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Hey, everybody, welcome back to the show, where you know, I believe the only way to unlock your potential is to tap into the experience of others. And today is a solo show, and I’m obviously not Brandon. I’m Renee Bobb, hijacking the solo show to talk about developing a money mindset.

But first, really quick, I want to share with you my offer. I offer a monthly wealth-building mastermind group designed to provide strategies and resources to shift your thinking, shift good behavior that will increase your income. This is designed for entrepreneurs and individuals ready to make the money shift. To learn more, check us out at reneebobbtraining.com. Again, that’s reneebobbtraining.com. So alright, now on to the show “How to Develop a Money Mindset.”


This is information I learned from my mentor, Tony Robbins. Tony always says that success leaves clues. Go figure out the things that someone successful did. Then, model it, improve it, learn their steps, they have the knowledge.


Today I want to share with you how you begin to develop a money mindset. The strategies that I’m sharing with you are things that I have incorporated into my life, especially when I was going through a challenging time. I began to do a lot of research to identify what keeps me on a block financially. And what I found out is I had to change my thinking to change my life. So I want to talk to you about some of the challenges you deal with and how to overcome those challenges, especially when it comes to developing a money mindset.


Number one, are you someone who’s stuck and has an association with money that’s negative? Do you still have these things that are kind of holding you back financially? If yes, how do you begin to shift your negative association with money? Number one, start reading. Number two, there are so many amazing YouTube videos that you can listen to. Then number three, begin to surround yourself with people who are successful financially, people you can begin to model after.


For number two, sometimes we never have enough money a month. So just like you shower, or if you have children, you take care of your children. If you work a full-time job, you work full-time. If you’re running a business, you put all that energy into running a business. But what about making generating an income a must?


Keep in mind, I’m not talking about the love of money, I’m talking about creating a system and a process where you are focused on generating income. Because if you’re an entrepreneur, you need money to run a business. If you’re just an individual, you need money to live. So there’s nothing wrong with making having enough money a must.


Number three, another challenge is never developing an effective strategy to build wealth consistently in the first place. To really develop a money mindset, you have to sit down and create some strategies that are going to help you to change your financial future. And you have to be consistent with those strategies.


One thing that I know for sure that I’ve acquired from my own life is having a consistent routine, those things that I do every single day that get me into a mindset of being an entrepreneur, get me into a mindset of generating income. Because again, it costs money to run the business. So some of the things that I do is number one, I love being a spiritual person. So I definitely studied the Word of God to get some clarity and get some inspiration from the Word.


Another thing that I do is, of course, listen to motivational videos. I read about money every single day. I spend at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes reading something that strictly talks about money. I also track my spending and income every single day. Then, every single day, I also write down ten things that I’m grateful for.


I ask myself, “What are five money things that I’m grateful for?” Then what about other things I’m just grateful for in my life? I write some of those things down. And then, at the end of the day, I always do a reflection, which means that I write down the things that I did very well that day. Then I also write down the things that I need to work on in my life and in my business. I also extend myself some grace, because again, I’m always a work in progress.


Number four is a challenge– the failure to follow the plan consistently once you get it set up. And this is a challenge that a lot of my clients deal with, where we will sit down and we will create that step-by-step strategy on how to develop a money mindset. The challenge is following the plan consistently, and the issue is life happens. But somehow, we have to use the D-word. Yes, I mentioned the D-word, the D-word being discipline and applying that discipline to get the results you desire.


And last but not least is another challenge: allowing financial crisis to turn into financial ruin. People, lovely, lovely, lovely people, it’s time for us to change our story. It’s time for us to begin to shift the way we think. Yes, life happens. And there are things that are going to happen to you that are totally out of your control. But guess what? The wonderful thing about life is that you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and you can begin to start again. One of the things that I use when I’m dealing with the financial crisis is that I connect with mentors, I tap into individuals that have gone through what I’m going through, and I really lean on them for mentorship. I lean on them for guidance, and I lean on them for support. I also have to rely on my spiritual connection. And I truly, truly, truly have to believe in myself. I have to believe that I have what it takes to change my life. I do not allow “financial crisis” to turn into “financial ruin.”


I hope that you found this information helpful, and be sure to check me out or reneebobbtraining.com. Then join me on the Wealth Building Mastermind Group. We do it every single month. Thank you and have an amazing day.

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“I had to change my thinking, in order to change my life.” – Renee Bobb

“It’s time for us all to change our story. It’s time for us to begin and shift the way we think.” – Renee Bobb

“Life happens, and there are things that are going to be out of your control. But guess what? The wonderful thing about life is that you can pull yourself up out of your bootstraps and you can begin to start again.” – Renee Bobb

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