you.” I introduced myself as the author of the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook, which is the ultimate action guide to get seen, heard, celebrated, and compensated for your expert status. And just across the room was Alex Mandossian, known as the Warren Buffett of the internet. He sat up very tall in his chair and looked me right in the eye. I could tell if he was interested. 

At the end of this exchange, where he was sharing ideas about what could solve my problem and helped me pivot as you say, he got out of his chair, walked across the room in front of all these people, extended his hand, and said, “I’m Alex Mandossian. I’m so happy to meet you. This is my credit card. I want to buy your book, and I want you to help me write my bio. Help you help me with my sizzle reel, and who knows what else is going to happen.” And I’m just sitting there thinking if this like really happening to me. And it was happening to me. Not long after that, he was so impressed with how I supported him and the work that I have done that he invited me to be an interview guest on his show which, as I checked today, over almost 3000 people have watched it. He was so generous in positioning me as someone who could solve this particular problem in a world-class way. There are 3000 more people that know my name that never would have known it if not for this man’s incredible generosity.

So if we’re not sure what pivot we’re going to make, get yourself in a cool room with generous people because that was a game-changer for me. Not only for what could happen going forward in dollars and cents, but what could happen between my ears in terms of who I would get to hang out with and co-create wonderful things in support of others who are just like me. There are all kinds of pivots that you can have when you get in the right room. So be open to all of them.

Self-Education and Nancy’s Experience

The Mastermind Effect:  14:02

I recently heard someone that after three months of doing their new program, they call themselves the expert in their field. Now they’ve been at it for three months. Here’s what I want to point out by him standing up, saying, “Hey, I want to work with you.” And then having on the podcast, he helped strengthen your credibility. He gave you the product expert thing. You didn’t dump that upon yourself. That’s the amazing thing with the mastermind; they’ll help you build that credibility and that bridge. It’s so intricate because everyone wants to see the people moving forward and succeeding. And that’s an amazing story that you shared with us right there. That’s the mastermind effect right there—the name of the show. 

Staying in the realm of masterminds, they’ve been around for a long time. The apostles probably the first one, even though they didn’t call it a mastermind, and then Benjamin Franklin, who has the Judo Club or the Leather Apron Club. And then eventually, Napoleon Hill writes a book on it. There continues to be a large boom in self-education. Where do you see the parallels moving between standard education versus self-education?

Nancy Juetten:  15:22

We all are responsible to ourselves to pursue lifelong learning in every possible way that we can. If you’ve already got your degree from the university, it doesn’t mean you’re done. How many books are you reading every week? How many podcasts are you listening to? How many mind-bending interviews are you taking in to expand your own perspective? To the extent that we can take responsibility for our growth, there’s no limit to how much further we can grow and what we can learn. I don’t think we’re ever done. Those people who decide that they’re done, I would imagine that their world isn’t quite as larger expansive as people on the other side of that opinion.

The Mastermind Effect:  17:11

There’s no right or wrong answer, whether it’s traditional versus self-education. They both have their place. They both serve an amazing purpose. The key when we talk about education is saying never stopped learning. Why? Because I did that for a long time, I built a successful company. Why stopped learning per se, at least the way that I like to learn. Don’t stop learning just because your years of traditional education are over. You can do it every day.

Nancy Juetten:  17:49

Here’s something that you and I exchanged a week or two ago. Many people are very self-interested. They want to talk about what they’ve accomplished, what they have achieved, and their agenda. One of the things that I like to do is explore who I’m meeting before I even meet them. I like to listen to their podcasts and podcasts where they were a guest to find out what their backstory was. To the extent that I pay more attention to the people I’m meeting than considering my own agenda. That has been my secret sauce all along because it’s so powerful to demonstrate to someone that you care enough about them to invest real time to find out what makes them special. It’s uncommon and differentiating. 

That’s one of the things that I’ve always done to demonstrate that I care. It’s one thing to say that you want to see, hear, and celebrate others. It’s another thing to do what it takes to demonstrate that in a way that is uncommon. To the extent that we can be uncommon in our approach to everything we do, we will be memorable, distinctive, and appreciated. That often does set the stage for people to want to see how you can be more in a relationship, whether it’s a business relationship or anything else.

The Mastermind Effect:  19:17

It’s about being more interested than interesting. That takes you so much further on what you can listen to, learn and give back right there. 

Typically when someone invests in their future, they have a better than a vague idea of the outcome and could be some form of expectation. What should people expect when they come to you and enter Nancy’s reality to work with you?

Nancy Juetten:  20:10

Speakers, experts, and authors, who want to raise their voice, make their impact, and make money every step of the way will be guided step by step to accomplish those objectives. I will apply my velvet boot of accountability to make sure that they keep reaching higher and further to advance their mission, message, and bottom line.

Nancy Juetten:  20:41

I’m the nicest gal on earth until I’m not.  Someone said to me the other day, “I want to grow my Facebook group to 300 members so that I can do a live launch event and accomplish new enrollments to my program. And I said, “Well, what’s the state of your Facebook group today?” I have 38 members. I said, When are you going to add a zero to the right of it, and how fast are you going to make it happen? I’m paying attention. She just says, “Well, I guess I better get that done.” 

In the internet world, they say that only 3% of the people paying attention are ready, willing, and able to buy at this present moment. 3% of 38 is a very small number. If your program is $5,000, $10,000, $30,000, or whatever it is, you probably need more people in your group for it to work out. So get more people in your group. 3% of 3000 could be a real number there, and those people investing meaningfully to be participating at that level. We have to keep on building and serving our audience. We have to demonstrate that the audience is not just names, but they’re human beings who have needs that need to be filled in a powerful way that will make their life better. To the extent that we can make that connection and make that invitation and have the people believe that you are the solution to that problem, that’s how the magic happens.

The Mastermind Effect:  22:14

Find a way to solve a problem. When you do that, you’re leading with the give mentality. You’re making a shift in your mindset and the people you’re going to attract and the people around your mastermind, your coaching your program, whatever that is.

Nancy Juetten:  22:31

I was just having a chat with a gal today who is a copyright expert, and she helps protect your goldmine. If someone absconds with your website content, your logo, or your branding, there’s some repair that you can do. We were talking about it today. I said it’s really hard to sell protection or prevention. People know they need it, but it’s not very sexy. What if somebody is in the thick of it and needs to get the problem solved now because someone’s going to take down their website or something. Why don’t you create some kind of SOS goldmine intervention package, where someone stuck in the middle of that morass right now can have your service to solve the problems so they can get out of that morass as soon as possible. She said, “Oh, my God, this is going to be so much more powerful than the unlikely event that some lousy thing is going to happen, and you want protection, just in case.

Finding that urgency piece is where a lot of people struggle—so being in a mastermind where you can chat about what is going to be the trigger that’s going to compel the person to actually jump, getting to that place. Sometimes it’s hard to get there if you’re doing it alone. You really need to talk it out.

The Mastermind Effect:  23:49

It’s so difficult, especially in the entrepreneurial world, but just as humans to go alone. It just doesn’t make sense. Why not surround yourself with smarter, harder, and faster people than you?

Nancy Juetten:  24:01

That’s what Oprah said, surround yourself only with people who lift you higher. Jack Canfield said you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. He also said drop out of the Ain’t It Awful Club and hang out with people who have a better attitude. Those are some of the best lessons I’ve learned as I’ve read books and attended masterminds and live events. Certain quotes stick with me. And drop out of the Ain’t It Awful is a really good club to get out of when there are so many good things you could accomplish if you’re hanging out with cooler people that saw the possibilities instead of the obstacles. 

The Mastermind Effect:  24:49

Get away from that stinking thinking. Shift rooms or change rooms, it’s really easy. 

Nancy Juetten:  25:03

Funny little story real quick. I’m sure that I’m not the only person in the world who has struggled with overcoming underearning or applying value to what I do. I think women, in particular, suffer from this. I’m over it now.  

I remember being in a group with this very talented woman. She was a financial coach. She would have these events to help women overcome underearning, and you’d go to these events. There would be these downtrodden women looking very unconfident and very dour. She would teach these lessons about overcoming underearning. I’m going to these events, and I’m learning whatever it is, and pretty soon, my wardrobe is better, my makeup is better, and my hair is better. And all of a sudden, my business is better. 

I still am so loyal to this financial coach.  I go to the next overcoming under earning meeting.  I’ve already broken six figures, and things are going well, but I love this woman.  I look around the room, and I’m going, “these are not my people. I have graduated; this is not the club that I need to belong to anymore.” I can still be friends with the lady running it because she’s brilliant, but I am not struggling with that problem anymore. So if we are advancing along the path to mastery as professionals and as human beings and elevating our expectations about what we should achieve and accomplish, sometimes we have to revisit who we’re hanging out with and reach a little higher.

The Mastermind Effect:  26:39

You want the people around you to change rooms. The minute you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. 

I feel that the people that you work with have grit and a grind in how they’re able to succeed and move the needle. Give us a success story of someone that worked with you and what was the outcome because of that, that they maybe they didn’t even see coming?

Nancy Juetten:  27:10

This is a really powerful story. A couple of years ago, I held Raise Your Voice Make Your Impact dinner meetings up and down the coast between California and Washington.  I would invite movers and shakers to come to this dinner that I would host, and they could bring a friend. I had this group of eight amazing people around the room. One of them was unfamiliar to me. But I poured so much value over that dinner. She was the top 1% divorce attorney that wanted to create a coaching program around slaying your negotiations with a narcissist. Still, she knew nothing about internet marketing or how to do it. She decided to work with me in my small intimate group scenario. I taught her the basics of Internet Marketing: how to attract leads, be visible with podcast guesting and speaking, and create a signature talk. I taught her how to do so much. 

If you google her name today, she has millions and millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel. She’s making serious money selling her course on How To Slay Your Negotiations With A Narcissist. She says I want to write a book. But I want a really important person to write the foreword. And I said, “Who do you want to write the foreword?” She said Robert Shapiro, who was involved in the OJ Simpson thing. I said, let’s google him, and let’s find him. Let’s write him a note, and I suggested to her what she could say. The next day, Robert Schapiro wrote back and said, “I got your message, Rebecca. I’d love to write the foreword for your book. Not only that, but I’d love to invite you to this charitable thing I’m doing where you’re going to be in the room with all these critical people, and it’s going to change the trajectory of your life.” 

Those are the kinds of outcomes that Rebecca welcomes to working with me. It was just magic. Rebecca Zung started with me, but now she’s in a whole other category. I’m just proud to say that I was there when it started, and I was the catalyst to support her growth.

The Mastermind Effect:  29:18

Listen to what Nancy just said on how she got that trajectory and how working together and what she’s learned from her experiences are helping other people. Let that sink in on the connections that your person through your course was able to achieve. 

Nancy Juetten:  29:38

One of the things that I’m proud of is sometimes clients come to me because I’m good with messaging, speaking, and articulating what’s special and different about anyone. I wrote the book Bye-Bye Boring Bio, and I’ve made a career out of that. But many of my clients go on, and their success certainly eclipses anything that I have achieved. These people become my lifelong friends. 

I am not a transactional kind of mentor or coach. The people I work with sometimes become so close to me that when the official business relationship is over, the personal relationships sustain for years afterward. These people are still in my world. I think that’s an incredible compliment to all of us for creating a relationship that lasts and being willing to support and cheer each other on beyond the official engagement.

The Mastermind Effect:  30:46

To continue the relationship in a different way after the coaching has said a lot. The people that you’re working with, they’re still involved in your life, and you’re still involved in their life. 

Nancy Juetten:  31:03

You can say you see, hear, celebrate and champion people, but it’s another thing to demonstrate it. How you show up and how you do anything is how you do everything. It’s one thing to have the words, and it’s another to have the actions. 

Sometimes people will reveal that they are dealing with something tough, an illness, dementia with the family, or some reason or an excuse that they choose to not proceed with whatever it is. Can you be that uncommon person that reaches out two weeks later and says, “You mentioned that you’re having challenges with your mom and her dementia? How are you doing? Is there something I could do to support you? I did that very recently. And the woman said, of all the people, I never would have expected that you would be the only one that would reach out. 

If you know people who are having a hard time, be that one that reaches out to say, “Hey, I’m thinking about you. I know this isn’t easy. Is there something I can do to support you?” It’s such a gift. And when the time comes when life isn’t quite so Rocky, and they’re ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work, you’re likely going to be at the top of their list because you demonstrated that you cared about them beyond whatever the deal was. That’s the stand I take for people that I care about and that I work with.

The Mastermind Effect:  32:28

I’ve had different guests on here, and I’m not always the best at remembering. So I make myself a follow-up note.

Nancy Juetten:  32:56

Be uncommon in that way as a human being. In the internet world where I’ve been living for the last over ten years, I ran a public relations agency for the first number of years. It’s been internet marketing since about 2010. People are always saying grow your list. Remember that attached to every email is a human being who has a life, hopes, dreams, problems, and challenges. To the extent that you can reach out to these people with heart, smarts, and care about them as human beings, you’re going to have a lot of greater connection with those people. When they’re ready to enroll in whatever it is that you have to offer, you’re going to be at the top of the list because you were a human being too.

The Mastermind Effect:  33:45

You’d mentioned something if you wouldn’t mind repeating it. It was something you show up and what you say because I just think that was very important. I wanted that to be a sticking point in what we were talking about

Nancy Juetten:  33:59

It’s one thing to say or write on your website that you care about, believe, or stand for certain behaviors, beliefs, missions, or important results. But when you show up through your behavior to demonstrate that, that’s where you become uncommon and preferred. 

The Mastermind Effect:  34:35

It’s relationship capital. It reverberates and comes back around because you lead with the give mentality. 

You’re doing it because it’s important to who you are. And that’s what people need to realize whether you’re on camera off-camera, working with friends, family, colleagues, or whatever it is. Nancy is who Nancy is, seven days a week.

Nancy Juetten:  35:01

I am a professional speaker and a trainer. I’ve been doing that for a very long time. I’m very authentic and genuine in the way I deliver my message, just the way I am right here during this program. Sometimes, when you were able to travel, I get on an airplane and step out of the cab and be out my feet on the property of the hotel; I’m the same person that from the moment my foot hits the pavement at that hotel as I was when I was doing the pre-interview for them to hire me to go and do it. I’m very aware that the more known you are, the higher expectation that people have that you’re going to be all that. Being consistent takes all the pressure off.

The Mastermind Effect:  35:48

Consistency is key and just who you are as a person.

Nancy Juetten:  35:58

This is a cool story about who you are being. I had this little mini mastermind I was running for a while. It was a fairly meaningful investment to be a part of it. It wasn’t something that people would do lightly. And I was involved in the National Speakers Association, in another local group here in town, and in some other online thing. We don’t know who our lurkers are, but some people are lurking and watching all the time. 

One day, this woman calls me, and she says, “I knew you were going to the NSA event, so I went too.  I knew you were going to this event, so I went too because I’ve been watching you. I’m looking for someone like you to help me with this particular problem that I’m trying to solve. I wanted to make sure that who you were in real life is the same person you show up to be online. And I’m absolutely convinced.” She said, “I want to place in your program.”  And I said, “Well, I’m so honored. That’s wonderful. Thank you so much.” She says, “I want to meet you in person and pay you in cash.” And I said, “Okay, how about this? Why don’t you come to my home and we’ll have I’ll brew up a pot of tea, and we’ll have some pastries, and we can go over the paperwork. And if everything’s acceptable to you, we can go ahead and say you can take care of it.” She said okay, and so she comes over to the house. I said, “Well, any questions you have?” And she says, “I’m ready to pay you now.” She had this envelope, and it had quite a lot of money, like thousands of dollars. And I said, “Well, thank you so much.” And she said, “I want you to count it.” And I said I trust you. She said, “No, I want you to take out this money and count it. Because I want you to feel the energy of the money as you counted. Feel the measure of my commitment to succeeding in your program. And I’m modeling for you what I would hope that my clients will do for me when they decide to invest with me.” I was completely gobsmacked because I never held that much cash in my hand at any given time. There is something to the energy of money and the level of commitment that she made and how I showed up on her behalf. 

I’ve never forgotten that story. I even asked her to take a picture of me with all this money in my hand. That money was a demonstration of her commitment to her success, and we were both crystal clear about it. She accomplished magnificent things. If we can all show up to the degree of commitment that she demonstrated, then every mastermind would have a lot more success to celebrate.

Defining Success

The Mastermind Effect:  39:04

Thank you for sharing that. That’s the power. That’s the stuff people don’t always get to hear and see. That’s the power of working with someone like Nancy. That’s the power of being in the right mastermind and surrounding yourself with the right people. It reverberates,  it vibrates, and it continues like a pebble in the pond. 

I’ve got a few more questions. When I talked with my coaches, we talked about success, the pillars of success, and what it takes to be successful. A few that come to mind are mentorship, experimentation, partnerships, willingness to fail. Then on the flip side, willingness to succeed because so many people don’t define success because when we define success, we, in essence, defined failure, and that’s a scary thought right there. What do you think is a key factor when it comes to being successful?

Nancy Juetten:  40:01

One of the biggest factors to being successful is having the courage to ask for what you want. If you don’t ask for what you want, you may not get what you asked for.

The Mastermind Effect:  40:12

That’s simple. I love simple answers sometimes because it makes you think, and you can dive into it.

Nancy Juetten:  40:21

Another question that I think is really important is what kind of business do you want to build in the first place? Some people want to build an empire that will survive them. Some people want to build a high-end boutique business, where it’s going to be them, a virtual assistant, and a few contractors that support them. 

If I had to do it again, I wish I would have answered that question 20 years ago. It’s so intoxicating, the pictures painted about what’s possible to build an empire and what can happen if all of that happens. Not everybody is Sara Blakely of Spanx, who figures out a solution to a particular problem and creates the solution that she created. Some of us are specialists or boutique providers. There’s no shame or blame in making that choice. Generally, the boutique track is probably the choice that I should have made and should have been more deliberate about, but I think I got a little waylaid by the hype. 

It’s important to ask important questions. Ask for what you want so that you can get it. Also, dig into what kind of a business model will be sustainable and enjoyable for you to love your life and work. There are plenty of people that have bought themselves into a business model that may be very lucrative, but they’re very unhappy. One without the other isn’t good enough.

The Mastermind Effect:  42:01

Some questions are very obvious that they’re there, and we choose not to ask ourselves or the people around us that we trust. Our coaches, mentors, and family members will be willing to listen. You might not have the answer or they might not have the answer, but they can help work through that. 

Nancy Juetten:  42:33

Maybe you don’t learn that until you’ve been at it for 20 years. Perhaps you couldn’t possibly know when you started that that was not the right path for you. 

I’ll never forget this other story. When you’re starting your first business, you think I just want clients, and I just want to do this thing that I do. I want to do it every day because I’m so good at it. I remember that I had a very prestigious client who had a very big name. But the marketing director that I was working with was hard to work with and I felt very discounted by this person. I’m thinking that I’m working with this world-class client, but I hate every minute of it because of the way I feel in my relationship with this particular person of influence. I was complaining about it to my CPA, and he said, “You got into business for yourself because you wanted to make money. Have fun and make money, and one without the other isn’t good enough.” He says, “Well, you need to get this client off the books and replace them with someone you feel better about.” 

I had another colleague who ran a financial planning practice and was pretty successful at it. He says people just don’t get to come in here just because they want to. I said, “What do you mean?” He says if someone wants to come in, I tell them, “I’m so honored that you want to work with us. The new business development committee is meeting next week, and we’ll let you know if you’ve made the cut.” I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, that sounds so exclusive.” It sounds so exclusionary, but he said it with such conviction.  I thought someday, and I’m going to be like that. I’m only going to let the cool people behind the velvet rope. 

Another thing to consider is making sure if this really the ideal person I should be working with? Or should I refer them elsewhere so they can get a better outcome? 

The Mastermind Effect:  44:45

It’s a good feeling when you can sit there be like, “Nope, we’re not for each other.” And that’s okay when you can turn business away. 

Nancy Juetten:  44:59

That takes a while to learn how to do that. Another little lesson is to stop trying to make not your people your people. If it doesn’t feel like a fit, don’t commit on either side.

The Mastermind Effect:  45:17

There are new ideas brewing in times of prosperity. When the world’s winning, it’s easier to win or to get people to attract people. But I think ingenuity and creativity come when we feel the squeeze, and we’re still feeling the squeeze. What are you working on right now that will take place over the next 12 months that excite you?

Nancy Juetten:  45:43

I am very excited about guiding experts, authors, and speakers to become the podcast dream guest that top hosts like you can’t wait to book. When I guide all those folks to become podcast dream guests that top hosts can’t wait to book, they’re going to be able to make the connection with people of influence on a do-it-yourself basis without hiring an expensive agency. They’re going to be able to advance their mission and their message and make money every step of the way. 

It is a full-service circle moment that a publicist like me who started in the old school world of newspapers has come full circle to the virtual world where podcast guesting is the hot thing to do. All those publicity skills that I’ve honed over decades, and all the talents I have for seeing, hearing, and celebrating others, I can impart that to a whole army of experts, speakers, and authors who have messages to share that need an audience to hear them. I’m looking forward to that

The Mastermind Effect:  46:44

There is an art to it. There is a networking component. There are so many different things in being on a podcast because when you’re there, you have a responsibility. Any listener out there who wants to be a podcast guest; you have a responsibility in the information as a podcast host and a podcast guest. You have a responsibility on the impact of the effect that someone that is listening that it will make on their life. Don’t go into it lightly. Don’t do it because it’s the cool thing to do.

Nancy Juetten:  47:24

Well, to that end, we are having a long-form conversation, and there could have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people that listen to us at some later point. Are they made better for the conversation that we had? Did they get the opportunity to meet both of us to the point that they would know that finding more about what mastermind would be right for them and that you’re the guy to show them how? If they want to become the podcast dream guest that maybe I could help them? A lot of the enrollment has already happened if people enjoyed this conversation. 

The most important thing about podcast guesting is to remember that there’s a very influential host on the other side of that microphone. When the microphone goes silent, there’s going to be an opportunity to explore how else you can support each other in business and who else you can be introduced to or that you can introduce them to help advance their greater good. There are five-star reviews you can post for that podcast host. There are subscriber buttons that can be pressed so that more listeners could be watching. Don’t just think about what you want; think about what that podcast host wants. Awesome things will unfold when you consider everyone’s interests and see how you can advance them all just by showing up and being of service in that way.

The Mastermind Effect:  48:44

If you want to connect with Nancy, find a way to enter her world. Start commenting, building the value, creating that relationship, and appreciating what she does.

Nancy Juetten:  49:07

When we started this conversation, you asked me who I was invested in and how I met them? I’m invested in Kelly Roach’s Unstoppable Entrepreneur Program. It’s a year-long program, and it was a meaningful investment. How did I meet her? I met her by listening to a long-form conversation with another former mentor, Ali Brown. I was so impressed by the quality of the conversation they had and what differentiating her approach was that I couldn’t stop myself from enrolling in a five-day training challenge that she hosted. And I was so impressed by how she delivered that content that making the decision to say yes to her program was an easy yes for me. 

It started with a podcast. I wasn’t thinking about buying anything. I was just riding my bike or walking my dog. Look at me now fully invested in getting great results. People are listening to this podcast and saying, “Gosh, these people sound interesting. Maybe I’m going to take away a lesson from this and want to take a step further in either one of our directions. I believe that the right people will be invited to do so.” The people that aren’t interested will be running in the opposite direction. But to the extent that we can use our time wisely to talk to more of the right people, it’s a win. 

The Mastermind Effect:  50:25

What is a tip, a tactic, or an actual item that if someone listening to this implemented this over the next 30, 60, or 90 days, they would see a real impact on their personal or business life?

Nancy Juetten:  50:36

Become the podcast dream guest that top hosts can’t wait to book and invite new clients to become part of your world so that you can profit and serve in the way that only you can. It is the single most powerful strategy in the post-COVID-19 environment to catapult you to a level of visibility, credibility, and profitability that you can write home to mom about.

The Mastermind Effect:  51:02

If that’s what you’re looking for and what you want to do, reach out. You’ve got the resources, and you’re listening to it right now. Reach out to Nancy and become part of her group. It’s a free group with so much value. Add right there. Start right there. If you’ve got one thing to do, start and go over to the Facebook group, join it and go from there. Build your adventure from there. 

We have got the founder of Get Known Get Paid, Nancy Juetten. Nancy, thank you so much for your time today and everything that you gave here.

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There are actually different pivots that you can have when you get into the right room, so be open to all of them.” – Nancy Juetten

“We are all responsible to ourselves to pursue lifelong learning in every possible way that we can.” – Nancy Juetten

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