006: Randy Molland | The One-Brain Mentality

Randy Molland talks about discovering the one-brain mentality and how Masterminds can help you find what makes you stand out in your industry.

About Randy Molland: 

Coming from a trades heavy family Randy Molland always knew working with his hands was a gift. He quickly realized he was talented at understanding electricity and at 16 started his Electrical Apprenticeship. By 22, Randy was a Red Seal Journeyman and running crews and multiple job sites. He always knew buying a house early was the dream and at the young age of 24, he bought his first property. Being a single guy working long days, Randy quickly realized that since he was rarely home, he could rent out his house and make an extra $500/month. This is what started the idea of building a passive income lifestyle.

He went through a life changing experience shortly after buying his house, losing his mentor and best friend. Randy realized that life was too short to work Monday to Friday 8-4 for the next 40 years and that if he was going to change the pattern in his family and life, it had to be now. He invested in a lot of education on how to continue building passive income and fell in love with the process, opportunity, and freedom that being an entrepreneur gave to him.

On This Episode:

  • – Unlock the power of education through YouTube university.

  • – Discover the one-brain mentality.

  • – Hear the way giving can revolutionize your life and business.

  • – Randy explains why he always preferred being hands on as opposed to traditional learning.

  • – Learn how to go from idea to execution.

Key Takeaways:

  1. – Practical application can be more beneficial than a textbook.

  2. – Masterminds can help you find what makes you stand out in your industry.

  3. – Have a for-purpose business

Tweetable Quote:

  • All it takes is one relationship to change your trajectory forever. – Randy Molland

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