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102: Juli Wenger | Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Juli Wenger serves as an Enneagram Expert, Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Growth Junkie who’s passionate about self-awareness, self-compassion, courage, and resilience. Her journey includes everything from training as a Human Ecologist and Interior Designer, a 10-year career running a multiple 6-figure real estate business, to jumping out of said business after realizing that there […]

076: Angela Mitchell Hill | How to Cultivate a Mindset for Growth

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the show, where I believe the only way to unlock your potential is to tap into the experiences of others. Today is the solo show and I’m obviously not Brandon. I am Angela Mitchell Hill and I’m hijacking the solo show to talk about how to cultivate a mindset for […]

070: Laura Johnston | The Four Powerful A’s of Effective Leadership

This is Laura Johnston, Founder of High Impact Leadership. This week we are going to talk today about 4 powerful A’s of intelligent leadership, those were awareness, assessment, action, and achievement. Check it out! We’re going to talk about four powerful ways of intelligent leadership; awareness, assessment, action and achievement. But first, let me tell […]