097: Solo Episode | Your 100

Why did I get all nostalgic when it came to almost 100 episodes in less than a year for the Mastermind Effect podcast? This isn’t the 100th episode, but we’re almost there. The first thing I did was message one of my coaches, and I said, “Should I do Episode 100?” Then, I paused and said, “Is it my ego that’s thinking I need to do Episode 100 myself?” The coach came back and said, “It’s cool to be at 100, but you are the only person that thinks that. Don’t worry about it.  Do a reflection piece, and then where the podcast is going and move on.”  So, that’s what I’m doing. It’s a reflection piece.

I still wanted to discuss why I was thinking about this 100th episode. It was a natural answer. Over the last two years, I’ve changed the face of one of my companies, built a podcast, and built The Success Finder.  A lot has happened in the last two years.  It’s less than about 100 but what it took to get to the 100 for one sector of my life. “The road to success is paved with skeletons,” author unknown. It’s true. We only see the finished product, not what it truly took.  


One of the things we’re going to add to this list is “Paying for Proximity.” It’s the list that we just talked about above that’s happened over the last two years. It’d be a book on the process of how we get to where we’re going. The real steps and events that are happening.


Whatever your 100 is, that’s a metaphor; it took you and me a lot to get there. That’s only the beginning. Whatever your 100 is, don’t let your human DNA trick you that it can’t be done. Don’t let the excuses seep in, and that outside or inside noise makes you feel you don’t have what it takes. If that’s the story you’re telling yourself right now, then choose to make the change. Choose to surround yourself with the right people. Don’t give me that money talk or time talk. There’s a way forward for you to hit your 100th episode, metaphorically speaking. Do yourself a favor, find your 100.


Download the Success Finder. We’ll help you find that 100 through intent. We’re getting ready to start Season Two of the Mastermind Effect. We’re going to be changing up the questions. We’re going to get a little bit more into the bushes and find out who that person is. So, when you’re hearing them at the beginning of the episode, you’re like, “This one for me. I’ve got to meet this person and have that connection.” We’re going to change up the format a little bit. We’re going to look to have some of the members on The Success Finder that have gone through mastermind or a coach and have them come in because you, the listener out there, are going through that process.  You could be the listener and going through it. But those are also coaches, and those are people having masterminds; it’s all of the above. We’re super excited.


Again, have an awesome rest of the week. Thank you for all the support, and we look forward to moving forward on whatever your 100 is.

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