Tag: The Mastermind Effect

093: David Dube | Only One You Need: Finding Who Your Expert Could Be

David Dube is the Founder of Only One You Need. Over 16 years ago David started his entrepreneurial career with his course ‘How to Read Anyone & Make Lifelong Clients in Just 30seconds’. Over the course of several years, David added hypnosis, NLP, CBT, and many other modalities to his repertoire. In 2014, after his […]

092: Tiago Buhr | Sustainable Changes and A Sustainable Life Through Purpose

By age 17, Tiago Buhr had Founded his first company, growing from zero to 700k followers in two years. At 19, he sold it and began traveling the world. After five and a half months backpacking, he moved back to his home country, Brazil and after a few business attempts, got clear on his values […]

090: Brian Bogert | Achieve The Best Version of Yourself Your Most Authentic Self

Brian Bogert is the Founder of Brian Bogert Companies. He is a passionate human behavior and performance coach, speaker, business strategist, top sales professional, and philanthropic leader who believes in helping growth-minded individuals achieve the best version of themselves: their most authentic selves. In this episode, Brian explains the difference between you today vs you […]

089: John Paragon | Investing More in Coaches and Self-Education to Shape Your Future

Today, we’ve got the founder of 30 Days to Profit, John Paragon. He talks about how to offer a path through self-education to help shape the future.  John explains why he invests more in his coaches today than he made at his first nine to five job and why he only teaches what he’s currently […]

088: Michael O’Neal | The Solopreneur Hour: Embracing the Suck and Tips to Make Real Change

Today we’ve got the Founder of Launch Lab and Growth Lab. The host of the Solopreneur Hour Podcast that has over 10M downloads, Michael O’Neal. Originally from Ohio, he was a designer, creative director, and branding expert for over 15 years before he began podcasting. In this episode, we get into why you should embrace […]

087: Jen Kirkham | Turning Your Failures into Success and Weekly Check-ins on Your 90-Day Goals

Jen Kirkham is a well-known insider to a multitude of networks. From healthcare, finance, coaching, and online education. Jen is an Operations Guru that connects the dots for growth and scaling businesses for high-level executives. Jen has a selective approach to the clients that she serves. She has partnered with Emma Mersetter to curate and […]

086: Enzo Ochoga | Stepping Out of The 4 Walls of Standardized Education

Mindset Speaker, Agile Coach, I/O Psych Disciple, Storyteller, and Survivor. These are just some of the words one might use to describe Enzo Ochoga. With a background in coaching, organizational psychology, ideation, inspirational speaking, and empowering professionals and those in transition, Enzo is clear in her convictions. In this episode, Enzo talks about the difference […]

085: Raj Subrameyer | Overcoming Traditional Beliefs and Finding Your Focus with a MIND DUMP Exercise

Today, we’ve got the founder of Chai Latte Consulting, author of Skyrocket Your Career, and Tech Career coach himself, Raj Subrameyer. He has helped countless individuals discover their zone of genius and leverage it to live a life that they love. Raj’s story is a story of consistency, beginning early in his career before becoming […]

084: Greg Rice | The Art of Communication: Helping Entrepreneurs Become Better Leaders, Increase Sales, and Raise Funding

Founder and Host of the Art of Communication Podcast, Greg Rice has a history of blowing away sales goals, managing multi-million dollar relationships with fortune 500 executives across a variety of industries. He helps entrepreneurs and leaders transform their businesses and lives by enhancing their fundamental communication skills. In this episode, Greg talks about how […]