067: Success Through Masterminds

We just had our soft launch. I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced anything like this. We were able to do this with almost 30 amazing people such as result leaders, activators, and motivators.  Did I come away? Am I motivated while I was there?  Were there actionable items that we took while we were there and what to do afterwards? Absolutely. That’s what the UnleashU family built. When they say family, it’s the terms not used lightly. AJ Vassar, who’s going to be on a future episode, will go into what family means and how you stay inside your family to make sure when you need something. When you need someone to pull you up to that next ladder or next step, they’re there for you.

The UnleashU Mastermind

Let’s talk a little bit about the event. We’re getting into system reliability. When you get there, the energy is amazing. And we were out in the middle of nowhere we get in the vehicle; we get taken out to 27 acres. We walk into this building and immediately you realize the people that you’re around, what they’ve accomplished, and how they want to connect with you. When you go to an event, do feel that the people that have put that together are making it about them or the people in the room. I believe a mastermind is about the overall arching people. It’s not about one person or two people. It’s about everyone coming together and working together.


From there, we got to meet one of the masterminds hosts’ amazing mothers, Dr. Fabber. We get to work with these miniature ponies. I apologize if I get the term incorrectly. She explains to us how they’re able to utilize these ponies to help these teenagers and children come through these traumatic experiences. You have to start putting yourself around in an uncomfortable situation because remember, comfort kills. What you get to learn once you realize the room that you’re in, which could be an uncomfortable situation, around animals that you don’t know, you’re on people that you’ve just met, and what that impact is there to do. We go through that we come together; they have some more uncomfortable things that you’re supposed to do. The list goes on and on. The reason why they asked you to do something that you feel uncomfortable with is because they want you to come out of your shell. They want you to experience and realize that the people around you are going to be there to help. If the branch breaks underneath you, you’re not going to fall, they’re going to catch you. Those are some of the small things that you get when you’re involved with the right family, right mastermind, and right people in the right order.


How The Success Finder is Going to Help Mastermind Coaches and Members


What’s the takeaway? What’s the actual items? Well, these amazing people are going to be getting together three more times later on this year. They go through talking about the cause that they’re going to be and on the actions that they’re going to take. They give them a plan on how we’re going to get there. You’re going to get there with a family and you’re not going to have to do it alone. The mastermind was amazing. I, fortunately, was able to make some really strong connections with some other result leaders that are going to beta test the platform.  What was one of the big things that we got over at the mastermind effect in The Success Finder? We’ve got some amazing result leaders that are going to be on the podcast and want to help us beta test the platform because one of the things they said is they want to start moving our groups off of Facebook.


They know we’re not there to replace Facebook and that’s not the purpose. They want a place where they can find their communication and it doesn’t get lost in all of the noise that Facebook brings.  That’s one of the things that The Success Finder is going to be able to do. You’re going to have one place where you know if you’re searching for a coach or a mastermind, or you want the communication on what metrics you want the people in your group to meet, it’s in one centralized location.


More About What Happened During the Soft Launch


Moving up, we get to do a Q&A. I have so many amazing questions. I had to explain to the group of men and women that were there, what system reliability is. They were asking when is this tool going to come out? Or will we ever be able to have the matching algorithm, the Knowledge Center, and all the other amazing things that are there to help you get to where you want to go? I said right now, it’s crashing. There’s a bug and glitch because it’s in beta. The idea what I wanted to let them know is we’re going to slowly bring stuff out. We’ll announce it so they know when new tools are available to help them. We go from there. When it crashed, someone came to me when something wasn’t working, because maybe they were on an Android. Someone came to me because I explained to them system reliability, that we’re there to help them and how we’ve built out The Success Finder is by design, it’s not by chance.


Next item at this amazing mastermind that I found out about myself is you need to precisely explain who you are and what you do without the Google Doc. At a previous mastermind, we had started working on that. When I get to this one, everybody knew who I was, because of what we were building and we were beta testing it with him that week. Here’s the thing, my explanation of who I was and what I did was way too long. But me and my coaches, we’re working on that. I knew that going into it but I hadn’t gotten my talk path down the right way to realize who I am and what do I do. Now you’ve been listening to the show so you probably have a pretty good idea. 


Whenever you meet someone in a group or individually, you need to have that as well. You need to be able to precisely say that in 15 seconds. You don’t have to put the full story behind it. I was giving them the story from two years ago about why I came up with this and the things along the way to where we’re at today. That was great. Some people are like, “Oh, my gosh, Brandon, you tell a great story”.  I really appreciate knowing that but the reality was I was taking too long in how I was explaining who I am and what do I do. In a future episode, once we have consolidated that, I’ll bring that out to you. I want you to utilize that because it’s not as easy as you think. When you explain to someone who you are and what you do, that individual should then be able to go to a crowd of people and sit there and say the same thing. If your six-year-old can understand it, then everyone else can. They can go spread your message so much easier.


Head over to App Store or Google Play Store and download the app!


Lastly, it’s in beta. The things that are out there, but you’re able to search right now for some amazing coaches and result leaders. I want you to go to Apple Store or Google Play Store and download it, “The Success Finder”. Then I want you to message me, because when you go on the platform, you’re automatically connected and friends with me. You’re able to communicate with me and ask me questions. You can go over to TSF Q&A, you can ask questions in there. If I’m not available, we’ve got a team of people that are behind that and can help answer any questions about what’s going on with that. We’re working on having a message of a quick video, and then kind of what your next steps are to be on the platform.


Now, getting ready to sit there and say something to you that this journey has been amazing. It’s just beginning. It’s been over a few years. When you have an idea, take it off the shelf, talk to someone what’s inside your head. Work with other people and surround yourself with smarter and faster people than you. That’s what a mastermind can do. It will put you around the right people in the right order. I urge you to start looking. If you want to change where you’re at, where you want to go, what your trajectory is, and what your impact is, look into a mastermind. Look into the right course. Have an awesome rest of the week, and I’ll see you on the app.

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“A mastermind is about the overall arching of people. It’s not about one person or two people, it’s about everyone coming together and working together.” – Brandon Straza

“You have to start putting yourself around uncomfortable situations because comfort kills.” – Brandon Straza

“When you have an idea, take it off the shelf.” – Brandon Straza

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