109: Solo | Your Biggest Investment

I’ve invested in myself and still lost. So how do you stand up and say, “Hell no,” and know what to do next?

Are you the right coach that’s looking to grow your community while getting rid of the distractions? Do you want your paying clients to eliminate their distractions, so they see the right thing at the right time because they need it? The stuff that matters, when it matters to the people that matter and they are only there to get the thing they need to move forward, then head over to your App Store and download the Success Finder. Message me to have a conversation. I couldn’t make this easier, but if you’re serious, then taking a few steps is just the start.


You invested in yourself and reality, also invested in another person or group so you’re able to sharpen your sword, learn a new skill, or gain proximity to those you would like to have access to. You’d like to be batting 1000, but shit happens. It’s time to figure out how to sharpen that BS meter, possibly gets the actual offer in writing, or what. Don’t let a bad experience discourage you from moving forward. That’s number one. That’s happened to me. I’ve had bad experiences. I’ve spent over $16,000 in coaching, masterminds, and courses that just didn’t pan out. But here’s the thing, I sit there and take responsibility on my myself as well. There are always going to be bad eggs. That comes from both ends, the student and the teacher.


We can point to extenuating circumstances. Those have happened a lot in the last year. But personally, in any of the companies I’ve built, owned, or worked at, an excuse of something is still an excuse. So my opinion is to find a way to rise to the occasion and not use it as a crutch because that’s excusing yourself for poor execution.


Number two, head over to The Success Finder and sign up. It’s free. There are even free masterminds, I can point you in the right direction. Just message me on the platform with the chat feature in the bottom right hand side of the app. That can be for coaches or for those that are wanting to be coached or find the right mastermind


Number three, do more homework on the coach or mastermind. You can see number two, as we’ve done that for you. But in any case, ask to talk to previous clients, not just the big success stories, but also those that might have been average or just didn’t work out. They should want to share those people with you. We’ve got more steps and resources that we’re building on the success finder to make your journey easier. Head on over and start by messaging me.

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“Don’t let a bad experience discourage you from moving forward.” – Brandon Straza

“An excuse of something is still an excuse.” – Brandon Straza

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It’s time to Stand Up, Show Up, and Level Up! Download The Success Finder on Apple and Google Play Store.

You can connect with me, Brandon Straza, on LinkedIn, Instagram, or send me an email at brandon@thesuccessfinder.com. I’d love to get in touch and talk more about personal development and how you can move beyond your limits.

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