018: Nathalie Herrey | Find your Who, Not Your How

In this episode, I brought in guest Nathalie Herrey. Nathalie is a brand specialist at Spotlight Media Group. She is also a mastermind and coach and the founder of Arena Coaching. Nathalie has risen from the ashes of life and unimaginable hardships to become a true warrior who knows her worth. Her knowledge of social media and passion for empowering women helps them excel in their lives and careers to find and live their superpowers.

Today we focus on finding the who instead of your how. We talk about the three people that you need in your life today and knowing that it’s okay to ask for help.

[00:01 – 01:56] Opening Segment

  • – I introduce and welcome guest, Nathalie Herrey.
  • – You can connect with Nathalie online. See the links below.

[01:57 – 07:22] The Three Different Groups of People You Need

  • – Nathalie talks about the value of having the three different groups of people that you surround yourself
  • – People that inspire you
  • – People that are on a similar journey as you and have a similar mindset
  • – People that you might inspire
  • – Knowing that you need help – the reason why coaches and groups are important to your journey

[07:23 – 13:04] The Power of Relationships

  • – Nathalie talks about the vital role that masterminds have played in her journey
  • – Playing to your strengths and asking for help and guidance for your weaknesses
  • – Staying focussed
  • – Forms of learning that Nathalie prefers for her personal and professional growth

[13:05 – 21:12] Nathalie as a Mastermind

  • – Nathalie shares her experience as a Mastermind
  • – What can you expect if you enter Nathalie’s world?
  • – The importance of research and getting ready before joining
  • – Have the mindset of being coachable
  • – Nathalie talks about how the people she coached and attended her mastermind surprised her with their results

[21:13 – 29:19] What It Takes To Create Success

  • – Nathalie gives advice that will help you overcome the barriers and reach the top.
  • – Consistency, resiliency, and surrounding yourself with the three people you need
  • – What are you working on right now that’s gonna take place in the next 12 months that really excites you?
  • – I’m actually going into several different ventures—part of IM Academy and LFG together with Jason Stone.
  • – Nathalie shares amazing tips and tricks that will help you get in front of the line
  • – It’s WHO, not HOW. Find your who, not your how. Focus on the who and get to your who as fast as you can.
  • – Final words from me

Tweetable Quotes:

“That’s something that really helped me, just reaching out and realizing, okay, this is gonna take too much time. I have two choices. I either get stuck here or I unstuck myself and ask somebody else for help. And that’s how we move the needle so much faster.” – Nathalie Herrey

“One of the biggest things is to come in with the mindset of being coachable.” – Nathalie Herrey

“People have a way of surprising us. Due to their willingness, their drive, their willingness to learn.” – Brandon Straza

Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Nathalie on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

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