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Hey, everybody! Welcome back to the show where I believe the only way to unlock your potential is to tap into the experiences of others. Obviously, I am not Brandon. But I am Sean Co, and I am here to hijack this episode.
Following some amazing people in Fredrick and Michael, I’m super excited to be here. So what I want to do is we’re going to really dive into how to find your edge today, and how to be the VIPs of success.

The Island of Genius


So what I am really focused on and inspired about for 2021 is my private mastermind called the Island of Genius. What the Island of Genius does is it gives incredible genius, high-level performers the opportunity to connect and feed-off each other’s genius.


I believe that genius is not meant to be understood by the world. It’s meant to be displayed. It’s meant to create impact. But we still have the need to be understood. So when we seek being understood by the wrong people, or people that can’t understand us, we get frustrated. Here, we’ll come together as incredible high-performing genius people who have an impact mission on the world. We join together and we understand each other. We celebrate and break down each other’s genius so we can leverage it and build it into an incredible impact on the world.


If that’s something that interests you, I would love to connect with you. Reach out to me on Facebook and just send me a message and we’ll jump on a call. I would love to invite all of you, all of you high performers, all of you geniuses out there, all of you that have an incredible value to give the world, an invitation to the Island of Genius. Now that I’ve invited you, let’s get to the important stuff.


How do we find our edge?


Let’s talk about how we find our edge. What I mean by the edge is where we are right on the verge. When we’re there, we have this temptation to elevate or shrink. We find our way to either shrink back or advance ourselves as human beings. So what we want to talk about is the four main components of that, what we’re going to talk about is how to be the VIPS of success.


V stands for vision.


I know we all talk about clarity. But what I’m talking about is lighthouse vision, clarity. What is it that really drives us? What is it that really pulls us along and gets us out of bed and captures us emotionally and takes us forward? We need to get incredibly clear on that.


Now, the same that I have with my team is if you think you’re clear, you’re crazy. Because if you think you’re clear enough, you’re not. You need to be so clear and continue to push that clarity deeper and deeper and deeper, and chase after it every single day so that it oozes out your pores.


You’re not clear enough until every energetic presence, everything you say everything you do, is so completely immersed in that vision that nobody in your life could miss it. And so, clarity is great. And we all know about clarity, but how to find our edges? We push it even further.


Never stop asking. Never stop searching. Never stop seeking. We need the depth of clarity that the world isn’t even prepared for yet. Then from that point, we have our lighthouse impact.


Now the other piece that makes me a little bit different than most people is I think there’s a second piece of clarity. That’s really important. If I gave you a treasure map, and I gave you the lighthouse clarity of where to go and I said go find your treasure, would you know how to find it? Well, you would only know how to find it if you knew where to start. And so, the second piece of clarity, of vision that we have to have is where we are at right now.


Now, if we looked at a couple of reasons why people don’t like to have that conversation or don’t like to think about that, it’s because we all believe that we should be further than we are. We all believe that we should have accomplished, more made, had more money, more impact, wrote another course or wrote another book.


The challenge is how do we celebrate where we’re at without having to navigate the good bad judgment on it? If we look at it as where our starting point is, from this point in time, it gives us the gift of a reference point for our growth. It’s because every step you take forward from today is a reference point of growth from where you started.


So we have to have the vision, the overall vision, which I believe includes clarity lighthouse, where we’re going, clarity of where we’re at from a positive or neutral assessment, so that we can build from that. So that’s our V.


The next piece of finding our edge and creating and stepping into our true genius is probably the most important piece that we’re going to talk about today. And that’s intent.


I fully believe that the intent we bring to anything we do is more important than anything we do. So when you set a direction for the thing you’re going to do today, whether it’s write a course, whether it’s get on Facebook, whether it’s spend time with your family, whether it’s meditate the intent, the intent that we purposely put forth is what’s going to bring the energy and the charge to that doing.

Now, what does it give us? Well, it gives us an incredible energetic push to what we’re going to do.

The second piece is it gives us an evaluation piece. Did I hit my aim? If I did, there’s growth, I can celebrate wins.


One of the most important things that I’ve ever heard in my mentor talks about this is the greatest skill that we can have in the success journey is being able to acknowledge, and be aware of, and celebrate wins. We have to give ourselves the ability to celebrate and stack wins day by day by day. There are hard days in this journey, we need emotional momentum.


Now the other thing that gives us it gives us a reference point of what we need to grow. If we didn’t hit our intent, we get to say, “How do I limit myself? Where did I hold myself back? Where did it go? What do I need to change that gives us an opportunity to grow?” And so we have our vision.


Two points, we have our intent that we’re going to bring to every activity. So the challenge is, can you bring a purposeful intent to everything you do for a whole day and just see what happens?


Now the key is presence, one of the things I truly believe is that the greatest gift that I can bring to the world, the greatest gift that all of us can bring to the world is our full and utter presence, from the depth of who we are.


When I come from that presence, whether going live on Facebook, whether I’m working one-on-one with the client, whether I’m in the island of genius with my mastermind, elites, whether I’m on this conversation right now, my full presence is the gift. And from that, the sole message, the lighthouse, meaningful impact comes out. And so we want to always be as fully present as we can.


Now what presence give us obviously gives us an incredible opportunity for impact. But what it does is it protects the bleeding of our bandwidth, it protects the bleeding of our emotional and mental energy. Because if I’m fully present, I’m not worried about my family. And when I’m not worried about my family, I can be fully present with you. And then when I go be with my family, I can be fully present with them and not worry about what I should or shouldn’t have done in this call or any other thing I do today. And so presence is an incredible gift to ourselves and to the world. Incredibly vital.


Now the S. Space. This is I think the missing piece for a lot of incredibly high performers.


What I found in my life is that I could use my business as a coping skill, I could use my business to cover for all the places I didn’t want to challenge myself because I was busy. And I was really good at being busy. I created an incredible amount of success from being busy. But what here’s what I found: being too busy chokes out the genius space, it chokes out the creative space.


So the S in the VIPs of success is we have to protect and create space. All of us have an incredible mission of impact. All of us have an incredible genius inside our soul. But the only way that genius can come out to see the light of day, the only way that genius that impact that creativity, that flow, can come out is if we protect space.


Now space is hard because it’s uncomfortable to be in a space. It’s really easy to check the next box, we have that achiever, overcome conquest mindset. Most of us, if we can protect space from starting small and building bigger, we could call it meditation. Or we could call a breathing space. Or we could call it “What if I just spent 15 minutes a day just allowing my brain to be?” “What if I took a walk and put sunshine on my face?” What ends up coming out of that? What I found is that my most creative genius came out of that space. For me, it became a walk with my dogs on Friday mornings.


So what I challenge us all to do is to say how do we protect and create some space for the genius that’s waiting to get out of you. The genius that the world is desperately waiting for, can come out. Because just by checking boxes and conquests, there’s no room for that genius space. And so we are going to push our edge.


How do we do that we’re going to get we’re going to become the VIPs of success with four main focuses. Number one, the V is vision. Get incredible lighthouse clarity on where we’re going. Never stop pushing that clarity. Get incredible clarity on where we are, not from a “I should be further along but oh, I’ve done amazing work to get here and I can leverage all that good work on purpose. And I can reference growth from this point forward.”


Number two, I. Bring an intentional, incredible, intentional intent, and the energy behind that to everything you do today. Everything you do every single day, never stop being intentional.


P, full presence. The gift that you bring the world even more than your message is who you are, be as fully present from the depth of who you are today in everything you do, whether it’s with your family or the work you’re doing.


And so let’s start to include and protect space. Because the genius will come out, the creative will come out when they have space. So that was incredibly fun. And I am so blessed and honored that Brandon let me hijack this session. I am Sean Coe. This has been The Mastermind Effect, and I invite you to be the VIPs of success, moving forward.

 Tweetable Quotes:

“I believe that genius is not meant to be understood by the world. It’s meant to be displayed, it’s meant to create impact.” – Sean Coe

“Every step you take forward from today, is a reference point to growth from where you started.” – Sean Coe

“I fully believe that the intent we bring to anything we do is more important than anything we do.” – Sean Coe

“The greatest gift that all of us can bring to the world is our full and utter presence from the depth of who we are.” – Sean Coe

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