073: Success Through The Race

Welcome back to The Mastermind Effect! It’s time for the Solo show and we are talking about Success Through overcoming The Race. Check it out!

We just got back from our soft launch. We were unbelievably excited. Great results. If you want to be an early adopter on The Success Finder or you want to find out where to connect with these amazing result leaders, go over to the Apple Store or Google Play Store and download The Success Finder. Be one of the early adopters and help shape the future of what we’re going to change when it comes to coaching masterminds and who you should be working with.


Ford versus Ferrari


I think you’re going to come across people in your life that want you to slow down due to your unfair advantage. Why create a break that allows others to catch up? Let me get into this a little bit because it has to do with the movie Ford versus Ferrari that I just recently watched. There comes a point in the movie, where Leo Beebe goes to Carroll Shelby, played by Matt Damon, and asks his team to slow down.


We’ll come back to this part but I wanted to give you the framework for what I wanted you to see. Now Leo Beebe, played by Josh Lucas, we’ll call him the “Guru”. He’s talking to the press and stating how every decision comes through him and his team; the Europeans and the style of driving. He says we’re responsible for every decision the driver and the teams make. He’s sitting there and saying, “We’re the reason that the teams are successful”.


This thought process or reasoning is something that I see every day. People wanting credit for something that either it is already going to happen regardless, or there is no true working knowledge, in this case. In many, it’s both. Leo Beebe explains as a Guru that someone’s success is solely based and lives through them. That is why more people line up to learn these processes. If it doesn’t work for the flock of people, it’s not the guru’s fault.


Now back to the slowdown part, why would Leo Beebe do this? Why would this guru feel the need to bring you back to the pack to make it an even playing field? Is it because you’re cheating? Is it because you’ve surpassed what they can even comprehend or explain?


“It’s not you, it’s them.”


You being an outlier is the problem in their head. They want you to put on the proverbial e-brake while still pressing down on your gas pedal. This allows them to separate themselves from you. Take credit for your now slowed success while saying, “See what we did together.” The Guru will say it couldn’t have happened if you stayed on your current trajectory. They want you to slow down so, they, themselves can understand and explain why you are so successful because of them.


Would you have still won the race or complete your bridge without dazzling it? The answer is it depends, but in this case, probably. Many times, we’re told to raise our prices to make more money. We’re told that you can’t scale so you need to raise your prices. Each answer truly is “It depends.”


“The TripAdvisor for coaching and masterminds”


What can you do to cut out the noise and find the signal keepers? Where can you go and who can you trust? Well, at The Success Finder, that’s what we’re here for. When someone reached out to us last year as we were building out the beta; they said you’re the TripAdvisor for coaching and masterminds. We’re building towards something bigger and on a global level.


Where are we at? We’ve cut off the initial TSF (The Success Finder) coaches’ intake interview acceptance process. For you, the potential member, come on over. We are open for all of you. Start seeing who you can connect with, learn from and level up with.  We’ll open the doors again to more amazing result leaders activators but who we accept and who you work with, we’re pretty particular and just don’t want anybody, let alone the Gurus.


Let me repeat, members come on over and sign up. We’ll open up the coaching phase again on who we’re going to have for more TSF coaches in the near future and let you know. If you’re a coach and you have a mastermind, you can email us. We’ll make sure someone reaches out to you for our next round. For the members wanting to level up, be part of the beta, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for The Success Finder. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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“So many times we’re told to raise our prices to raise more money. We’re told that you can’t scale, so you need to raise your prices. And each answer truly is, it depends.” – Brandon Straza

“What can you do to cut out the noise and find those signal keepers? Where can you go and who can you trust? Well, The Success Finder. That’s what we’re here for.” – Brandon Straza

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