Nic Peterson | Intention Intervention Gap

022: Nic Peterson | Intention Intervention Gap

Nic Peterson is the founder of Mastery Mode and is regarded as one of the great philosophers and results leaders of our time. He can do such feats because he works and surrounds himself with the right people.

In this episode, we get into the intention intervention gap and how we are paralyzing our actions by overanalyzing and overthinking the situation at hand. We talk a little bit about mental health and how times are just a little bit different.

[02:07 – 12:36] The Intention Intervention Gap

How do you define learning? For Nic, it’s all about closing the “intention intervention gap.” That gap is there when you’ve learned something new from reading a book or watching a video— but you did not modify your behaviour accordingly to apply what you’ve learned.  

Learning about this concept from a good friend changed Nic’s definition of learning. Not only did he become a voracious reader (he used to not be a fan of books), he also became more intentional about closing the gap. In short, he found himself following this pattern: consume information – modify behavior – repeat.  

If you’re not following the same pattern yet after learning something new, Nic shares a rhetorical question he asks himself which you can also reflect on— “If I haven’t modified my behavior, have I really learned it?”

In addition to sharing with us what the intention-intervention gap is, Nic also shares the names of a few people he is currently learning from. (Check their links below at the bottom of this page.) He also shares a valuable piece of advice to everyone who’s currently feeling stuck at the moment. Whether you want to get unstuck from solving problems or making decisions, find that one person who you trust enough to tell you what to do. Just try it.

[12:37 – 19:51] Self-Education

Nic has previously mentioned that he’s a voracious reader. In this part of our conversation, he shares about the other forms of learning he prefers. First, he likes to learn from other people’s experiences. He likes hearing about different perspectives and seeing how other people look at things.

Second, he shares his favorite type of mastermind. It’s the workshop type where people get to share to other attendees, and then they’ll give him advice and tell him or her what they think, much like being in a hot seat. If you’re wondering why he prefers this over an event type of mastermind, it’s because with an event type, you get the risk of having your audience go home and all of them will just try to be like “Steve!” Instead, what Nic wants to do with his mastermind is “to meet people where they’re at and have the whole group do the same.” That’s a wonderful group to be a part of, isn’t it?

[19:52 – 24:16] Nic as a Mastermind

At this point, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to be in Nic’s mastermind. Why would you want to be a part of it? 

To give us a better idea, Nic shares with us a glimpse of what it’s like once you enter his reality.“You have to be ready to not be right” and “My whole world is a world of it depends,” Nic shares.

Not all people would ask Nic further about what he means with “it depends” but when they do, he explains that it depends on what they’re optimizing for. Do they want to spend more time with their kids? Do they want more Instagram followers?? Whatever their answer may be, Nic will then help these people get closer to the things that really matter to them in the end.

Lastly, working with Nic also means you have to be ready to define what success for you is. When you define success, you also define failure. For Nic, this is an important first step if you want to get to that part where you actually create it.

[24:17 – 30:07] How To Create Success

We all want to create success but a lot of people have an AVERSION to being successful and knowing how to get there. I asked Nic why he thinks so. His answer? It’s because we say we want to be successful but when opportunity comes, we sabotage ourselves.

Nic shares his experience working with people who are really gifted but are experiencing issues about self-worth. According to Nic, there’s survivorship bias, lots of feelings of shame and guilt, and a lot of other things we grew up with. And when that time comes when we’ve already learned to address these issues is probably the time we can say we’re truly ready to create our own success.

To add, Nic and I also talked about people who are surprisingly talented who went to his mastermind and what was the outcome for them for being part of it. To further help us understand what it really takes to be successful, Nic shares what all these people have in common—the willingness to listen and learn. So keep on listening closely to their stories too! There are probably a lot of things you can take away from their experiences.

[30:08 – 39:02] Closing Segment

To wrap up this episode, I asked Nic what he’s currently working on that really excites him. He shares they’re currently working on a platform where you can go and find people who are the best in what they do. It’s an app called Mastery Mode App one of Nic’s main reasons for developing it is that “true technicians are being out-marketed but marketers.” “It’s because they’re technicians, not marketers,” he adds.

If you’re interested to know more about the Mastery Mode app or if you want to connect with Nic, I’ll be sharing his social media and website links below. Thank you for listening to the Mastermind Effect. 

Tweetable Quotes:

“Even if you can follow other people’s problems, it’s really difficult to solve your own.” – Nic Peterson

“I think one thing we do differently is we try to really meet people where they’re at and help the whole group do the same.” – Nic Peterson

“When you define success, you have effectively also defined failure.” – Nic Peterson


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