083: Tami Jaffe | Taking Action Steps Each Day to Take You Closer to Your Goal

Are you planning to change careers? If yes, then you don’t want to miss today’s episode with Tami Jaffe. Tami is a career transition and business success coach, energy shifter, and speaker who inspires successful professionals who are dreaming to resign and do something new. She guides her clients through the overwhelming prospect of changing careers or starting a new business.
In this episode, she talks about how you need to take an action step each day to remember what your mission and vision are, and talks about how she will take your corporate knowledge to leverage your entrepreneurial future. Lastly, she gives us one easy step to do each morning that will help shape your day. Check it out!

[02:15 – 10:26] Tami’s learning journey and Masterminds

The Mastermind Effect:  02:15

Let’s dive into it. Our ability to have access and learn from different people had drastically over the last 5 to 10 years. When you and I were younger, it was textbooks and teachers, family, friends, and co-workers, but that’s just a sliver of what’s possible. How has your learning changed from your early years versus today?

Tami Jaffe:  02:35

Great question. I think so much has changed. I grew up on a small farm in Michigan. I was watching my dad work hard at everything he did. And I want to get out of that life of manual labor. I think part of it was learning how to be more of myself and bring more of myself into what I do. Learning from other people and learning the faster ways. The fastest way to learn something is through people who have been through it and people who have experienced it. Instead of trying to do a bunch of research and trying to figure out one little aspect; it’s so much easier to just pick up the phone and call somebody I know who has been through it and say, “Hey, what did you do here? How did you manage this?” I think that’s one of the biggest things that’s changed for me as I was always a shy girl growing up. I realized later in life that I wasn’t really shy, and I like to listen more. But I was always holding off on asking questions as a kid. Now, I’m like, “What are the questions I need to ask.” I asked myself that daily, like the questions I need to get answered to move forward and the best , fastest, and the clearest way to get to where I want to go?

The Mastermind Effect:  03:50

That’s the amazing thing, learning from other people’s experiences. That’s what makes coaching and masterminds and workshops so powerful and interesting that we were told not to ask questions as children. Now we, we invite it and we want to raise those questions at a younger age. They start thinking independently at a younger age. Creativity goes away when you stop asking that question.

It’s interesting how things change on there. We have more ways than ever to take in information. Almost too many ways to take in information. Some people learn from a mentor, a mastermind, a coach, an accountability buddy, online courses, and there’s a lot of ways to learn. Who are you currently learning from? And more importantly, how did you find them?

Tami Jaffe:  04:38

The mentor coaches that I have been working with for a little over a year are Suzanne Evans and Larry Winget. Larry Winget is one of the top 50 speakers in the world, and he is one of my speaking coaches. He was also my book coach when I wrote my book. Suzanne has been one of my business coaches because the combination of the two of them is the almost polar opposite of me in many ways. They are very straightforward to the point here to tell you like everything. I loved it when you ask the question; they’re not going to beat around the bush. They’re going to tell you what to do. They’re going to give you the guidance you need.

I met Suzanne through a networking event. Coming from a corporate background, we did not do networking. We lived in our corporate bubble. We knew the people we worked with, and our networking was going to a conference here there and meeting people in our same industry. When I started my business, I traveled to different places all over the world and spoke at different places. I didn’t really have a local network of other business owners I connected with because I come from a corporate card. I didn’t know people in the small business world and entrepreneur world. I wanted to start networking locally to have some people hang out with and chat. Other people were going through it that are in my local area.

It was my first networking event that I went to. It was EWomen Network Event, and I am now one of their premier success coaches. I went to the event, and Suzanne was speaking. At the end of the event, she said she was giving away 35 bags with her book and a gift. She said, “There is a star in three of those bags, and whoever gets the star will win a free mastermind with me.” I got the bag with the star, and that’s how I met Suzanne. I went to one of her Business Accelerator Masterminds, where she completely tore down my business, built it back up, and sent me off to run with it.

The Mastermind Effect:  07:30

That’s amazing. The fact that you’ve got the star, you’ve got what you wanted, and the willingness to allow her to tear your business down and build it back up again. That’s a huge power when it comes to masterminds and coaching; going into a room sitting on that hot seat and saying, “It’s okay, we’re going to tear each other’s businesses down this week, but we’re going to build them back up better. And we’re going to learn from other people’s experiences.”

Tami Jaffe:  07:55

Absolutely. It makes me stronger coming out. Because until you look at where the holes are, until you look at what’s going right or what’s going wrong. And until you face those things, you can’t tell what you need to adjust, where you need to shift, where you may not have the right message and  what you need to be focused on. It’s extremely important. I love masterminds because you get that experience of taking some time away to say what’s working or not working. Where do we go from here? What do you need to change? What are other people doing that you might need to adjust and think about how you incorporate that in? Those types of things.


The Mastermind Effect:  08:38

Thanks for sharing how you got there and what you were willing to do to get there. A lot of people get stuck, and we don’t sometimes know how to execute what’s in our heads.  We’re still going through a pandemic, and I think it’s causing a reset and how we’re able to accomplish things. How have masterminds helped you when you’re looking to reset yourself and get unstuck?

Tami Jaffe:  09:05

It’s helped to bring like-minded people together to look at the issue and get different opinions and advice coming from different ways. There are a couple of different types of masterminds. There’s the type of mastermind, where you’ve got the expert in the room, telling you what to do, and that’s what I had with Suzanne. Then you’ve got masterminds where it’s a collaboration of appears typically, in the same level. I run a couple of peer-group masterminds for speaking and for a couple of other areas. I think it’s the collaboration you can create. If there’s something you’re thinking about doing, you can ask the other people in the room who has done this. You can ask them what the results were and the lessons you learn from that so that I can avoid the things that you say, make sure you’re doing the things that got them the results, and come back and do it more productively.

The Mastermind Effect:  10:16

Again, learning from the experiences, and just like you said, being able to come back to those people and rely upon them.

[10:27 – 19:24] Self-Education and Tami’s reality

The Mastermind Effect: 

We’re talking about masterminds called the mastermind effect, and they’ve been around for a long time. Apostles probably were the first mastermind. Then Benjamin Franklin creates the Leather Apron Club or the Judo Club. Napoleon Hill writes this book that helps solidify how we view what masterminds are supposed to be. I feel that there’s been this big boom of self-education over the last ten years. Where do you see the differences between self-education versus standardized education going forward?

Tami Jaffe:  10:56

With COVID and everything that’s happened, it’s shifting a lot with the standard education. It’ll be interesting to see where they had with some of those things. I’ve gone through standard education, and I have a master’s degree. The textbook version is what they think you might need to know and to cover some general basis. You go through your accounting classes,  English classes, and the different areas, but there’s no real-life experience. You’re not going out and applying it right away.

Self-education is very targeted to what you want to work on at that specific time. There are so many courses and things out there that you can take. There are self-education classes out there for almost everything these days. It’s a much faster way to get a targeted and specific expertise in something. You want to make sure it’s coming from someone who has that expertise and has earned its results. I think that’s one thing that you want to watch out for when looking at the different types of self-education. Right now, I think you can do so much, just from self-education. The problem you see right now with people is that they sign up for a million things and never complete any of them. They never get the actual education from it because they spread themselves too thin. If you can focus on what type of self-education it is, that’s going to bring you the best results.

The Mastermind Effect:  13:11

You kept coming back to something that I love right there. We don’t need thought leaders because there’s plenty of those. We need result leaders like what the results will be if I implement it because you’re currently doing it yourself.

Talking about results, typically, when people invest in their future, they’ve got a better than vague idea of what they’re going to get. They know the outcome if they implement what you are working on them, whether it’s through coaching, mastermind, or your workshop. What should people expect when they enter Tami’s reality?

Tami Jaffe:  13:51

The first thing is “a wake-up call” like, where are you at work? What’s that moment for you that’s going to say you need to make a shift, you need to change what’s going on for you, that’s really going to drive the results you want to get. Part of that is being connected to the actual results. There are many times that we say, “we’re dreaming about doing this, we want to start a business, or we want to leave our top.” People put all these wishes and dreams out there. But to make them a reality, you’ve got to have the right plan in place, the right strategy, and the right mindset.

When you’re entering my world, there are multiple pieces that we work on. We’re going to always work on mindset pieces because that’s the biggest thing that’s holding you back from doing what you want to do. I do that in a few ways. I do that through different exercises. I also do energy work and help release patterns, blocks, and things that are going on for people so that they can move forward faster and move forward and make more money quicker. They can get clarity quicker and direct coaching, and others. I love to talk about strategy. I’m a visionary. But I’m a visionary who can also break it down into the step-by-step you need. From all my project management days, I can see that big vision and where you go. Somebody starts telling me about their business and what they’re thinking, and automatically I go to like, “two to three years out, this is where you could be.” Then I start to break that back down into steps. Many people try to skip over those first steps, which doesn’t work. You waste a lot of time and money when you try to skip over steps because there’s a reason they get to do things in a certain order.

The Mastermind Effect:  15:53

I was talking with someone recently; they try to get it perfect. They try to create perfection. To me, perfection means you never took off. You’re always trying to make it better every time you go to that next level.

Tami Jaffe:  16:10

Absolutely. The only way you’re going to make it better is to actually put it out there so people can give you feedback.

The Mastermind Effect:  16:18

I feel that people have a way of surprising us, whether it’s their drive, their willingness to learn, the grit, or the grind. Give us a success story of someone you’ve worked with and have gone through your mastermind.

Tami Jaffe:  16:30

I’ve been working with someone who was just starting their business and trying to figure out what they were going to do. They weren’t satisfied with their job and wanted to get out. They were in-between places. They’re stuck in security. I like to call the corporate cash corporate crack. It is our security that we stay in because we don’t want to leave that security. You’ve got to create that path to understand that you can still have some security in what you’re moving to, creating that financial security, the stability you’re looking for, and the pieces that you need to set yourself up. We crave different things. Looking at each individual and figuring out what that is for them. For these individuals, getting the stability and understanding of what they needed to do so we got clear on what their business was, what their message was, and the tangible result they were going to deliver to their clients. I think too many people try to be all things to all people. They speak in general terms, and they don’t want to exclude anyone. It’s one of the worst things we can do when you’re starting out. When you’re first starting out, you’ve got to be specific. People need to understand that message.

When she started going out and telling people what she did, they’re like, “Oh, yeah, I know exactly who you need to talk to.” That’s the results you want to get. When you have a message to generalize, they kind of like, “well, maybe I know somebody. I’m not quite sure what exactly do you do, and people struggle in that space.” So we got clear on our message; we got clear on what she does. We got the strategy in place for how she would get in front of the right number of people to hit her goals. We continue to work on her mindset and her strategy. She is now making over 10,000 a month, quit her corporate job, and is just excited about where she is where she’s going and how she got there. It was an easier path than just going out and quitting and figuring things out. There was a strategy in place where she could see how it could all come together.

The Mastermind Effect:  19:07

You helped her with the roadmap and became clear about her business. Then she was able to go out on her own. She was able to throw the crutches away and flourish and still to this day. I appreciate you sharing one of the success stories.

[19:25 – 25:53] Creating Success

The Mastermind Effect: 

On the solo shows, we talk about what it takes to be successful. There are several different things, like partnership, mentorship, coaching, experimentation, and willingness to fail. What is the key ingredient that you feel it takes to be successful?

Tami Jaffe:  19:42

Those are all great things. One thing is what I call the “clarity trifecta”. To be successful, it starts with clarity; you have to be clear. We need to get clear on so many things, which is why you need to ask the questions. You need to be clear on what you want, why you want it, how you’re going to make it happen, and who can help you with that. As you get clear on some of the areas of what change you want to make and how you want to make it, I call the clarity trifecta. You’ve got a circle in the middle with clarity and then a triangle around it. And on that triangle, there’s your confidence, courage, and commitment. As your clarity grows, it pushes out, and it builds up your confidence. Then you have the faith and belief that you can do it. And then have the courage to take that first step. As you take that first step, the next step becomes a little more clear. You can take that next step, which builds momentum, and you can be committed to something that you’re not clear on.

For me, it all comes down to clarity. I also have a circle of consistency around this clarity trifecta because you can’t get anywhere without being consistent. Those are the five things that I say are required to be successful to make a change and to make a transition in your life when you are struggling with what’s the right decision.

The Mastermind Effect:  21:24

I appreciate you sharing that with us. Please share as much as you want when it comes to being successful. That’s a key ingredient to what we’re building here.

As we get closer to the end, I feel new ideas are brewing in times of prosperity. It’s easy to be successful when the world is being successful. I think innovation and ingenuity come when we feel the squeeze and the world’s feeling the squeeze right now. What are you working on right now that’s going to take place in the next 12 months that excites you?

Tami Jaffe:  21:53

There are a few things I’m working on. I mentioned earlier that I just did my first virtual retreat. I’ve done in personal retreats in the past, and this is the first time I did it virtually. It made me realize how much potential and reach you can have with some of these virtual events. One of the things I’m excited about is an expanded virtual retreat where people can come together, figure out the possibilities and where they want to go. That’s one of the things that I’ll be working on.

I’ve got some new programs coming out next year that will help people go from corporate cash. We go from corporate cash in your business so that you can replace your income exceeded and leave your job. Some masterminds that I’m leading that will be specifically geared towards people who are either have started the entrepreneur journey and want to continue building that, or they’re just trying to figure out how to get into the entrepreneur side and leave their employment.

The Mastermind Effect:  23:01

Love it. We need more forces on the entrepreneurial side. That’s the reality.

What is a tip, a tactic or an actual item that if a listener took action today, over the next 30, 60, or 90 days, they would see the real impact on the personal and business life that you can leave us with?

Tami Jaffe:  23:19

One thing they can do in the next 30 days is to get clear on where you’re finding yourself getting stuck or where you say you’re not getting the momentum that you want. Find out what is that and start finding ways to turn that around. Take action step each day that’s going to get you closer to that goal that you used to keep saying you want, but you’re not really making any momentum.

One of the ways that I like to do is to have reminders in my phone that come up a couple of times a day, with different sayings on them. Having things that remind you every day about your mission is, what your vision is, that will keep you motivated and don’t just like swipe them off and just make the reminder go just actually take a moment and read them. Put something in your phone that’s going to inspire you and pushes you beyond where you are today.

The Mastermind Effect:  24:33

You and I are pretty similar. I have a pop-up every morning with sayings that I’ve taken from mentors, coaches, and people I’ve interviewed, like specific ones. It’s condensed, but they’re powerful to remind me of who I am and who I’m going to continue to grow into, and who we’re going to help. It’s an easy one, and it’s impactful.

Tami Jaffe:  24:53

Absolutely. It is. I like to switch mine. I’ll do one for a few months, and then I realize I’m getting stuck in another area, and I’ll figure out a new affirmation that I need to switch it up with. I’m saying something every day that’s going to continue to help me grow.

The Mastermind Effect:  25:10

I appreciate the time that you’ve spent with us today. We’ve got the founder of Corporate Cash Jumpstart Kit, Tammy Jaffe. Thank you so much for spending your time with us today.

Tami Jaffe:  25:24

Thank you. This was so fun. It was great to be here with you all.

Tweetable Quotes:

“The fastest way to learn something is through people who’ve been through it.” – Tami Jaffe

“You have to look at what’s going right and what’s going wrong. Until you actually face those things, you can’t tell what you need to adjust, what you need to shift.” – Tami Jaffe

“Success starts with clarity. As your clarity grows it pushes out and builds up your confidence.” – Tami Jaffe

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