Tag: The Mastermind Effect

063: Theresa Depasquale | Building Real Engagement and The 3 Things it Takes to be Successful

Today we’ve got Theresa Depasquale, Founder, and CEO of Capture Social Group. She began her career as an entrepreneurial fitness expert, owning multiple health clubs in the Tampa Bay Area before moving her business totally online. With over 10 years of online branding and social media experience, she used her marketing skills to quickly dominate […]

062: Randy Kirk | What it Takes to Drive Small Businesses Forward

Today we’ve got the Founder of So Cal Masterminds, Randy Kirk. He is passionate about helping business owners and executives succeed in business. As a serial entrepreneur and business book author, Randy is truly aware of the opportunities and challenges associated with running your own show. In this episode, we get into what it takes […]

061: Dave Burlin | Success Through Networking and Building More Authentic Relationships

This week, we’re going to be talking about success through networking and building more authentic relationships. I believe the only way to unlock your potential is to tap into the experience of others. And if you can’t tell, I’ve tried so hard to match my voice to Brandon. But this is not Brandon. This is […]

060: Dave Burlin | Networking: Unlocking More Opportunities

Today, we’ve got the founder of “Why Networking,” Dave Burlin. He talks how standardized education, though important, won’t be as valuable as the people that can get things done through self-education. Dave talks about the two differences between networking and prospecting. Dave explains why you should start leaving yourself clues when it comes to connecting […]

059: Max Zheng | Enabling Everyone to Live Their Dreams Every Day

Today we have got Max Zheng, Founder of Human Prosperity Inc. Back then, Max was unmotivated and sometimes depressed for over 30 years of his life and never tried to figure out how to better until 2018. It took him 2 years of iteration to figure out how to be happy and productive every day. […]

058: Vasavi Kumar | Success Through Community

I’m Vasavi, founder of the Mind Your Own Business membership community, host of the Being Human philosophy podcast and licensed therapist. I’m hijacking the solo show today. Before we get into success through community, I want to let you know what I have coming up. My community, Mind Your Own Business, is the place to […]

057: Vasavi Kumar | The Art of Getting What You Want by Mastering Your Mind

This week, we have Vasavi Kumar, the founder of the Mind Your Own Business membership community and the upcoming Hit Publish Mastermind. She opens up about being in toxic relationships while being an addict, all while running a successful company. She lets us know that her greatest learnings have come from her mistakes and when […]

056: Matt Alex | Standard Vs Self-Education and How The World and Value Around Them is Changing

Hey, everyone. We’ve got Matt Alex, founder of Beyond Academics. His company is changing the face of standardized education by who you have access to through different styles of teachings using an original Netflix-type platform. We get into standard versus self-education, and how the world and value around them are changing. If you want to […]

054: Ben Ward | Overcoming Traditional Education in Life That Stunt Our Creativity

We got Ben Ward, founder of Forward Leadership. The energy that is brought in this interview takes it to a new level. He goes into the four pillars of what he helps his mastermind members go through. He talks about his new book that he co-authored with a previous guest, Dr. Greg Reid, launching later […]