051: Right Things in the Wrong Order

I think we can do the right things, but in the wrong order. What does it take to move past constant moments of putting the pieces in the wrong order? Think of life as a Rubik’s cube. Someone like me is going to give that cube about two minutes and then I am going to move on. Why? Because it is frustrating. Most things in life can be frustrating and without the right people around you, your life is a Rubik’s cube.

Idea for the Success Finder

My idea for the Success Finder is not mine really. I took other amazing coaches’ and teachers’ ideas—Steve Sims, Rons Levis, Gerard Adams, Zach Benson. I took tiny little pieces that made their company successful and started placing them in my Rubik’s. Now, where did I make the wrong steps? Or was it just the wrong order? First, I guarded the idea, like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. It was my precious and I thought somebody else is going to steal it. I was wrong at that time. I had things out of order. I was still learning how to surround myself with cheerleaders and challengers. I needed the corner person in my life that I had not decided to find yet.


Building a team

You need to build a team, right? Well, yes, but I have a history of building off emotion. I finally started talking about my vision and how it could change the world and help people. The team I started putting together was created out of emotion. And because of that, what I envisioned was changing to how they saw it from a financial aspect.

It started to lose the purpose of the why, so I had the right idea but I went in the wrong order. The team was a group of amazing people. They just were not in the right order. Members did not agree, and I started spending more time putting out fires on emotions more than anything. I was not able to move the needle and thus, stifle my progress. I can go on and on but there is the easy answer solution. Once you have the right people around you, do not be afraid to talk about what you’re going to do. They will help you put things in the right order.

Let us say you tell them this is where I am at. I do not know the right question to ask but this is where I want to go. They will help guide you along the way. They will take your Rubik’s cube, and they will start saying, “Hey, talk with this person, they have what you need.”


Ask for help

You have got to learn to ask for help. Get out of your own way and know what you’re doing has purpose. But if you do it in the wrong order, you can still fail. Even if you win at something, it could still be a loss because of the eventual outcome or outcomes for others. Get your corner person. Get your people. Get your future.

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