068: Nixie Davidsohn | Thinking Outside The Box

Hey everyone! Today, we have Nixie Davidsohn, the Founder of Nixie Wellness. Thinking unconventionally or “Thinking outside the box” defines this episode. Nixie lives a life without a box.

We talk about how she’s utilizing gaming and other well-known platforms, like Twitch, to make an impact on a larger audience. She talks about how having fun through her day allows her to share energy, and so much more. Check it out!

Nixie’s learning journey and Masterminds

The Mastermind Effect:  02:06

Let’s dive into it. The availability for us to learn has drastically changed over the last 5 to 10 years. When we were younger, there were teachers, textbooks, coworkers, family, friends, and neighbors, but that’s really only a sliver of what’s possible. How is your learning changed from your early years versus today?

Nixie Davidsohn:  02:29

I used to rely on school a lot. I was a straight A student. My mentors were teachers and professors. Then today, ever since I graduated college, I continue to learn. I love learning and I was super into school. Most of the stuff I do is I search online. I search Google Scholar and PubMed. I do my own research and I make sure that it has been verified as much as possible. I’m learning recently about all this technology. I actually learned from people. I recently joined this app called Discord. I’m telling other people about it and they’re like, “That’s been around forever”.  I have met so many kind and loving people that are like, “Oh, I’m here to help you like.” I have specific coaches and mentors in every subject of my life.

The Mastermind Effect:  03:46

Yes. I think that’s important not to just sit there and say, “Hey, I’ve got this coach or this mentor”. You need it for different aspects, whether it’s personal or business. That really leads into what I was wanting to talk to you about next. We have more ways to take in information than ever before. Some people learn from accountability buddies, masterminds coaches, mentors, online courses, and there are a lot of ways to learn. Who are you currently learning from? And more importantly, how did you find them?

Nixie Davidsohn:  04:18

One of the coaches I have recently spoke to and he was kind enough to give me his time. I see that most people are in the coaching position or mentor position like I am, we’re willing to give you all the time you need. You don’t need to pay us or be our client. We want to help other people become better people. He gave me like two to three hours of his time. His name was Spencer Taylor. He inspired me to go forth, do what I felt was right for me in my heart, to be my authentic self, and use that to create the success that I want. I literally even hired this coach yet. I haven’t even paid him and he is willing to give me his time and his Facebook group. Honestly, high quality information can be accessed for free. I know that as soon as I’m able to, I will hire him and level up. 

The Mastermind Effect:  05:29

That’s a big thing. You’re learning from Spencer Taylor and other coaches and mentors that are out there. You mentioned that a lot of this information is available for free now. It’s tough because sometimes you got to go through the weeds and find out is this who I’m learning from a legitimate thing. We’ve been working with the team over The Success Finder, so we can help find a way to ease the search portion of it. Have you ever found where you’re looking for that coach, mastermind or that mentor, and you’re like, you buy a bag of beans, then all of a sudden, even with your own research, you missed the markers?

Nixie Davidsohn:  06:08

 Yes,100%. I followed “Big Badass Business Babes” and they’ve got millions of girls. I followed her for probably a year until I realized I got no value. It was a toxic situation. It was like the information was not practical. There were so many women that I went to and they gave me nothing. They just said like, “Pay me $10,000 and I will tell you my secret”. I was like, “Well, can you just give me an example, a worksheet, a formula, or something that I can prove in the next two weeks that what you do works.” Like Spencer Taylor did. I had already leveled up from just our one-hour conversation, because we talked about real things that you need to do to achieve your dreams. That was like the biggest thing. Honestly, for years, I would do these breakthrough calls and talk to these coaches on Facebook. They have huge Facebook groups and huge Instagram following. They have their own website with subscribers, courses, and teachable. They’ve got all these things but there was no value. As a professional who’s created a company that got into Forbes, I know what it takes to actually formulate and create a minimum viable product. Then create that product bigger and better and get that word out. When I’m looking for a coach to help me become a professional streamer and a professional online virtual coach, I need someone who’s actually been there and done it. Recently, I’ve been not been able to find it.

The Mastermind Effect:  08:21

Yes, that’s the thing. One of my coaches who I met over a year ago, they sat there and he’ll talk about when he’s on stage. He’ll sit there and hear the teachers, educators, and the coaches as they come off., Then, he’ll say, “So, you got the crowd all worked up, what did you give them to actually implement? What did you give them, that’s an actual item that they can actually from hearing you today, they can take and they can do something and see real results?” That’s the problem. It’s the “rah rah”. It’s the hype. I feel you; my own coach says the same thing. 

This kind of feeds into the next. A lot of people get stuck and they don’t know how to execute what’s in their head. We’re still going through a pandemic, and I believe that this is causing a reset and how we’re able to accomplish things. How masterminds or coaching helps you when you’re looking to reset yourself and get unstuck?

Nixie Davidsohn:  09:22

The coaching part is really important. Mind over matter. You just mentioned COVID. The mental health part, the anxiety, and the fear of missing out on what am I doing with my life. It’s the psychological like, “Listen, I’ve talked to you, I know who you are. I know you can do this.” That is when you need the “rah rah”. You don’t need the “rah” rah in the beginning.  It’s like when you’ve been streaming for a week and you only hot 3 followers and got 3 people in. That’s when the coach comes in and you can talk to your coach about what are you doing wrong. That’s when they coach you up and mentor you up. The coach comes in when you’re stuck. They lift your spirit up because you need this energy to tackle layer upon layer of technology, or whatever you’re into. Whatever you’re doing, your coach will help. Your coach sees like a helicopter looking at traffic. They can see what’s going to happen next. Your coach can be experienced in exactly what you want to do. You have to go to a coach that had done it before. Otherwise, like I was saying, I was talking to the girls, and I said, “Okay, I want to sell my products”. But they were they were only selling horses. They couldn’t tell me how do I get my product into the grocery store or how do I get my product in into the Forbes list. They couldn’t tell me that. They could tell me you should be on Facebook more. You should go talk to people more, go in groups and comment meaningful comments. That doesn’t help me sell my product but it does help me network for different career. They were telling me what they were experienced. It will help them do what they’re doing. We need different coaches for different things. 

The Mastermind Effect:  12:32

Yes. They can see around corners that we can’t see because they’ve actually stepped in the landmine, and made the mistake. They know how to extrapolate the best out of you. If you’re playing weak, they’re going to sit there, shake you and say, “Listen, you are better than this. Here are the steps you need to do to accomplish whatever it is you’re building”. 

Talking about self-education and standardized education., Masterminds have been around for a long time. Probably since the apostles to Benjamin Franklin when he created the Judo club, to this guy named Napoleon Hill.  He wrote a book called Think and Grow Rich where talks about masterminds. There’s this large boom of self-education right now. Where do you see the shift happening between self-education and standardized education going forward?

Self-Education and Nixie’s reality

Nixie Davidsohn:  13:46

I think that people are realizing that their insecurity about not having a college degree is actually insecurity about not paying a private business for a piece of paper to tell you that you know something. All that knowledge is available online or through other professional. I think the future is less and less kids are going to college or college is going to drastically change. It will become more privatized because the public school system has been teaching people how to be cogs in a wheel. We do need cashiers we do and those people but you can be more than that and talented. You can work a nine to five and then you can go home and make your real money playing video games. I think that more people are going to just learn from each other. Almost like going backwards in time, like you said, like the philosophers and Ben Franklin. The level of education that is being given in the public school system shouldn’t be called education. You got to pay for any good education. Then in online, it’s different. You can come and learn this stuff for free right now. You can go on YouTube. The information is free. I believe that we’re going to provide value in a different way. I wish that it would move more into a barter system because we help each other. Right? We don’t exchange money but we help each other make more money on or individually. Can you go into that a little bit? What do you think about that?

The Mastermind Effect:  16:02

I think it’s brilliant. You and I’ve had several conversations. The other people that I’ve had on the podcast have had silver conversations. At no given point, are we sitting there exchanging monies but we’re exchanging energy? The energy that it takes to put into the conversation. We’re exchanging ideas that were in different industries, per se. By listening to you and how you’ve built stuff and what you continue to build, I’m able to pluck ideas out. It’s completely different but I can implement this over here. The one asset we can’t get back is time. I talked about this in the solo shows, the pillars of success and one of them is who you’re surrounding yourself with. If something doesn’t fit in that arena and isn’t bringing value and you’re not able to bring value back. It doesn’t have to be financial value, it can just be intellectual knowledge, or  a conversation to lift you up. If they aren’t bringing value, you’ve got to remove them from the equation, because you’re only going to drag yourself and the people around you down. There’s going to be tough days but if you have the right circle of people that you can reach out to, it’s a phone call or zoom away. The bartering system based before the current education system, which was built based off a worker bees. We still have the worker bee mentality in the standardized education but  it just doesn’t work like it used to. You have “YouTube University” that is what you were alluding to, when you learned how to do something and it cost you nothing. It cost you your time, but it’s something of value that you’re able to get because someone else out there took the time to do that video. You probably liked it and made a comment like, “Hey, thanks. I’ve been looking for this for a while”. That helps other people to see that that person could be a value for them as well. I know the value of two people is greater than just being by yourself.

Nixie Davidsohn:  18:01

Literally what you just said, I liked it. I commented and that hundreds of 1000s of people also did that. And guess what? That actually does pay that person. we don’t pay them, but Youtube and Google do. 

Nixie Davidsohn:  18:31

They’ve got all the money. We people down on the ground and the roots, down in the weeds, we don’t have to take our stimulus check that we’re getting every week and throw that at a coach. You need that money to live, pay your rent, electricity and internet so you can work.

The Mastermind Effect:  18:55

Before we go into the next one, someone says to me, “Man, you think outside the box.” I said “No, I don’t. I just don’t have a box”. They’re like, “Oh, what do you mean?” I’m like, “why do we confine ourselves, like we have for so many decades and centuries that you think differently?” When you surround yourself with people like Nick See, Steve and Frederick and I’m throwing out different people that have been on the podcast, you don’t think differently. You just you do it because you’re looking to solve a problem. You’re doing it because you want to lead with the given mentality. You’re doing it because it not only makes the other person feel good, and they can take that energy and bring that out there. 

The Mastermind Effect:  21:16

All right, back on track. When someone invests in their future, they want to know kind of what they’re going to get out of it and what the expectation is. What should someone expect when they enter Nixie’s reality and works with you?

Nixie Davidsohn:  21:48

Number one, acceptance— non-judgement, authenticity, honesty. When someone chooses to work with me, as we choose to work together, we have a conversation, and we say, “Is this the right fit?” Just like us, Brandon, we said before we go on this podcast like, “is this the right fit? Do we buy?” Are we able to communicate and understand each other at a deeper level, and not just a surface level? Are we able to feel safe with one another? I’m not going to accept a client that I don’t feel safe with and that client is not going to get anywhere if they don’t feel safe with their coach and mentor. I have clients that are younger, in their teens, and we know how scared and frightened and hormonal we are. Of course, they have those moments where they feel like, “I don’t want to express this to my mentor, because she’s going to be disappointed in me and it’s going to overburden her”. I’ll tell you what, that doesn’t happen. I get these questions every single day. Do you feel exhausted after helping people? Do you feel like you have all these burdens on you?  No, that’s your burden. That’s your life. I am just here to help people. If I accept you as a client and you accept me as a mentor, we work together to help you live your best life through love, faith, passion, fitness, and nutrition. Those are my five pillars. I use those things to help dig deeper, and find out what’s going on and help you change. Transform your perception and mind to create a reality that you’ve only dreamed over or haven’t even imagined yet. I’m living in a reality I never imagined. It’s happier and better than I could have ever imagined where I was a few levels ago.

The Mastermind Effect:  23:51

Every day when you wake up, you want to be a better version of yourself than the day before. But there are days when you wake up and you just don’t have that version of yourself and that’s where you need that phone call or the messaging back and forth with a Nixie. That’s why it’s important who you surround yourself with. You can choose who you want to surround yourself with and people are more accessible today than ever before. If I want to access Tony Robbin and Dean Graziosi, I probably have to go through a lot of hoops. But can I find someone that is actually wanting to interact with me more and has worked with them and they’ve been on the show? Coincidentally, I was able to reach out to them. It didn’t cost anything and they reached back to me. They’re like, “I love what you’re doing.” We were able to have that interaction and positive energy to go back and forth and learn from each other. It was equally as good. They had already lived in that world and they were still a little more boots on the ground. 

Nixie Davidsohn:  25:14

How do you climb the stairs to the top? What are the steps made?

The Mastermind Effect:  25:18

Yes. What’s the roadmap? Work with me because I’m going to put my energy, my time and my money and my mouth where it goes. It looks like you might have a thought right there.

Nixie Davidsohn:  25:27

I’m learning how to play video games right now. I was learning how to play Zelda last night and all of the keys on the switch. You said roadmap, and it reminded me that I found out the key last night to see the map. I hadn’t seen the map. I got my inventory and there’s the map. And guess what, what happens when you find a map? There’s a dip, go here to the girl, got the red dot, here’s the gold that go here. Take this path. That’s what a coach does. A coach gives you the map and says, “Take this path”. Otherwise, you’re just wandering around the whole world, trying to figure everything.

The Mastermind Effect:  26:50

I feel that people have a way of surprising us, whether it’s their drive, their willingness to learn. The rooms that you work in, you put together, and both parties are selecting each other. Has anyone been through your coaching, through your mentorship that has surprised you? What was the outcome because the two of you work together?

Nixie Davidsohn:  27:27

I’m thinking of a few. My first one was when I was personally training last year.  I got into virtual coaching because I was a personal trainer and nutritionist for the past 10 years. I was coaching him. He’s a father to two little girls. His wife was always on the road that is why his life is like a single father. I had to coach him a lot. I had to get him to eat and sleep. I even coached him how to be a dad when little girl was being stubborn. Mike was older than me but he listened to everything I told him. He just got his life just got better. We were working to increase his speed in a marathon and he was able to beat his last marathon by eight and a half minutes. He was able to go a whole mile faster after working together for about six to eight weeks. He was able to change the way that he run and changes mind that he could do this. When he came back and he was so surprised when he finished the race. He was surprised with his time. 

My most recent one was a young girl under the age of 18. She’s a teenager and a senior in high school. I was working with her with an eating disorder. I recovered from an eating disorder. Within six weeks, her mom calls me and tells me about the results so far. Then said we want to work with you for a much longer time because we’re just getting started and she’s already eating way healthier. Before it was just not eating or eating sugar. The biggest turnaround was when she told me that she got into the college she was applying for. We work together every step of the way to get all the applications together. I was one of her references. I am shaking right now like the surprise of the speed of her growth of seeing her twice a week for the past six months. The way that her perception altered, the way that she realized her power so quickly and then started using it and taking it. I guess it surprises me because I’ve been training a long time and sometimes people lose that drive to continue getting better. They decide this is it. I’m good enough. I’m done. It’s a sad moment when they decide.

The Mastermind Effect:  31:30

That’s tough. I think that’s where it comes back to making sure you have the right mentor or coach to sit and be like, “No, you’ve got these extra gears, and I’m going to help you get those gears going. I’m going to be there and challenge you. I’m going to be a cheerleader, but I’m going to get you in those extra gears.”

Nixie Davidsohn:  32:02

I will say that is the biggest difference between being a virtual happiness coach online and being a personal trainer and the people I’m talking about. They were working towards a physical goal. They’re not able to afford the time to get personally trained and pay for that psych session. But I am still friends with them on Facebook and I still text them. Like you said, they have access to me. I don’t care if you can’t pay me. I’m going to call you every three to six months to see where you at in your life. I’m going to be there to lift you up. Even if you’re still down, I’m still going to make you get on that camera. I’m going to say, “Girl, I know you’re better than this. You don’t have to listen to that demon on your shoulder. You don’t have to listen to that inner critic. You are beautiful. I don’t care if you gained back every single pound and twice as much that we lost together. That’s okay because your soul is still pure. Your soul still has a bunch of things to do here. If it didn’t, you’d be gone.” I think that’s where you’re going to dig deep into their purpose.

Thinking Outside The Box

The Mastermind Effect:  33:15

Yes, that’s important. What is your why today? And let’s work towards that. What are you working on that’s going to take place over the next 12 months that excites you?

Nixie Davidsohn:  33:33

It’s a streaming on Twitch. This is a Mario Kart live home circuit. I’ve been working too hard, a lot of my life and not playing enough and not having enough fun. I’m really excited about learning how to have more fun. But while I’m playing video games, I’m happiness coaching. You can come in and watch Mario Kart at the same time be uplifted, and have a positive impact. That’s what I’m super excited about. I’m going to be freestyle rapping. I’m going to be playing video games. I’m going to be happiness coaching every single morning, Monday through Friday. Those are the main things. 

The Mastermind Effect:  34:50

I used to game a lot and then I started my first company and realize that I had to step back because I wasn’t able to balance between the two. There was no revenue coming in. I got to do business, but if we ever have a child, someday I probably get back into gaming. If anyone listens to this, this will be different than any interview that I’ve done. Because we’ve talked about different ways of you wanting to still be a kid and having fun. And the thing is we kill the kid out of us as time goes on. We just suck the fun out of us and say, “we’ve got to live in these constraints”. What we’re doing is not traditional, it’s thinking outside the box. Again, forget the box and being traditional.

The Mastermind Effect:  35:55

If what you’re doing brings happiness, and allows you to impact more people because of that, what does it matter? What does it matter if it’s not traditional?

Nixie Davidsohn:  36:06

Yes, this is what speaks to people. All of us at home, we don’t know what to do with our lives. We’re living off stimulus checks. Like you said, through video games, I’m going to happiness coach. I’m not going to be because I tried teachable courses. My clients said, “I want to talk to you live, I want to have that interaction”. Then I did the mastermind thing and I did not like the ones you’re talking about. I actually feel like I’m going to make a streamers mastermind, because I have these few people who are really helping me. 

The Mastermind Effect:  37:12

My brain was going there, I was going to talk to you afterwards. You need to take something that doesn’t exist out there and take something that does exist. Make stuff that you’ve been training on for so many years, take that trifecta and bring it into one thing.

Nixie Davidsohn:  37:27

I’m already working on it. It’s called the Happiness Force. We have a Discord. I’m seriously in the mixing network.  I’m looking for other people who love to express their authentic self. My spiritual belief is that your true purpose is “to be”, it’s not “to do”. It’s to be to be who you are. Through that, you will attract the  positive energy. 

The Mastermind Effect:  38:49

One last thing, you’ve given so many things. What is a tip, a tactic, an actionable item, that if someone listening to this implemented it, they would see real impact in their personal or business life over the next 30, 60, or 90 days?

Nixie Davidsohn:  39:14

I’ll say a general thing. Everyone is trying to be someone else. Stop trying to be the person you think the world wants you to be and start being your authentic self. Stop being who your mom and dad want you to be and start being yourself. The number one thing is you need to be you find the happiness mentor. Be authentic and take responsibility for who you truly are. 

The Mastermind Effect:  40:37

I looked down, because I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, and I’ll have a thought and I’ll just write a quote or something. What you said right there, I think pertains to this, “Everyone fails at who they’re supposed to be, succeed at who you want to be.”

Nixie Davidsohn:  40:58

That’s what I mean, we vibe well and we’re on the same page.

Tweetable Quotes:

“You made mistakes getting to where you are. But the number one thing is you need to be YOU” – Nixie Davidsohn

“Be authentic. Take responsibility for who you truly are.” – Nixie Davidsohn 

“Everyone is trying to be someone else. Stop trying to be the person you think the world wants you to be and start being your authentic self.” – Nixie Davidsohn 

“Your true purpose is to “be”. It’s not to “do”, it’s to “be”, To be who you are. Through that, you will attract positive energy.” – Nixie Davidsohn

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