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103: Juli Wenger | Comparison and Impostor Syndrome

Today, we’re jumping into comparison and imposter syndrome because this is what I consistently see taking people out. We’re going to talk about these together because they are soulmates. They trigger each other, and they are so tied to our inner critic. How does comparison show up? See what lands here for you, a sense […]

102: Juli Wenger | Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Juli Wenger serves as an Enneagram Expert, Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Growth Junkie who’s passionate about self-awareness, self-compassion, courage, and resilience. Her journey includes everything from training as a Human Ecologist and Interior Designer, a 10-year career running a multiple 6-figure real estate business, to jumping out of said business after realizing that there […]

101 : Erin Moody | The Power of Networking: Utilizing Other’s Experiences To Find Success

Born and raised in Florida, Erin Moody is a corporate dropout turned podcaster and freelance writer. She went on a personal development journey and found out she was struggling with low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, and a propensity to please everyone but herself. She realized she wanted to help others take back control of their lives and stop living lives based on the expectations of others.

In this episode, we get into how Erin is helping people through her program by utilizing LinkedIn. She talks about making one small change that you can repeat in your daily life and finding out why it’s critical to your success by investing in your Coach. Check it out!

100: Shawn Douglass | Passion, Purpose, and Forgetting About the How

Welcome back to the Mastermind Effect! I Am Shawn Douglass from The Growth Lab and I am hijacking this solo show to talk about Passion and Purpose, and Forgetting About the How. As a coach, mentor, and trainer, one of the things that I do is help my people get connected to their purpose and […]

099: Shawn Douglass | Hushing The Inner Bully

Shawn Douglass is a father, husband, entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and all-around smart ass. As the Co-Founder, he serves as The Growth Lab’s Chief Strategist and Idea Guy. He loves thinking outside the box and pushing others to break through their limiting beliefs. In this episode, Shawn talks about hushing the inner bully. He explains how […]

098: Bob Mather | Learn More From Real Life Experiences

Bob Mather works exclusively for C-level executives and Human Resources leaders. He is the CEO and Founder of one of the largest background check companies in the United States, Pre-employ.com. He has worked as a private investigator for some of the world’s largest corporations. Bob is an expert on workplace discrimination and the investigations frequently […]